Dying, memories and flashbacks fade away with the dreams of yesterday.

Longing for a fresh new beginning, travel down on old dirty country roads,

beloved ghost of tomorrow. Invincible friend, lantern of imaginary heavenly

light, fight away self pity. Please forgive society, they have lost both their sight

and common sense. Please don't lose hope, things will get better the next forty eight hours.

Dreaming about home, Rome is the place where destiny comes alive twenty four seven.

Pretty empty felicity, this city of angels knows no brutality. Homesick black sheep, cute

little kitty sleep safe and sound all year long just like a newborn baby. Lost and found

strange familiarity, southern hospitality. Fatal fragile frailty, sensitive mortal vulnerability,

come to terms with gravity. Whenever will serenity and unity become a reality again? A

window of opportunity, a secret open door leads to a meadow. Plenty full of nothing but

love, grace is a dove flying above the cemetery. Temporary blissful sanctuary, sheltering

comforting angelic arms strive for longevity. Blessed sacred divinity, omnipresent shadow, the

holy trinity is going nowhere any time soon. Dairy queen, fairy of unknown origin,

antebellum diary entries embrace eternity.