There had not been any phone calls from either Rose or Stan until early the next morning. Rose called first since her planed landed safely and Stan's plane had not yet arrived. Karen answered when Rose called.

"I'll put her on," Carla heard Karen say to the caller.

Karen handed Carla the telephone.

"Who is it?" Carla whispered before taking the telephone from Karen.

"Rose Sanchez."

"My sister?" Carla asked as Karen nodded.

"Hi, Rose," Carla said.

"Hi, Carla. I just arrived at the airport so you can come and pick me up now if you want to," Rose said.

"I'll be on my way in a few minutes. Your and Stan's luggage is already at the house," Carla said.

That surprised Rose.

"Wow. That was fast. How did our stuff disappear from the airport so fast?" Rose asked.

"I thought you two were flying in yesterday, so I went to get your things while I waited for you and Stan to arrive. A gentleman came to me and said your flight was delayed. He said he had someone on te same flight so he told me about your flight," Carla said.

"Sorry we had to worry you like this, Carla. We were delayed because the airplane ran out of fuel," Rose said.

Carla found that understandable.

"Does Marlene know Stan and I are out here for her birthday?" Rose asked.

"No way. This is why I wanted to surprise her. I'll see you in a while," Carla said and hung up.