Chapter TEN

The dark office was filled with silence except for the incessant tap, tap, tap of a pencil on a man's desk. The room was pitch black and the man certainly liked it that way. He had once told Jasper that he loved the psychological effects it had on others, especially his opponents. Darkness was imposing and ominous, an emphasis on the already present traits of the man sitting in front of Jasper, biding his time until the atmosphere became stressful.

"You tell me she is no threat?"

Jasper gulped, deciding to choose his words carefully, "She has accepted the deaths in her family. She hasn't picked up on anything…suspicious…"

The tapping continued, never faltering.

"Alright, Edmund I think the boy's had enough," the man said, his voice deep and powerful with a never-ending edge saying, I dare you to cross me.

The thick curtains were pushed aside, letting the fresh afternoon light flood into the medium sized office. The room was on the larger side, but the giant hand-carved wood desk made the room appear infinitely smaller. Rich, Persian rugs decorated the flooring, accentuating midnight black walls.

Jasper had seen this dreary room more times than he was happy to count, so he did not waste his precious moments examining it. He let his eyes stare down the man in front of him. Actually, there were two men; brothers by technicality.

"Jasper, my dear boy, you are to make sure she does not catch on. If, for one second, I see she is becoming an issue…I can always have Alexander intervene."

His heart skipped a beat; he would bring in Alexander? Jasper had seen what that boy was capable of and it unsettled him to an extreme. He could not stand to have the images of Alexander's hands on her, hurting her…

"She will never know. I give you my word."