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Fluffy white clouds drifted slowly in the azure sky. It was so blue that the bright blue sky almost looks fake, like a painted picture. Ayane smiled upon staring at the sky. It was so beautiful that she wanted to gaze at it forever.

Her silky long dark blue hair was beautifully combed and shining. Her hair appears black to others but closely it wasn't. It was dark blue. Her dark coloured and twinkling eyes started blinking. Just staring too much at the sky hurts.

A gust of sudden wind blew and the leaves were swept away. The smell of sakura smells so good. Ah, spring. Or haru. The best time of the year. It was also the start of a new school term.

Ayane who is now turning 15, is finally going to set her foot on her brand new high school. Midori High. She just can't wait to see what awaits her. Love? New Friends? Wonder what will her future bring.

Her uniform was cute enough though. Red coloured pleated short skirt and normal blouse. The other parts of the uniform are the same as what normal high school girls wear. It was completely different than her old middle school sailor uniform.

She adjusted her black headband on her head and tidied up herself. Her grip on the handle of her school bag started to tighten. Mumbling a few words of encouragement to herself, she snapped back to reality. Midori High is just infront of her.

Excited students were rushing in quickly with ear to ear smiles. She envied their happiness. The feeling of negativity in her hurts so much. She doesn't want anyone to think that she was a cold and unfriendly person. Definetely not. I can do it! Was the mantra she repeated in her head. She took a few deep breaths, opened her eyes, ready to face the world. She didn't want to screw up like middle school, where she didn't make friends at all. Theres the word 'end' in 'friend' anyway. Thats what she believed. Relating to her tragic past.

What she needs most a friend that would understand her deep down in her heart. Maybe a boyfriend that would understand her? That works too. She giggled to herself. Despite her quite cute looks, she had never ever had a single boyfriend. Reminding that to herself was depressing. Argh! Shut up with all these thoughts!

She let out a sigh. She tried to crook a smile. Taking small steps. Slowly, slowly! One more step! Thats it! Finally! She was now satisfied with this new achievment of her. She was completely oblivious to her surrondings. She didn't know that there was another student standing behind her. Staring at her and stiffling a laugh,

"Nee, nee!" said a voice of a male student.

Ayane was alarmed. A sudden shiver ran down her spine. Obviously, this voice belongs to a 'bishounen' . It was deep and quite obvious. Turning around, she was right. A slim and tall figure stood before her. Brown haired with an attractive hairstyle. He had grey eyes and a fangirl killing smile. She blushed slightly and blushed more when she made eye contact with him. Doki, doki. Doki? Goes her fast beating heart. His face started to move closer and closer to hers.

"Wow, now that I see you clearly, your hair is dark blue in colour," He smiled. "and you are kinda cute." He said. Too close! Her heart shrieked.

Nobody, other than her family had known about her hair colour. Thats the first. For an unfamilliar bishounen to compliment her so suddenly, this made her heart go doki doki super fast. "A-arigato..?" She tried to reply.

His stare was so deep.

"Oh yeah!" The boy spoke again. Fantasizing, fantasizing that is exactly what her mind is doing.

"Gomen,gomen. But can you walk faster? You're blocking the entrance." He said, scratching the back of his head. Everywhere around him was gliterring. She snapped out of her fantasies.

"Um, you." She mumbled.

Before she could finish what she wanted to say, the bell rang. The entrance ceremony! Arggh! She cursed herself. She made a mental note not to get carried away so often.

The boy lifted his face away from Emi. Her cheeks were burning. Her heart pounding wildly. I guess this is what you call 'Ai'.

"Great, now I'm late." He sighed. He walked to the front of her.

He grabbed her right hand out of nowhere and said, "We'd better run!" He laughed.

He pulled her all the way to the entrance ceremony. Running and panting. His hand was so warm. Her cold and icy-ness started to melt slowly.

Yes. This is the feeling of 'Ai'. It doesn't last but. This time, her doki doki is different. Totally different. Steaming, steaming. "Uwaahhh!" She reacted to his strong pull.

"I'm Daichi!" The bishounen introduced himself. So that was his name. Daichi. Since he introduced himself, it would be rude to not introduce herself too.

"Ah.. Umm. I'm Ayane..." She said loud enough for him to hear. Oh my, this must be her new thrilling life. She smiled. They stopped running as they reached the front door. They paused catching for breath and sweating.

Opening the door, they peeked in a little. There were many students, already seated. They slowly crept in and took the remaining seats that were left. Thankfully, nobody noticed them. The geeky student president was still going on with his boring speech. Ayane's eyes slowly started to blink in sleepiness. She didn't get enough sleep due to the eagerness and staying up late last night. Nodding her head, her head tilted and she was fast asleep. Her head fell right onto Daichi's right shoullder.

"Oh?" Daichi noticed. He smiled. Seeing her sleeping angelic face was sweet. Not going to wake her up, he let her rest on his shoulder for awhile. What a lovely girl. That was his impression of her.

He chuckled to himself. "You really are interesting." .

He gently closed his eyes and smiled. Both fell asleep side by side.

"Oi! Oi! Wake up!"

Daichi slowly opened him eyes. He stretched and yawned. A young female student who appears to be a senior was shaking him awake.

The senior had a neat ponytail hairstyle and she had glasses pinned up her nose as close to her orange eyes. She was the most nerdy looking girl he had ever seen. There was a shiny silver badge on her uniform. Daichi squinted his eyes to read.

'Student Council Vice President'

It looks like he landed himself in trouble.

"Finally, you're awake." The vice-president sighed and folded her arms.

Students were already starting to leave the area. Some had their eyes glued on Daichi and Ayane. They whispered in one's ear to another.

"Is she your girlfriend or something?" She pointed to Ayane who was still sound asleep on his right shoulder.

"Who knows," He grinned mischeivously.

"I'll wake her up." He gestured the vice president to leave. She did though and left the two of them alone.

Daichi twirled a strand of Ayane's dark blue hair away from her face. He poked her smooth cheeks.

"Wakey Wakey Aya-chan!" He poked continuosly.

"Class is about the start!" He whispered in Ayane's ear.

His warm mint-fresh breath triggered her ears. In an instant, she jolted upright awake.

Daichi laughed as he stared at his sleeve. "Hey, you drooled on my sleeve!"

"So-sorry!" Ayane blushed. "Was I asleep long?!" She asked nervously.

"You slept through it. All the students have left." Daichi stood up. "We should get to class now." He smiled and let out his hand.

With trembling hands, Ayane quickly grabbed his hand that was bigger than hers and stood up. His hands were filled with warmth.

"Your hands are really small for a girl." He teased.

They let go of their hands and walked outside. Ayane lifted up her hands and checked if he was exaggerating. Maybe they are...

My exciting first love is about to start. Ayane's heart pounded. Doki Doki~!

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