BLAM. Mikeys head hit the floor again. "Pick him up again. This one is goin in his eye!" said a bully.

Two other bullies lifted Mikey to his feet. His ragged brown hair had visible blood seeping through his strands. His blue eyes looked up in despair, only to see the fist coming right at him. It collided with his head and knocked him onto the blue tiled floor. Tears seeped into his eyes, pooling beneath his dirty, bruised face. The floor smelled of urine and sweat.

"Lets get outta here before someone hears him crying. " said one of the bullies.

"fo sho. lets leave the baby alone. " Said the boy who had hit Mikey. As they started to walk out, each boy left Mikey with a kick in the ribs, causing him to grunt and collapse back on the floor.

Mikey stayed down until he was sure they were gone and he raised his head to check if his surroundings were clear. He slowly got up and limped out of the restroom where the bullies had cornered and attacked him. Looking cautiously he saw that the school was empty. He walked through the empty corridors of green and blue lockers with various stickers and drawings on them. He walked out of the school and saw his father, a biology teacher at the school, waiting by the car.

"They got you again? Pitiful, you truly are useless aren't you?" said the large man. The two walked out of the large building, down a flight of stairs made of marble and across a large well taken care of green lawn. Mikey got into the car hesitantly after his father and the two headed down the street toward home, Mikey looked out the side mirror as the school grew smaller and smaller, suddenly wishing he had walked home, or anywhere else.

When Mikey followed the man into the house they were greeted by a woman in her late thirties. "Oh my god, Mikey what happened to..." started the woman. She was stopped by a hard slap.

"Speak only when spoken to Annet" Said the man.

"But Adam, look at Mikey" Said Annet.

"He will just have to learn to not let that shit happen." said Adam. "Now make yourself useful for once and make me something to eat."

He opened his shirt and sat in a large chair and turned on the television, ignoring his family. The woman and the boy walked into the next room. The kitchen was smaller compared to the living room. It had a dirty grey floor that was just collecting more dirt from Annet and Mikeys shoes.

Back in the living room, Adam was settling into a huge recliner that had two built in cup holders. He leaned back and propped his feet on the foot rest and began flipping mindlessly through the channels. "BOY GET ME TWO BEERS!" he shouted.

Mikey quickly ran and grabbed two beers from the fridge. He hastily handed his father the two beers and ducked back into the hallway near the right.

The woman walked out of the kitchen and touched his shoulder, stopping him. She whispered, "I will be there soon. Try and rest, dear."

Mikey nodded and headed up the stairs quietly as Annet shuffled back to the kitchen to open a can of soup. She quickly microwaved it and grabbed a spoon from the drawer. When the soup was ready, she poured it into a bowl and walked into the living room, grabbing a TV tray on her way. She placed the bowl in front of Adam and stood off to the side, waiting for him to start eating. When he lifted the spoon to his mouth, ignorant once more of her presence, she silently made her way into the hallway again, holding her hand gently to her bruised face. Walls painted a dull salmon pink cornered her shoulders. She walked up the stairs and opened a bright white door. The room inside was nice and clean, too clean for a normal teen. But the teenager sat on his bed, having just started his homework. " Can I get you anything, dear? She asked.

" Some ice in a bag would be nice, Mom" he said. She nodded and tiptoed back down to the kitchen and came back minutes later with ice in a plastic baggie with a wad of napkins around it. She pressed it to his face gently and he winced at the coldness. "Thanks mom" he said, smiling weakly at her.

She smiled and whispered, "It will all be okay. What homework do you have, darling?"

"Some geometry and social sciences." said Mikey, sighing.

"Lets do the geometry first." She said.

After an hour of shapes and area formulas, Mikey asked a question that surprised Annet.

"Why haven't you left Dad?"

Upon seeing the startled look on her face, he looked away and started to clean up the mess of papers and pencils from their combined work.

After a moment, Annet said,"I didn't know how you would react to it. Personally I was scared you would be angry with me."

"No mom. Please lets just go. Tomorrow lets go to the courthouse and file for it, so that we can get away and not have to worry about him ever again. he said, hugging her close to him, as tears began streaming down his cheeks.

Annet stroked his hair and back soothingly and contemplated this. She felt his pain as he silently sobbed into her chest and sighed, having made a decision. "Okay. Were getting out of here. Tomorrow. We will go to the courthouse. The library is there so we can use that to our advantage." she said.

Mikeys sobs slowly ceased and he looked up at his mother. They both smiled weakly at each other. "Lets watch some TV, but how about some dinner first?" asked Annet.

"Mac and cheese with cut up hotdogs in it?" asked Mikey.

"Sure thing, kiddo" she said, kissing the top of his head gently and leaving him to press the icepack back on his cheek. She walked out of the room and down stairs to the kitchen.

"Annet, grab me another beer" called Adam drunkenly from the living room.

Annet grabbed the beer from the fridge and brought it to Adam. "Is there anything else?" she asked, the smell of alcohol stinging her nose.

"For my son to not be a scrawny shit" said Adam, laughing at his own joke.

Annet didn't respond, instead she kissed Adam and walked back into the kitchen. Half an hour later she finished the mac and cheese and added a dash of pepper before dividing it in two bowls and walking back upstairs. Mikey was finishing his social sciences class homework, an essay on child abuse.

"Speaking from experience?" asked Annet, the two laughed quietly as Mikey finished the last sentence.

"Thanks, Mom.

The two put their dishes off to the side after eating and fell asleep on the bed together watching the small television in Mikeys room.