Sex hurts, who knew love could cause so much pain?

Indescribable, anguish is brought forth with one single touch.

Sudden earthquake, heartache hangs onto a very tight rope all night long.

Gloomy, the bloody violent dawn screams out rape instead of hope.

Damaged from within, burnt brown skin, begin to hate everything again.

Nobody can see the hurt in these once innocent angel's eyes.

This emotional mental train wreck is hell bound.

Burning china, a female's vagina is desecrated just like a church.

Shaken to the point of being awaken and then broken forever, feel the burn.

Learn to suffer in silence, wire haired virgin.

Unborn desire,girl on fire, speak to the atmosphere in whispers.

Damaged from within, brain remains in constant limbo and its a neverending rodeo until the rain stops.