It finally happened. They finally caught up to me. They were going to finally take me down… finish me off once and for all.

I ran down the quiet, empty street away from the flashing lights that surrounded my house. Red and blue lights flashed in the night as the wind rushed by in a fury. I heard the stomping of feet and a smashing of the front door. It seemed that they were set to rush into the house in an endeavor to search for me and bring me down. I didn't turn back though… there was too much at stake for me to do so. Turning around now would mean my utter destruction. Slowing down for even a single moment would give them an opening they wouldn't refuse. I barely escaped right now… I wasn't going to give them another chance to find me right now. I rushed down the street and turned the corner, removing myself from the sight of the government vehicles. For yet another moment, I was safe, out of the sight of the government once again.

I looked at the cuts on my arms and started to remove the bits of glass that were still stuck in my arms. Each piece sent another shock through my body, with each wearing me out more than the last. By the eighth piece, I was already wearing myself out and somewhat numb on my right arm. The arduous process was made all the more worse by the snow that was falling all around and the cold that swept past me. I wore only what I could grab... my T-Shirt, my pants, a small jacket, and a hat. I put on my jacket again and slowly stumbled my way into a bush to hide for the time being. Mere seconds after I barely got myself into the bush, more red and blue lights rushed past me.

Damn it. They found out I wasn't there. I took a deep breath and kept as still as possible… something not so very easy when in a bush filled with thorns and a ground of cold snow. The wind rushed past me again and shook me to the very core…

"Once again, it appears we're in the depth of trouble."

…Him. I slowly looked to my left and stared directly at him… the being that has been the cause of a number of my problems for the past four years. I glared at his ghostly form, with his black suit and his red tie. I noticed he was wearing a striped black and white fedora this time; that must mean my troubles aren't as over as I hoped. He wore a smirk plastered right on his face and his blue eyes bore into my own.

This was the spirit that has been the bane of my existence for the past four years... and the spirit that has clearly caused this entire mess.

"Aelfric." I whispered, fury seeping into my voice. "You bastard… I told you this would happen, but you never seem to listen!" He stopped smiling and stared at me, curiosity playing on his face. Finally he tilted his head to the right once and sighed.

"Well… it's not my fault you're boring as all Hell." He replied simply. "Be thankful that you're alive at least." Bastard! I should be thankful that I lived!? He should be thankful that I haven't placed some form of a curse on his ass! He seemed to catch what I was thinking because he smirked again.

"By the way, remember that any curse that you perform on me…" He began. I held up a hand and rolled my eyes. He really doesn't need to keep reminding of this for crying out loud.

"Will also affect me." I finished, not skipping a beat. "Yes well, if you remember… I don't do curses."

"I know that… just saying it is all."

"Then what was the point of your repeating it?"

"To annoy you of course." He smirked and I suddenly began to growl. Really? At a time like this, he had to piss me off further? It was bad enough he caused this mess… why did he have to annoy me while I was trying to get out of it!?

"You're unbelievable you asshole!" I yelled in response. Suddenly, I saw the flash of a light going on and watched with horror as it went dead center on my visage. I shielded my eyes and fell back in the snow. I squinted a bit and then I noticed it.

It was them… Squad Omega. I was more than screwed… I was entirely doomed. Squad Omega was bad news, as it meant that one was about to be subjected to some of the most severe torture. Rumors swirled around the violations of civil conduct and human rights by Squad Omega. Some say that they use waterboarding on people like us. Others say that they go ahead and chop us up bit by bit… alive. If there was one thing I was sure of, it was that no matter what… I was going to die. Slowly, I stood up and faced them. Slowly, my hand tingled and began to drum. If I was going down, I wasn't going down without a fight! In a swift motion, I stepped back and-

"How about instead of attacking us outright, you come with us. Trust me. It'll be much better for you in the long run." I looked to my right and noticed a man holding a megaphone. He stared at me with his brown eyes and kept me locked onto them. "Trust me kid… you won't win. Honestly? You will die. The question is… do you want other innocent civilians to get hurt in the process?"

I wanted to scream at this man for suggesting my death was inevitable. I wanted to tear him piece by piece for waving me off in an instant, without regarding the fact that I had been in successful hiding for four years. I wanted to him and Squad Omega a brutal ass kicking that would surely make national headlines…

But deep down… I knew he was right. Slowly, my hands rose above my head and Aelfric stared at me in horror. For the first time in my entire life, I gave up. I was done trying to fight, because I knew that even if I somehow escaped in that slim chance I had, I would just run forever. I was tired of that life… I was tired of having to run.

It was the most difficult decision I have made in my entire life… and I'm still not sure I made the right choice.