This is a really old song I wrote a while back.

Her smile is precious to me,

It's a shame that it's something that's so,

Seldom seen.

She has been rendered meek,

By a world so completely bleak.

Robbed of any sense of subsistence,

At an early age,

She's been left bereft,

Of all confidence.

Seems that it's all I can do to be there,

With my pitiful, placating words.

I feel as if I could NEVER be enough.

Drowning in sadness,

Enamored with substance,

I just really wish for her to rise above this.

No such beauty will be allowed to fall,

To such petty vices.

Jaded. Bitter. Apathetic.

Like me,

She is faithless.

No light in sight.

It's all I can do to make her world bright,

For once.

But she told me,

That it's not my job to save her,

But I then ponder,

"Who else is going to save her?"

So I place the burden,

Upon myself,

Cause I can't find a reason,

To find faith,

In anyone(anything) else...