'I guided you to unearth this diary, this story of woe and betrayal. The tale of how everything I loved was destroyed upon the firm handshake of two evil men. Some elements may shock or bewilder you, but I assure you that all is true. Listen to my words, head their warning'

May 2nd 1939

After the funeral, I left without a word. I gathered the few belongings I have and made for the nearest exit. For hours I wandered aimlessly into the city, bypassing many shops and stalls with a grand many colourful and sweet smelling wares. My hand may have slipped onto a fresh pie or loaf of bread once or twice, but my grumbling belly was enough to persuade me to use my light-fingers.

For a short while, I sat by the old oak tree that stood majestically outside Marley's Place, eating my freshly stolen pie. The house was incredible, but there was something wrong. A family perhaps?

But I couldn't stop long. I'd spotted a policeman in his black finery with his shining black truncheon ready at his waist. Trust me when I say that it hurts being battered with one of them! If my missing back tooth isn't enough to convince you then you are some determined man! I slipped quickly passed the gates and continued on my way.

I needed to find someone. A man. The only person I knew that could help me avenge Thomas' death.

Collin Faber. Leader of the notorious SADY (Secret Association of Determined Youth), a gang of vicious vigilantes, who did anything from trade information to killing foreign spies. Frowned upon by everyone in London, SADY are feared, respected and also hated by all.

I want in on the operation. They alone can aid me in my quest for revenge. To do this however, will require a number favours for Collin.

You see, we have a past.

When Thomas and I were thrown onto the streets by our despairing mother, Collin took us in. He provided us with everything, in return for Thomas becoming a SADY agent; I was far too young at the time.

Thomas became a martyr among many for SADY who have also lost their lives in the line of duty. I will too if it means I get what I so desire, be it blood or beauty.

Anyway, reaching out to Collin would be a fateful task, one most difficult. His protection was high, perpetrating that would be almost impossible! Let alone being able to talk to him. However, as I say, we have a past, so that can be built upon, and with any luck, mutual trust can be achieved.

As I write these words in the darkness of a million shadows, Collin and SADY lurk among citizens, finding them isn't the problem.

Meeting Collin again, however, is.