Dark Knight; School for the extraordinary

Chapter Three

The curtains closed, the final cheers where cheered, the lights were lit and the audience were completely confused. They started to leave through the cave door and I started to follow them but my Father stopped me. "Cress? Where are you going?" He asked. My father held out glimmering tickets, these ones were blue, and pointed to the stage door. We were going back stage. Three other families were sat in their seats too, the Formans, Harolds and Gorms. They all stood up together and followed us to the door. My father tapped three times on the rickety door and Blair Martine opened the door. She stood in a purple robe with her dark hair tied up in a bun.

"Hello?" She smiled. "You must be the wonderful builders who built our mystical stage! Come, come!" She moved aside and let us all in. Backstage was hustling with tiny helpers, about Alice's size, rushing about to ensure everyone was okay. Blair closed the door behind the Gorms and started walking, meaning for us to follow her. "I will leave you for just a second while I get changed." She smiled and twirled around in a circle. Suddenly she was dressed in a purple dress and her hair was down and had purple clips embedded in places. "Now, before we start, do you have any questions?"

The children stuck up their hands. "Are you man or a woman?" The girl Gorms asked her.

"I am neither; I change my shape whenever I wish." She explained. "I forget what I started out like."

"How?" The Howards Boy asked.

"I am an enchantress of that specific magic ability, I cannot explain how and you cannot do it." Groans came from the children. "Any more? You girl."

"Do you have assistants?" Alice asked.

"Sometimes, rarely, but sometimes."

"Could I be an assistant?"

"Perhaps if you were older." Blair smiled at Alice and Alice grinned back at her. Blair walked in front of us and showed us to the dressing rooms.

We visited Eli's first. His dressing room was full of pictures of brains that were signed by various people that I'd never heard of, sat in his chair, talking on the phone in a strange code. His head snapped up when Blair cleared her throat. "Hello! Are these the wonderful families that built our stage?" Blair nodded and he thanked us.

"Eli looks very busy, maybes we should carry on." Eli nods and returns to his phone and talking in the strange language.

We all hurried through the twisty corridors to the next room, led by Blair, to Generous Great and Lucky Laugh's dressing room. Each wall was decorated with different pictures, drawn perfectly, by Lucky from various shows they'd performed at. Next was Humorous Hugh's room, full of pictures of clowns which scared some of the children. After that was Willow Wondrous whose room was lined head to toe with butterflies flitting to and fro. Glimmer and Gary Glow's room was quite plain but they lit it up with their wands as soon as we stepped into the room, making the room glitter. Bambini Bubble's room was blue and pink, just like most of his bubbles, and the wallpaper was laced with different sized and coloured bubbles.

The last room was my favourite. It was Harmony Dane's room. The top of the room was papered by thunder clouds and lightning bolts, lower down was rain and at the bottom was little suns. Harmony sat on a bright yellow stool reading a thick book beside a heavy weight book cabinet. She swung around and looked up. "Hello." She smiled; her eyes were fixed solely on me. Her thick blue hair was let loose down her back and she was wrapped in a purple robe just like Blair. She gave a long, exciting, speech about her dressing room and told some stories from her past; most commonly they were shared with Blair and met with embarrassing grins and nods. Once she'd finished talking, she continued to smile at me and it started to put me on edge. I fidgeted a little while Blair took over. My eyes couldn't stop straying from Harmony to check if she was still looking at me.

Each time I looked, she was. Once Blair had finished off and started to escort us outside, I felt my arm being restricted. I turned round to see Harmony was gripping hard on my arm. "What...are you?" She gasped.

"What?! What are you...?"

Harmony fell to the floor and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. "Fear them." She shouted. "Fear them!" She repeated this over and over until I tried to run away. She grabbed my arm again and slammed the door. She had gone back to normal. Her eyes were still a little...strange but I tried my hardest not to look into them.

"Be my apprentice." She said.

"What? Don't you have to be a witch for that?"

"Oh...Oh you are more than I am. I can't put my finger on it."

"What? Have you gone mad? Magic doesn't exist. Let me go."

"Be my apprentice. You'll go to school, learn how to control yourself and come back. Please."

"Look...I think you have gone mad. You were shouted something before and you're scaring me, I have to go."

"Please. You...Please. You are something new. I need new."

"I'm not..."

"You have to."


"Because I have the power of killing everyone you love." Harmony's eyes turned a cold colour. Her face was in mine and I gulped. "Do we have a deal?"

"No. No we do not. I don't believe..."

"Oh shut up. Yes you do. You are a witch, more actually! You believe, everyone believes, you see the people who don't. They aren't even people."

"What?! Let me go! Jesus!"

"He didn't believe! He wasn't a person."

"Will you just..."

"Be my apprentice. Please." It seemed threatening.


"LOOK! I mean it. I will kill your family."

"No." She dropped her grasp on my arm.

"Fine." She clicked her fingers and I flew back.

"Leave me alone!" I screamed. My head ached from where it had hit the wall. I felt myself being raised from where I lay. I kicked and screamed but couldn't break out of the invisible hold she seemed to have on me.

"You have the power. You can stop this." She shouted over me. I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate, which is very hard when you are being treated like a child's toy, and screamed inside my head. 'Stop'.

I found myself on the ground with a thud. Harmony had joined me on the ground. I stood up and dusted myself off. Harmony sat up and grinned at me. "Be my apprentice." She repeated. I gulped and my stomach turned. I nodded.