Chapter 12

The young man glanced at the knife in her hand, then grabbed her arm. "Come on, he's going to catch us!"
Lara glanced around, trying to find this person that was going to catch them. She yanked her arm free, but her feet kept moving in pace with the other person. "Us?" she questioned, sliding her knife back into place as she ran. Finally he ducked into a dark, unused room, and she followed.
"I'm Casey," he informed her, peeking into the hallway. "Wynn's after me," he added, seeing her confused look.
"Lara," she replied, looking around the unlit room. "What is all of this stuff?" she asked. Tables covered in clothes filled the room, and dust the air.
He turned towards the room. "I don't know, haven't been in here in awhile. Can't even see it," he said, almost to himself. He held his hands out and sparks danced around them. They lit up the room, jumping towards the ceiling. The lights turned on.
Once again, Lara had forgotten that it was normal for others not to be able to see in the dark. She glanced at the wall by the door and smirked. "You could've just used the light switch," she pointed out dryly. Casey laughed.
"What's the fun in that?" he asked, as a buzzer sounded in the air. The noise was followed by a voice over the intercom.
"Would the Darkling... er, Agent Ricci please come to the war room?" the voice asked.
"Way to go, you've made me late," she accused, pushing the door open behind her before turning into the hallway.
She walked at a fast pace in the direction the others had been going. Casey tagged along, jogging slightly to keep up. He had a question, but he waited a moment before asking it, not seeming to make up his mind on whether or not he should.
"Darkling and Agent Ricci, huh? Sounds like you've got a name I should have heard of," he finally said.
"My name is Lara Ricci, I suppose I am an agent here now. Darkling is what I am known as throughout Europe, in the right channels," she explained quietly, not wanting to go into detail.
"I suppose I'm in the right channels, then," came a heavily accented voice from behind them.
Lara spun around, facing the Russian-sounding man who' spoken. He was half a foot taller than her, with a sharp-looking face and a muscular body. They watched each other a moment, neither moving much.

"We never did put a face to the name, you know. We knew one named Darkling was responsible for deaths all over Europe, but not which ones. You're good." he continued.

Lara took the compliments in stride. "Let me guess," she said, "Former Russian soldier. Then you were a gun for hire before Drake found you. By then, you'd developed your powers to the point where you can use them to win any fight,"

"You're right. I've not lost a fight yet," he smirked. "Now come, we don't want to keep Drake, as you call him, waiting." He turned and started walking.

Lara raised a brow, but said nothing as she followed, keeping well enough behind him as she walked. Casey said nothing the entire time, curiously silent. Eventually they reached a room that looked like something that'd be called a 'war room.'