Hey there :) this is where I'll be putting all my N.S.A.L.F. Oneshots and stories. Enjoy!

N is for Nancy

S is for Shasha

A is for Allya

L is for Lichama

F is for Famose

No flames please! I made up NSALF over ten years ago. I'm certainly interested in critiques and suggestions, if you have any to give. It takes alot for me to put NSALF out here. Typically I am in no way nervous about the stories I share with the world, but in this case I am.


This is for one of those days when you're fifteen and you just want to scream...because this day's just been so FANTASTICO! Allya Colly and her awesome friends Shasha Been and Reffii Cyoti are about ready to go to rockin' cheerleading practice after the best school day ever. Because today was Get Up And Dance Day! So several times (randomly) in the middle of class, the students just started dancing and dancing away. How epic is that?

"Hey Shasha!" Allya intercepted her on the way outside. "Why the glum look?" Allya asked carelessly.

"The auditions—remember? For the band concert? I thought you were going to sing? I thought you were going to perform?"


"Well aren't you or not?"

"Chill out, of course I am. You knew that before you even asked."


"Go where, dude?"

"I'm not a dude and you need to get to the auditions because they've probably already started! Get to the gym, Allya!"

"Um...no. We've got cheerleading practice, duh!"

"You drive me crazy." Shasha shook her head. "Look out on the field—just look. All the cool people are at the audition. The only people who came to practice today are the leftovers."

"Haiii!" Lynn Shisher, school nerd, waved to Allya and Shasha. "I'm gonna cheer with you guys today! Isn't that superb?"

"Ugh." Allya rolled her eyes. "The leftovers..."

"Come on then! Let's go to the audition. Do we have your permission, Coach Josie?"

Coach Josie, a slender woman with a dark brown bob, nodded silently.

"Where are you going?" Lynn sniffled. "It's time to practice for the," She tripped over a pompom and landed face down in the grass, "Cheer." She said pathetically.

"Let's get out of here!" Allya pulled Shasha along.

Allya and Shasha ran, black and red hair flowing from behind them. Shasha's red hair was tucked up in a neat ponytail with a lavender headband. She smelled like the jasmine tea lotion she had put on after gym class earlier. Her light purple short sleeved shirt was plain, and she was wearing medium blue bell-bottom jeans with flowers embroidered at the bottom.

Allya was wearing a navy blue tube top just a shade darker than her eyes. She was wearing light blue jeans with a bright pink belt and pink ballet flats. She let her long black hair run free for today. Typically it would be up in a braid. She had beautiful blue eyes, long eyelashes, and thin black eyebrows. She's always been a little tall for her age. She and Shasha were both 113 pounds, but Allya was an inch and a half taller, so she appeared thinner.

She and Shasha are (and have always been) Chartertown High's most beloved duo. Allya was the most popular by far, but only because she was a celebrity. Shasha's the sweet-hearted sidekick and often plays the role of being Allya's moral compass of direction.

On the way to the gym, Allya and Shasha passed Famose Damaan, a student in their grade, who was at the ticket stand. "Whoa! You have to pay me to get in!"

"But we go to this school!" Allya said poshly.

"Yeah, you know who we are." Shasha wasn't good at sounding intimidating, so the blond-haired, blue eyed Famose just chuckled at her. "Stop laughing! Or else I'll tell on you. I'll make sure that know you're not taking your job seriously!"

"Shasha," Allya signaled her to stop, "I've got this. I'll handle it."

"Oh will you now?" He smiled daringly.

"Yes!" Allya said determinately.

"You're just jealous cuz I'm richer than you."

"Are not!"

"Am too!"

"Personally, I think Allya's the richest. Famose, you're just a butthole." A new voice said.

"Thank you." Said Allya with a sigh. She turned around. About three inches from her beautiful face was her arch foe, Lichama Trell. The boy had a fixation on her since day one! He was filthy and poor. He nearly always smelt of whole-grain sandwiches and peanut butter. His curly dark brown hair grew in wild and his skin was always dusty. He was gross. Everybody in the whole school hated him. Allya—well, EVERYBODY wondered how Lichama even got into the school. Did he actually have a talent or did he just use hypnotism to slither his way in? "Ugh! Gross! Lichama!" Allya shrieked and ran all the way into the gymnasium.

Lichama took in a deep, sensual sigh. "That's right, folks. Someday I'm gonna marry her." His eyelids half-dropped over his muddy brown eyes.

"Yeah right!" Famose squawked. "A loser like you?"

"You'll see! Someday, I'm gonna be better than all of you!" As he clumsily scampered away, Shasha snorted. She was pretty, not beautiful, and most people seemed to like her. But she had this one fatal flaw which was always a turnoff—her snorting laughter.

