A storm is approaching

And all of us know it.

The snow will be awful…

But the sky doesn't show it.

Everyone is saying

That there will not be school.

Anyone who says different

Is clearly a fool.


10-12 inches of snow

Well, it did used to say that

12 hours ago.

But the skies are all clear

And my stomach feels sickly

It's getting quite late now,

Oh snow, please come quickly!

The weather online

Is getting more and more nice.

Just two inches of snow

And not a sliver of ice.

I stay up a bit later

Should I finish my work?

Maybe this

Thing's a quirk.

But I finish my homework

At 11 o'clock.

Not an inch out of snow.

Oh my, what a shock…

I go to bed disheartened,

There will be school tomorrow.

The snow did not come

And my heart is in sorrow.

But early in the morning

I hear my mom say,

"You can sleep in this morning;

There is no school today."