A day after Spellbound

The circle were sitting in the living room surrounding a wigy board, it's a way of communicating with spirits from beyond the grave but Kirsty Taylor was the only one that could see the spirits of the people that she can think of with a thought. It was important to know what was really happening, why did the other circle come for them last night and what did they want. "I call on the spirits from the other side to answer my question, why did the other circle come after us" Kirsty said in her mind as she was holding hands with Darren Perry and Kevin Green as every member of the circle was holding hands.

Adele Wilson, Jenny Blackwell, Isabel Cortez, Paul Snowdon and Jeff Vernon were all present in the gathering, there was a blue shadowy presence in the room. The two leaders of the circle Tara Vincent and Skyler Grey were out of town for a day and they will be back tonight. She was the only person that could see it, and it was a woman in white, all willowy and frightening looked a lot like her grandmother Betty, the curly hair and the green eyes.

Her pendent was still glowing as she was there, she let go of the hands of Kevin and Darren to stand up and face the spirit of her favourite relative. She was her father Bernard's mother.

Kirsty has been practicing summoning ghosts and spirits since she was able to see the dead and the spirits of humans and witches that have died some point in time, the first ghost she saw was of her father telling her not to have so much blind faith in Skyler and Tara, only to follow in Isabel as she is the future leader of the witches when she is older.

Occasionally Bernard's ghost would visits her if she needed solace and comfort, away from the adrenaline filled things she did with the circle, like kill the last of the witch hunters, the fight with the other circle and the Halloween incident last year. Kirsty could see the others are looking at her as if it was a sideshow. Sometimes Kirsty wondered if the pendent could send ghosts back to where they came from which was the Other side.

"Betty, answer me" Kirsty asked as she was shaking inside

"To tell you straight sweetie, they are working for two witches" the ghost of Betty Taylor replied


"The other ghosts are not talking about it because of fear"

"Fear of what"

"Saul Kenton, the powerful demon warlock"

"Why should I fear him?"

"He is the one responsible for killing your father and his friends sixteen years ago"

"Then what happened"

"I can tell you his plans"

"Tell us quickly man" Darren yelled as he was trying to break Kirsty's focus on the ghost

"Shut up you dumbass, I'm trying to talk to the Undead you pig"

"The plan is that Saul is looking for Isabel Cortez"


"He needs the blood of a descendent of Cornelius Donderos to unlock the door of a barn"

"What's behind it?"

"He is planning to use her blood to release his brothers and sisters, as it's his in laws but you know how demons are with family"


"In two days as the ritual has to be done in the spring equinox but in the winter solstice, they were locked up"

"By who"

"Her grandfather Julio Cortez, when he was younger but Saul releases that Julio is an old man with no energy to open it so he needs young blood"

"From Isabel"

"What from Isabel?" Adele trembled as she started to lose her mind as her head was in between her legs, hands in her hair was scared

"I have to go Kirsty, the reapers might catch me"

"OK, Grandma"

"Take care of yourself"

The ghost had disappeared back into the spirit world; it seems that Kirsty was feeling out of place, something inside was missing like a jigsaw puzzle. Her face was stunned into silence as the other members of the circle were not aware if her spirit is still in her body or at the Other side.

Kirsty was standing in the same position she was in since talking to the ghost of her grandma Betty Taylor. Darren was so intrusive that she had almost missed important information so the comedic witch shouted 'Hey, Joan Jett are you there' as he was also her boyfriend so it made things harder for them.

"What do you want?" Kirsty said sternly

"Answers K" Darren replied

"The plan is that demon man called Saul wants Isabel"

"Why" Isabel said curiously as she was the topic of discussion

"Her blood to open a door"

"To what" Jeff interrupted

"A sealed prison holding his brothers and sisters in which Isabel's grandpa sealed him in so he needs young blood to do the ritual"

"What time and day?" Kevin said huskily

"It has to be done in the spring equinox to work"

"So we have only two days to have a plan to stop him from using Isabel as leverage"

"Can't I kill her and get it over and done with?" Jenny joked

"No" Adele screamed at her cousin as she was cross with her

"OK, Del, no need to get all shouty at me"

"You are not harming Isabel, you slut"

"Come on, relax. I didn't mean to insult your girlfriend"

"You know well Jennifer that Isabel is not my girlfriend"

"I saw the two of you last night, holding hands on the window so cute"

"Shut up Jenny, leave it alone" Paul said defensively

"Fine, I'll drop it for the sake of the circle"

"We have to figure out what's wrong in the circle"

"Why Kirsty, we are all fine"

"Maybe another circle is plotting against us"

"What do you mean?"

"Betty said two witches are working with the circle that attacked us and Saul, perhaps"

"Who would do such a thing?"

"We don't know yet so we have to find out"

Adele started to resent Jenny more and more as she made fun of her friendship with Isabel, she doesn't know what she is feeling in her heart for the brown-haired witch that was so introverted and shy that she didn't like to open up to anyone after she told her that her theory of the other circle was that Skyler and Tara were at fault.

Adele wouldn't believe that the two last descendants of Marco Nightshadow would do such a thing as they are in this circle for redemption and healing because they don't want to be evil like their ancestors, conceivably the blind faith that she has in them is the one that is putting the others in the circle in danger, she wasn't the only one that had faith in the two witches that lead the circle.