Famose rolled his eyes. "Just go." He shook his head. "But next time you're going to have to pay the price. I can't just go around letting people in for free, ya know. Then, the gym would be full of scum like Lichama."

"Pshh, yeah. Thanks. I owe ya one." Shasha gave him a high-five and entered through the big brown gym doors.

From around the corner, Lichama was listening. He had on the most somber face ever. Sometimes he might put up the façade that he's just trying to clown around and that he doesn't care what people think of him, but he really and honestly cares. He probably cares more than any person in the school. He cares because everywhere he goes people take an immediate dislike to him. And what argument could he put up? He's dislikeable and he knows it.

In the better part of the school, the gymnasium was scattered with students wearing colorful costumes which were supposed to be eye-grabbing and attention-getting. But since everybody was wearing neon and so on, nobody really stood out.

Allya made a beeline for the average-looking brunette girl assisting the stage manager. "Here I am, Nancy!"

"I'm here too." Shasha smiled.

Nancy lowered her clipboard and looked down on the pair from the edge of the stage. "Names." She said in a tone that sent shivers down the girl's spines.

"You know our names." Shasha put her hands on her hips.

Nancy couldn't hold that stern face for much longer. She burst into a little giggle. "You two are horrible sidekicks you know." Nancy teased. She wrote something down on the clipboard. "Ah, here it is. You're scheduled to perform right after Yerksy and his…band."

"Ugh." All three girls remarked, recalling the clashing sounds of guitar, keyboard, and vocals represented in a group of people who had little musical talent.

"Who's performing next?" Allya inquired.

"Next?" Nancy asked wide-eyed. "The rehearsal hasn't even started yet!"

"Chill, chica."

"You're way behind sched—" Shasha started, but cut herself off when she realized that was a dumb comment. "Hey I'm learning!" She defended herself against those odd looks from Allya and Nancy.

"Go find out what's wrong." Nancy said. "I'm busy here at the moment. But if you just ask Jake or Jermoney, they'll know."

"Jake's the tech manager?" Shasha and Allya asked in unison.

Nancy scoffed. "No…"

Allya tugged Shasha's arm, "Let's go." She stated. The two girls spec through the gymnasium, looking every which way and that, peeking through costume racks, dodging people, avoiding tripping over cords, and squinting to see past the constantly changing lights. "Ha, we made it." Allya said, taking a deep breath as she and her follower entered the tech booth. Only Jake was present, and he was hunting for something in a little file cabinet. "Hey." Allya said quietly.

Suddenly a loud piercing noise was heard due to this being the sound booth. The three teens instinctively covered their ears, causing Jake to drop the CD's and their jewel cases. He frowned up at his friends, expecting them to help him pick up the mess for which they had been the cause.

After that little snippet was over, Allya was the first to speak, "Hey, can you help us?"

"With what?"

"We'd like to be stage tested." Shasha said matter-of-factly.

"Uh, no. I'm busy at the moment. Goodbye."

"Jake please!" The girls grabbed his shoulders. "Nancy sent us!"


"So you like Nancy." Allya said mischievously.

"I do not."

"Aha! Here's the schedule list!" Shasha proudly waved the yellow paper in the air.

"Give me that! And stop messing around." Jake thwarted.

"Allya Colly and Shasha Been to the stage please!" Nancy called over the PA system.

"Gosh, everybody sure is acting formal about tonight." Allya said. "Let's go."

"Thanks Jake!" Shasha smiled.

"Those two…" Jake grumbled under his breath.

"I had a feeling you were bothering Jake." Nancy said coyly.

"Why's you call us down if the first act hasn't even gone up yet?" Shasha asked.

"Makeup testing." Nancy shoved them backstage. "Duh."

The pair walked right into a puff of hairspray. Their friend Reffii, who was in the grade above them, was just finishing up spraying her wavy hair. Every strand was in place. She had a light pink gloss on her lips which complimented her natural skin tone. Beside the very pretty girl stood her lesser, and unattractive sister, Rynighta. Now Rynighta was in the junior high, and had dyed her pretty brown hair black with purple streaks, cut it short, and ruined her face with various piercings and Botox. Rynighta was a very bad influence on Shasha's younger sister Qooa, who was in the same grade. Despite the younger siblings, Reffii had a very unique friendship with Shasha and Allya. "Hey guys. Be sure to come to my tea shop after school—we'll be having a sale."

"Okay!" Allya and Shasha said. "Good luck."

"I'll need it." Reffii gave them high fives. "You too."

Rynighta glared at her sister's friends as she passed them. They glared back.

