kissed by a angel

I walked in to class and sat down at my desk, when something unexpected happened. I boy with dark blue eyes as rich as the ocean and dark brown hair walks into the classroom up to Mr. Mackey's desk. They stand talking softly. They suddenly face the class and Mr. Mackey bellows "good morning class!" as the rumbled singing from the class courses up "good-morning Mr. Mackey." we sang. "Well grade 11s we have a new student with us today!" I roll my eyes knowing that the last four new students all ended going to a different school after a month because how our school is. "Jake you will be sitting next to Alice" I roll my eyes then realize that Mr. Mackey said my name! Jake came walking up to me with the biggest smirk on his face. I look up and try not to blush. I already know I will eventually bag him. I've had almost all the guys in the grade to myself but to my disappointment none of them have been that special one. Jake slides into the chair next to me. And gives me a full set of pearly white teeth.