Unwanted ashes, stories about unaccomplished pipe dreams are thrown into a furnest.

Brutally honest, the truth is not afraid to point out every imperfection. I am a hotmess,

no big fuss. Pure heavenly bliss kiss me goodnight and goodbye. Success, I miss you

so much. I know its such a shame and I blame myself for losing in this game of life.

Never be good enough, never be pretty enough, my artwork is crap. I lament because

you don't appreciate my talent. Emptyhanded, I take my creativity for granted. I have

nothing to offer the world at the end of the day. Almost done and gone forever, I am

at a loss for words. Mirror, Mirror please tell me when this horror and terror will be

over? Inspiration finds me in the most unexpected places and I fall prey to my

imagination. I allow this little light of mine to shine once again.