"Ugh, I can't stand that little girl." Allya said to her best friend as they both sat down.

"I know, right?"

Manti and Ranti, twins, and fellow cheerleaders with the duo, were in charge of makeup testing. They had a fun time of putting the makeup on the girls. And then Rypti Miribar, the second most beautiful girl in school, walked in glamorously and swept her hair behind her ear. "Hello Allya. Shasha." Her voice was almost always haughty-sounding. She had every right to be too. Not every person was as clever and attractive as she was.

Shasha wished she was that beautiful. For an instant, she imagined herself the winner of this talent show. However, that dream soon dissipated when she saw Allya and Rypti shaking hands. "May the best girl win." They agreed. Shasha then knew what this meant: Rypti and Allya both knew that they would take first and second. Regardless of who took first, they formed a peace treaty, promising that there would be no regrets no matter who won. Suddenly, Shasha's nerves boiled over, and she found herself kneeling at the garbage can heaving up her lunch.

Allya was shocked. Rypti carelessly sat down and let Manti and Ranti take care of her makeup. Every now and then, Manti and Ranti cast a glance toward Allya who was helping Shasha to calm down by means of skillfully constructed sentences. "I think you need to see the nurse. She'll most likely tell you to sit for a while, and if you're unable to calm down you may have to go home." Allya said. She put one of Shasha's arms over her shoulder. The friends walked together.

They could faintly hear Reffii and her sister singing "Love you like a love song baby!" As it echoed in the gymnasium.

On the way, they passed Kaco, Shasha's longtime crush. The girl put her red head down and let the hair cover most of her face. Allya smiled halfway at the emotionless Kaco, who nodded slightly and let her pass. Lichama happened to be in the nurse's office too, by means of a bloody nose he received from Larpez Evans. Lichama and Larpez were rarely on speaking terms, and if they were, it usually ended in a punch and Lichama's unfortunate defeat. "Hi girls." Lichama said in a nasally tone. "How are you today?"

"Nonya business." Allya said meanly.

"If Shasha's sick, you're gonna need a replacement, correct?"

"Ain't nobody talking to you." Shasha said quietly.

"As far as I know, you can't sing a duet with only one person, no matter how skilled she may be."

Allya's eyebrows narrowed at the boy's taunting. "At least I have skill."

Lichama shrugged.

"Where is the nurse?"

Lichama pulled out the bloody tissue that was stuffed up his nostril and got a fresh one. "She went home."

Allya scoffed. "On what grounds?"

"…She got sick…"

Allya rolled her eyes. "So poor Shasha—and impatient me—have been waiting for nothing?"

Lichama nodded accordingly.

Allya sighed. She opened the closet and pulled out some crackers which, the nurse would have dispensed if she was present. "Eat up. Being empty will only irritate your stomach more."

Cue Jermoney, who walked right in with a pleasant expression on his face. "Oh there you are, girls!" He smiled.

Allya smiled in return, quickly forgetting about her sickly friend and her arch enemy and focusing on the cutest boy in the whole school. "Hey!" She hugged him. The two were often on hugging terms, which, were usually initiated by Allya.

"Hi!" He said in a moment of absence. "Oh, right, Nancy wants you back on stage."

"But my makeup isn't even ready!"

"Doesn't matter." He took her by the wrist. "Hope you feel better Shasha."

The girl nodded with a mouth full of saltine crackers.

"Sup, Lichama?"

Lichama acknowledged the presence of Jermoney with a blink. You see, it was impossible to dislike the kind-hearted yet simple-minded athlete. Still, Lichama had an innermost hatred for the inappropriate way in which Allya flirted with him.

After Jermoney took Allya away, Lichama found that he and Shasha were completely alone in the room. "I don't suppose you like the way she treats you, huh? Is that why you're feeling sick?"

"What?" Shasha exclaimed, spewing crumbs everywhere.

"As long as you just sit around and do everything Allya tells you, you'll only ever be second best at the most. Think for yourself, and maybe one day you'll get what you want."

"And what do you think that is?"


"Yeah right. Besides, Allya is my best friend. We're soul sisters. We're always there for each other."

"Kind of like the way she up and left you here to be with…Jermoney?"

Shasha stood up, suddenly feeling empowered. "Maybe you really are a jerk like Allya says!" She threw the box of crackers at him. He received it firmly. "To think I've been feeling sorry for you all week! You claim to "love" Allya and yet you try to tear me away from her. We're the best of friends, and we always will be." She slammed the door.

Lichama grinned in satisfaction.

Shasha made her way to the stage. She didn't exactly "have time" to feel sick anymore. There was no time for moping around. If she wanted stardom, she'd have to take her chances, go up on stage, and sing in front of Kaco.

