the other day, i had this dream where
we were older
we were smarter
we had more money
and you knew you loved me.

and we each had a shitty apartment in a
bad neighbourhood, where someone got
mugged on a daily basis, or you could hear
someone yelling or having sex through those
paper walls of the decaying building.

before you had moved in, i noticed
this hole in the wall. before you, i had
covered it up with a poster, a couch, a chair,
a bookcase, a desk, a painting, and a wardrobe
before realizing that the energy was always off
no matter how many times i rearranged the furniture.

but when you did, you exploded into my
life and shook the walls until the books
fell off the shelves, the chairs tipped over
and the wall was uncovered.

you said nothing to me
but kiss me through the
hole in the wall, and i did
and i did, and i did

before waking again in the morning
and with less money
than before i had awoke.