"I've been wanting to ask this for a quite a while now," I said, while trying to break through the eerie silence that had dawned upon us since the visit to the Yamamoto Manor. In the small private jet, on which we had once resided for a day with high hopes, we were now depressed and lost. "Yuu." I called. She flinched at the mentioning of her name, and did not, turn to face me like she usually did. Instead, she remained with her forehead resting on the porthole window. "Yuu. Don't pretend you didn't hear. Rather, what's wrong with you? You've been quiet since we landed on Hokkaido yesterday afternoon." I bluntly stated.

"N-nothing." She replied in a subdued tone. I sighed, and moved over to her seat, and made her face me. Her eyes averted themselves from me. "Really, it's nothing."

"Yuu, you know you're bad at lying. Just give up and tell us." Natsu intervened as he removed his sleep mask. He smiled at Yuu in his usual goofy way, and gave her a thumbs-up sign.

"It's… it's just that… um, I feel like I've seen another world or something like that." She said while rubbing her head. "Like, what I've been seeing till now was a happy dream. When I saw Sophie's wounds… I just felt like I couldn't do this…"

"You don't want to then? It's fine you know." I said.

"No, I want to… I mean, I don't want to desert you. I say things like this, when you have it even harder…" She laughed a bit, before burying her face in her hands. I could hear some faint sobs, and I saw her delicate figure begin to shake a bit. That moment I felt that she was a really fragile person, that too much harshness would definitely break her. And I didn't want that. I loved that carefree, radiant smile she always wore, and I wasn't definitely going to give up on it. By instinct, I hugged her tightly, and I felt surprise shake her body. Her sobs became louder, and she hugged me back as she started to cry. Natsu, too came over and we had a group hug, which had this warmth I thought I could never forget. We probably fell asleep in the midst of all that tenderness, for when I woke up some time later, we were still linked together, and Yuu had finally regained that sweet smile of hers. I smiled happily, and looked out of the window…!

"Wake up! Yuu! Natsu!" I shook them as hard as possible. They woke up startled, with sleepy faces and looked at me. I pointed towards the window, and their sleepiness faded away among the scarlet rays of the dawn of a new day.

"Say… What about that book?" Natsu asked suddenly. I blinked twice before processing his words. On the carpet floor of the jet, was the book. It was exquisitely decorated, with what appeared to be gold leaves, in an intricate, mesmerizing pattern. The book itself seemed quite worn out, and the pages recorded thumb prints beside carefully written cursive letters. The pages, yellow and dirty at times, had detailed diagrams, when one caught my eye. It was a large circle which featured eight round rocks in its outermost ring, while the center held four stones, with runes. Soul Stones!

"Look here." I said as I pointed out the diagram to them. They came over and looked at the diagram.

"Soul … Stones?" Natsu said.

"Yeah. I think this book actually is about us," I said while checking through the other pages, which exactly according to my predictions, recorded diagrams and information on the resurrection of bodily organs, "Bingo."

"What does it say about the soul stones?" Yuu asked in an excited voice. I rubbed my eyes and focused on the words below the diagram.

"…I have made use of amplification stones so that the hearts, which currently did not fully come back to life with revival techniques, may be able to feel emotions. Eight stones consisting of eight emotions… Ah I can't see… It's blotted." The writing had been ruined by some liquid, most probably water. I read the lower lines of the text, "…Soul Bond Stones therefore can evoke weapons when the emotions are heightened. Soul Stones are able to further enhance the weapons by inserting them into the weapon itself."

"…The reason is not given, but what you said is true anyway." Natsu said dejectedly. "Is there anything else on the next page?" I turned the page. It was information on some resuscitation technique. I shook my head. Natsu sighed and said "But seriously, what's the point of having weapons? It's not like we have to fight with someone or something, right?" This question, if it was asked a week ago, would probably have been laughed at. But with all that recently happened, how could we ignore the chance of being fated to do so? This question got weirder as I kept on echoing it through my head, but some sort of sixth sense made me believe that right now, what I though impossible even a mere week ago, could actually be true.