Boudarianen of the Niedlans

Mejik Gift: Mind and body molding with sister, Boudicanen.

Cause of Death: Murder by undocumented mejik.

Assigned Valadian(s): Yulea of the Ziangs, Elite Sector 9; Athensia, Eldest Sister, Elite Sector 9

Extra Notes: May become Corrupted if not turned into a Maradian or sent to the afterlife quickly.

See, I told you I knew how to write, you damned Valadians! You think you're so special, just because you're f*cking immortals with your fancy mejiks and decorated armors. I doubt either of you could beat me and my sister, Boudicanen, in a real fight. We're Niedlans, in case you haven't realized. Damn proud ones at that! But I bet that nervous looking one didn't realize, even when coming face to face with my f*cking manly glory. Too busy looking down and tugging at her necklace and sh*t. She probably wouldn't last a second in our clan. Maybe that Ziang-looking one would, but there's no way she is a real f*cking Ziang. They're rumoured to be giants, with the speed of lightning. But you know that already.

You want to know the things that can't be seen with godsdamned regular eyes.

I'm supposed to tell you about all the people I killed and how I died and sh*t like that, yeah? Well, lucky for your lazy asses, I didn't kill anyone. I died on my first mission with my sister. Exciting. I bet my ma's so damned proud. "Don't be a damned hero or do anything unnecessary." She told me. "You're the first of the line, and it wouldn't do to have you f*cking killed." Always so eloquent and sh*t, isn't she?

But then she turned to my baby twin. "And don't you get offed either, you hear? Without you, Dari'd probably go beserk 'cus of your weird-ass mejik gift."

That's right. Dica...

Oi, is Dica alive? I need to know. It's my only request, or I'll go corrupt. I F*CKING SWEAR TO YOU I WILL GO CORRUPT AND TAKE ALL MY INFORMATION WITH ME.

iwantherineedherimissherilov eheriwillcorruptwithouther

And you don't f*cking want that. I know how you lazy-ass Valadians work. Too much paper work for your Record Day.

I might leave anyway, though. I know I'll be in here for a gods forsaken month. I need to know if Dica's okay. It would suck some serious balls if she died or worse, went beserk. All because of our damned gift.

We can mold our minds and our bodies. We share thoughts, feelings, physical and mental pain, and all that sh*t. That's why we're the best of our group. Well, we used to be. We were so in sync when we fought, it was f*cking madness. I bet we could have even held off Crimhildianas from the legends for a few minutes at least.

If Crimhildianas became a Valadian, I bet she's f*cking awesome. If she had one more gift, she'd definitely be a mother. Yeah, our clan's proud. What the f*ck of it? Dica could be one too.A Valadian, I mean. Maybe even an elder sister.

But you Valadians probably only care about my death, and if it's favorable to you. I heard that shaking one mention something about a new combination mejik, and I saw the slanted-eyes one whisper for her to shut up. But a new combination mejik? The one you want information about? It's a dangerous, very dangerous one. Something dark. The only one that ever gave me any kind of fear.

The one that killed me.

But I wasn't supposed to know about the new mejik, right? I was only supposed to think I was killed by an ice mejik, but I know better. It was a soul molding mejik, and not a therapy one at that. It's a dark mejik, and I won't forget that, and the bullsh*t you tried to feed me. Doesn't that suck some seriously disgusting sh*t for you two? But I don't care. Having the good life and all, with your fancy airs and an easy living. What do I get? My sword broken, and a locked cell until you decide what to do with me.

I'll stop complaining, though. Ma would've smacking me good across the face. "Unwarrior-like," and sh*t like that.

I don't really care anymore about being "Unwarrior-like," though. Why would I want to give my sword to my clan? Where were my brothers when I died? WHERE WERE MY BROTHERS WHEN MY BABY, MY ONLY LOVE WAS ATTACKED? My Dica... My baby sister...

You weren't supposed to know that. Why did I write that?

Who the f*ck cares anyway. I'll give you your information. Just leave me alone after. Please.I need to be alone.

So, yeah, I was murdered by my own target. It was supposed to be a quick, easy mission. Kill a ten year old kid hiding in a small shack in Kitrege forest near Eindeim. I didn't know why, but I didn't really care. It was so exciting, you know. Being off on my first mission, alone with Dica... My baby girl...

I guess I should have realized something was wrong when no one seemed to be inside. It's my godsdamned fault, and I admit that.

Still, looking back, the mission itself was suspicious. The man that hired us wore a dark coat, and refused to give us his weapons when he entered our home. And why Kitrege? We should have known... I should have forced Dica to stay home...

But we never knew.

We never knew the kid was one of those red-eyed monsters from that Eindeimian cleanse nine years ago. Never knew the kid had already mastered his two deadly mejik gifts. Never knew the kid was waiting for us. Never knew the kid would lunge for my sister, hand all lit up with icey sh*t and shadows pouring from his eyes and feet and tongue and hands and everywhere. F*cking everywhere.

So I did the only logical thing. I pushed Dica out of the way, and felt something cold hit my mejik center; felt it spread through my body and my soul and freeze my mejik deep inside of me. I heard Dica, mybabygirlmyonlylovemysweete st... I heard her scream for the first time. And everything went black. The last thing I saw were his red eyes, heavy with what seemed to be regret and intense fear. How dare he be scared? He didn't leave anyone behind. He didn't have anyone to return to. To protect.

But one day, he will. And I will find my way out of wherever the f*ck I am, and I will kill them in front of his eyes, shadows pouring from my f*cking being.

And he won't be able to stop me.