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Argh. Just what was this noise? I swatted at the direction from which the irritable noise comes from. A thud was then heard, followed by an angry voice.

"Kaoru, you promised to come with me today!"



I opened my eyes groggily as I brought my body to a seated position. Next to my bed, on the floor, Momo was looking away from me, her cheeks puffed. She's… mad.

"I'm sorry, I was sleeping…" I told her as I scratched my head. "I'll get ready. Are you… Oh. You are." I mumbled after a while, eyeing her frilly pink coloured dress.

"Of course I am! Mou Kaoru! ~" She exclaimed in a voice a tad higher than normal. "It's already past noon!" My eyes widened considerably at this statement. I glanced at the bunny clock on the wall, right above Momo's pink bed. Sure enough, it was half past twelve.

"…I, uh. Can we go tomorrow?" I asked her in a small voice. I couldn't even remember when I had promised her such a thing.

Momo's face turned towards in a rather robotically, her eyes narrowed. "It's Monday tomorrow." Her words were dangerously quiet.

I rushed out of bed as I stripped naked. "Go get something to eat from Hikari-san's place, Momo!" I told her while entering the shower. I heard the familiar click of the main door, and the footsteps leading towards Hikari-san's apartment.

What was the promise? I really couldn't remember…

With hasty swipes I dried the water drops on my body as I searched through the drawers for any clothing item that would be comfortable enough in this extremely hot weather.

"Oh, Hikari-san. Good morning." I stated as I entered her apartment. Momo was sitting by the dining table, eating a cup of ramen. "…Wasn't there anything else to eat?" I asked after a while.

Hikari-san flashed a rather odd look. "Didn't you eat at my place even yesterday? Sophie went shopping because of that." She slurped on her own ramen, without even greeting me back. I sighed and grabbed my own cup… but let it go again as the impossible heat seeped through my flesh.

"Hot!" I screamed as I ran towards the sink.

"Never touch anything which visibly emits steam." Hikari-san mumbled as she tossed her used cup into the dustbin. "… Oh, and if you mind, exit my apartment as soon as possible. I had some homework to do, if I remember correctly." Her voice, arrogant as always, casually stated as she proceeded to her room, her blonde twin tails trailing behind her.

"So? Where—" I bit my tongue before any more words came out. If she knew I didn't remember our promise, I would probably have to put up with her orders for a week. Yes, Momo was not the blushing child she displayed in front of everyone else. Forget one promise and suffer for the next year. But then again, that's probably one of her good points – she wouldn't ever forget something a friend told her.

"Mm, yes?" Momo replied, shoving her face up to mine. I guessed I blushed at this, because she soon withdrew with a smile.

"…Erm. Let's go?" I stated in an asking voice pointing towards the horizon, which was actually invisible, thanks to the multitudes of skyscrapers. Momo sighed.

"That's not the way, is it?" She said, a bit disappointed, as she dragged me in the opposite direction.

I have to remember the damn promise. Soon.

"Kaoru! Ka-o-ru! I say, Kaoru!"

I blinked twice. "…Yes?"

"I was asking you which one is better!" Momo exclaimed, her cheeks puffed for the second time today. She held up two dresses, both incredibly frilly.

"I, uh."

How would I know?! They freaking look the same to me.

Momo stared at me as if she understood what I had said. "They aren't equal, see?" She raises them higher at different intervals. "This one is pink, and this one is blue. This one is a winter dress, and this is a summer dress."

How can you say that?!

"Look here. The materials are different, and the collars and sleeves are too."

"…O-okay. Then, the blue one."

"You said that because it's summer now, right!?" Momo asked in an incredulous voice.

"…Yeah? Why would we need a winter one right now?" I asked in turn. Are you thinking of wearing such… Wait those sizes are too large for… No way.

I backed away upon that conviction. "I'm hungry, let's go eat lunch."

"Kaoru! You just ate!" Momo yelled. The customers around looked up with odd stares. I proceeded to bow.

I'll be honest. Kaoru, you can do this!

I nodded to myself. "…Momo. I won't wear any such thing. I already have to wear that damned uniform for school, so don't even think—"

Momo burst out laughing the moment she heard what I said…. Huh?!

Wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes, she bent down to pick up the fallen articles of clothing. "What are you saying, Kaoru? These are for Sophie-san, remember?"


"Sophie-san, who was that person you were talking with?" Momo questioned the young lady who was currently dusting our apartment.

She turned to face Momo with a questioning glance. "Which, Ichihara-san?"

"That young man…?" Momo said as she gestured with a hand towards the door.

I let out a bored grumble in the meanwhile. The manga was really boring today, and so was this conversation.

"Oh, that." Sophie-san replied with a smile. "He was the pizza deliverer. Ojou-sama wanted to taste one apparently."

I lift my head from the pillow of the couch, alerted. "Hikari-san had pizza?"

"Ojou-sama is having it right now, I believe." Sophie-san said.

"That… traitor! Eating pizza without telling us!" I yelled frustrated.

"Kaoru, that's not the problem." Momo said in an accusative tone. "So, Sophie-san, you were friendly… with him?" She continued in a more subdued tone.

"Momo! That's not—"

"Oh, that's fine, Ryuuzaki-san." Sophie-san said, a so-very-slight blush tinging her cheeks.

"Sophie-san!" Momo exclaimed, blushing furiously. "This Momoka Ichihara will definitely help you! And so will my friend, Kaoru Ryuuzaki!"


"Step it down a few notches, will you?!" Hikari-san's voice was heard, as the door flew open. Hikari-san stood before us, her eyes evil… and holding on to a blazing Sword of Friendship!? She closed the distance in an instant.

The weapons clashed, but wasn't hers hot.

I sighed as I had thankfully summoned my hammer in time…. No wait.

"WHY ME?!" I yell indignantly. "They," I pointed to the ones beside me, "Were causing the ruckus!"

Hikari-san sighed before exiting the room. "I'm locking my door. Sophie, you can sleep here. And Kaoru, no pizza for you." She stated as she left the room, while her weapon vanished into thin air.

I kneeled on the floor, every shred of hope gone. "…My, my… Pizza!"

I returned back to present, determined. Leaving the clothes on a random mannequin's arm, I dragged Momo out of the boutique.

"Momo, today we shall feast on Pizza!" I stated confidently as I marched to the nearest pizza shop.

"Eehh?! What about Sophie-san?!" Momo asked incredulously, nonetheless following me.