Paul and Kevin were not convinced that it was an accident, what had happened to poor Sage was just a case of knowing too much. They had drunken the potion to ward off evil magic that could enslave their minds. Paul looked over his former best friend with a violet eye; Skyler was facing Paul with blackened eyes, hands on his shoulders and gazing deeply into his eyes. "Et servire te faciam Tara pro me, quod volumus id quod dicitur" Skyler whispered but unknowingly it didn't work. Tara tried to do the same to Kevin but it had failed because of the potion. Both Skyler and Tara were doing the spell on the other members of the circle, the eyes of everyone else had flashed red for a second, a sign that the spell had worked. Both cousins were pleased with the results of their dark practices.

"We've done it Sky" Tara gleamed happily

"They are just puppets for a much bigger game" Skyler replied deviously

"One of them know we killed Sage"

"She was a sacrifice that was meant to be"

"Three Nightshadow descendents, an Elder, mass murder of a group of hunters, the blood of a modern high priestess, descendent of Iris Doomflower and the last descendent of Cornelius Donderos"

"So we have everything"

"We have to just wait until our mistress arrives"

"What do we have to do next?"

"Have fun with our personal slaves and make sure that no one knows"


"We have just enough time to relax but we have to do something about Isabel and quick"

Isabel was thrown herbs at by Tara as she said "Te orbis sodales libero necterntur" then she fell unconscious into a deep sleep. Skyler had to pick her up off the floor bridal-style while Tara mentally told the others, by the bond of the circle to start preparing dinner, her instructions. Skyler was gently carrying the sleeping witch up the stairs of the house; he had to wash his mind clean of the impurities of his feelings for a girl that is going to die because of his destiny.

He had brought her to her room so she could feel comfortable. He couldn't damage her as he needed her blood to be pure for the spilling of her blood. Her eyes were closed like a sleeping baby; her face was turning pale, must be from the cold outside so he wrapped her warm with her blanket which was quilted by her grandmother. He turned around to see Tara. She smiled wickedly as she was the happiest she has ever been.

Downstairs, Paul and Kevin were holding hands with the other members of the circle in the kitchen. The door was closed and sound proofed. Both boys were chanting words from an old note that Jenny had written after the Halloween incident. "Somnus mi" they said three times. Kevin was holding hands with Adele and Jenny while Paul was holding the hands of Jeff, Kirsty and Darren.

An imperial orange light sparked from all seven members of the circle. They all looked at each other with bizarre expressions on their faces and rubbing their eyes as if they had just woken up.

"What happened to us?" Jenny asked in a whisper

"Skyler and Tara brainwashed you guys" Paul replied

"How were you and Kevin immune?" Darren beamed

"We drank some disgusting ass potion he made" he said as he lightly punched Kevin's arms

"It had to be hideous to work"

"What's the plan?" Kirsty questioned

"I really don't know"

"We have to pretend to be brainwashed so we can call for back up" Kevin said deviously

"Already done"

"Kevin, who did you call?" Adele said curiously

"Noah Bridges' circle, Nelson's circle and Charlie's coven"

"Is that all?"

"Other witches don't like us because of Skyler and Tara"

"So they are the only allies we have left" Jeff grumbled

"I'm afraid that's it"

"So what did they say?"

"Noah said that he was happy to help us bring down the big bad demon"

"What about Nelson and Shane?"

"Just wanted a piece of the action"

"We have to think fast cuz they will come soon"

"What about Isabel?"

"She's a lost cause now"

"We have to get rid of her"

"Isabel is my best friend"

"Adele, without Isabel, their plan won't work so we have to send her away"

"I'll go with her"

"Kevin, you will get hurt, that circle with come after you"

"I will do anything in my power to protect Isabel with my life"

"OK, let's do this" Paul said as he put his fist in the middle, the others followed

Skyler and Tara were coming downstairs, they see Adele and Kirsty clearing up the mess in the living room, Darren and Kevin were setting up the table ready for dinner, Jenny, Paul and Jeff were putting the dishes of food on the table. Both cousins gleamed with pure happiness, hiding their lack of conscience.

Tara looks into Skyler's grey eyes, the sense that he could be having second thoughts are not there so she was relieved, she had always wanted to make the circle slut Jenny into a proper housewife but the saying that you cannot turn a whore into a housewife is untrue because with magic, it can happen. Meanwhile in her room, Isabel was asleep deeply as she was sedated by a dark spell. She was lying there perfectly still, like stone.

On the other hand Kevin looked at Paul with a rise of his eyebrow. "This thing will start" Paul thought. "Cannot wait to put the emo bitches in their place" Jenny thought meanly. "This is gonna be epic" Darren laughed in his head. "Only a few more hours left" Kirsty thought. "These evil devil kids will pay for what they did to us" Kevin snapped.

The remaining seven members of the Quilcene circle were decisive about their plan to stop the two dark witches of their circle once in for all.

This plan wasn't going to be easy as the two witches had the powers of Hell on their side while the others had their solo magic and leadership from Paul and Kevin, two of the boys in the circle that knew before it was too late.