Ooh gosh, Kaco really was in there! And he was helping Tim Shisher with the stage lighting! "I can do this." Shasha told herself sternly as she peeked through the curtains.

"Do what?"

Shasha gasped as her heart throbbed. "Gah! Famose! You startled me! I totally forgot you were there!"

The blond boy chuckled a little. "…I've been sitting here all day. Ya know, managing the tickets and programs…" He shook his head. "Some things never change." He commented, referring to his friend's ditzy nature.


"Nothing. Just go."

Shasha marched backstage where Allya was doing warm-ups with Rypti, who had volunteered to sing the duet with her. Yerksy's band's discordant music was so loud that the pair didn't even hear Shasha walk in. Allya was startled at the sight of her best friend coming over to join them. Jermoney smiled, proud of Shasha, as he played the piano chords.

As Yerksy's lengthy and unnecessary guitar riff came to its final close, Randy and Tyler, the hosts of the night, announced Allya and Shasha to sing the song "It's Always A Good Time".

The clock was ticking, but the girls' hearts were pounding doubly as fast as they entered through stage left. They did the little hand motions and the dance perfectly in synch. Of course, Jake was up in the sound booth complaining about the girls' makeup not being finished, but hey what else could be said? The duet sounded decent, although not their best. They did get the small audience dancing though. Tim Shisher almost dropped one of the lights. Nancy barked at him to, "Shut up and focus!"

But Reffii, Rypti, Jermoney, and even Yerksy's band mates were dancing up a storm. Famose was tapping his feet to the beat too. Rynighta, in fact, seemed to be the only person not enjoying herself. She stood near the back of the room conversing with Qooa. There was an imaginary dark cloud over their gothic heads.

Well, Kaco's mood could always be argued, since he rarely showed any emotion whatsoever. The only time he got SLIGHTLY excited was when he was baking, but that was because being a chef was his one true passion in life.

On the outskirts of the hallway, Lichama leaned casually against the wall, observing the on-goings of those partiers in there. Some small part of him wished he could take part in that. He also knew for a fact that fate needed him elsewhere.

"What's popping, Lichama?" Larpez poked around the corner followed by the firey-haired Shapel, his best friend. Whenever Larpez said Lichama's name, there was a certain grunge to it that came from the back of his throat.

"I'd love to stay and chat," Lichama slowly backed into the gymnasium as Larpez pumped his fists, "But…come on Randy…say my name!" The boy winced and braced for a punch in the jaw.

Everyone clapped as Allya and Shasha finished their number and exited off-stage. "Up next is Lichama Trell singing L.O.V.E.! Let's give 'im a warm welcome, folks!" Randy and Tyler announced.

Lichama sighed in relief, turned around, and belted onto the stage leaving a surprised Larpez and Shapel in the dust. Huffing, puffing, and at a loss for stage makeup, Lichama appeared on stage. He tapped the microphone queerly and it made a receding sound which made everyone groan in complaint. People began to leave. After all, who expected anything from this loser who rarely showered or combed his hair? Even Allya and Shasha (backstage) couldn't resist snickering as the boy's name was called.

Famose at the ticket stand didn't even show that kind of common courtesy. "You've gotta be kidding me!" He elbowed Jermoney who walked past. "That bozo's such an idiot that even the fleas won't bite him. Amirite?" Regardless of whether the arrogant Famose was right, he laughed accordingly at his own joke. Jermoney smiled politely; that's all he could do.

Jermoney was never very keen on making anyone feel down about themselves, even losers like Lichama.

Lichama sang the first few notes quietly and off rhythm. Eventually he got the hang of it and produced a rather soothing sound. Who knew? The kid had talent after all…though he never showed it during any of his classes. Perhaps he was the truly modest one despite what his classmates said and the awful names they called him.

At the song's conclusion, the entire room was silent. Lichama waited about ten seconds for clapping. When Tim finally dropped that light, everyone's attention was revoked from Lichama and instead fueled into cleaning up the broken glass (or yelling at Tim).

Lichama ended up walking right out of the school and down the lonely boulevard home. "Home" wasn't per se a friendly place. Lichama had two parents who loved him dearly and a little brother to whom he was close. The family was dirt poor, without as much as a cent to spare. Not only did that mean they had no electricity in the trailer, it also meant that Lichama had gotten into Chartertown School of the Performing Arts on sheer talent, unlike half the student body who had paid for their admission. Lichama wasn't about to let a couple rude phrases keep him from achieving his dream of becoming a successful singer and dancer, and perhaps marrying Allya Colly as well.