Chapter 11

Lara was back in her element. She twisted around, arms and legs spread a bit as she fell. She tilted forward slightly, bringing herself into a steady dive at the enemy. Who they were she didn't know- and it wasn't her job to. A slight flex of her power slowed her down, and she rolled to her feet after hitting the ground. She walked on silent feet towards the small group of people crowded around the campfire.
She crouched down, preparing herself mentally. Then she lurched forward, landing lightly on the grass behind one man. "Boo," she whispered, breathing the word into his ear. He spun about, reaching for his gun. He was dead before he completed his turn.

"Sir, there's something on the radar," the pilot said, sounding confused. Drake pushed himself towards him and glanced at the screen. Sure enough, a small figure was moving right towards them. Corin's laugh sounded over their headphones. There was angry yelling, barely able to be heard over the blades. Drake grabbed some night vision goggles and pulled them on- he could see unnaturally far, but not in the dark.
He jerked backwards- right behind the open door was Lara, seeming to float effortlessly along in the air. Still, she had a scowl on her face as she continued yelling. "Slow down!"
Drake relayed the message, and Lara primly joined the others, smoothing down her hair. "Anything else you need me to do?" she asked dryly, looking around. When there were no answers, she sat down and leaned back, falling asleep.
"She can fly?" Drake asked, having not sensed that power in her. He watched her for a moment to assure himself that she was asleep before seating himself as well.
"Not really," Corin replied, "She can push on things -the ground, for instance. Then she just sorta pushes on other things to move,"
Drake made an interested sound, mind elsewhere. He fancied himself a seer of sorts- he could sense others' powers and he could see further than others. But here was a girl who defied his powers- she could do things it didn't seem she should be able to, she could see probably just as far as him and in the dark, and didn't listen to authority. He didn't enjoy the feeling.
What seemed like hours later for those awake, the helicopter touched down. The moment it did, Lara's eyes opened, instantly awake. She moved fluidly to solid ground, seeming even more tense than she had been before. She started whispering the words of a song to herself, the words only half in English.

Drake glanced over his shoulder at her, and she got the feeling he could hear better than most. He raised an eyebrow, but didn't question her. He smirked, then continued his conversation with one of the other soldiers.

The walls were mostly bare, an undecorated metal facility mostly underground. She paused a moment to read a sign, and a body crashed into her. She flipped backwards, landing in a crouch, a knife in her hand.