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"Cara you are so screwed." Cara whispered as she moved as quickly as dignity would allow towards the back exit of the Rivero Building. Hoping that security was busy watching the party and that her "walk of shame" was not being recorded on any of the dozens of cameras she passed getting to the ground floor. She could just imagine it being play back during the next pack meeting for all to laugh at. Luckily she would not be there, as usual, to see it and her transfer would have been at least a week old by then. At least she hoped her transfer was still good but more importantly her job. Shaking her head to stop her thoughts from getting to out of hand she reached up to once again smooth her hair back.

"Designers..." Cara laughed as she smoothed her pencil skirt down once again. They must have known why she needed such a large slit up the back of this straight skirt. She had figured it was so that she could actually walk in the thing but they must have known how it would be exploited by Collin, no she couldn't think of him so casually that was just asking for more trouble. Sighing at her turbulent thoughts she looked into the darken windows of the offices she was passing and judged her appearance to not be a dead giveaway. Except that her long hair was way too mused to just have been dancing. Deciding she needed to hide its state and no brush close at hand she just tied her disheveled sable hair into a quick bun. Wishing her scrambled insides could be tamed as easily and as quickly. She could not believe her stupidity this time.

Cara knew that keeping a low profile was essential to surviving here in the enemies territory so what does she do? She loses her virginity on the conference table to none other than the companies CEO but more importantly Alpha of this pack's territory that has been her temporary haven, though technically she was trespasser her old friend conscious was sure to whisper. If she could have fallen through a hole when his secretary came to shoo her out of there she would have paid for the black magic with her soul no problem. Only black magic wouldn't help her and she was not lucky enough to ever make a mistake without paying for it. Deciding to let her hair down and enjoy the company of others had seem safe enough with her transfer eminent, 3 more days to go and she messes up.

"Well 2 days and one night now" Cara mumbled to her distorted reflection along the glass wall of closed offices. Monday all she had to do was report in to get her new laptop and phone and hope that no pink slip was waiting for her. Though she had never heard of anyone getting fired for being an easy mark, not that anyone would be spouting that from the rooftops of course. But what if it wasn't that she was easy but that her inexperience was so obvious that she had done something wrong? Her not so friendly conscious mused.

"Go Cara. What's next a quick trip home to say hi to Mom? Maybe we can add stealing candy from a baby to our stellar decisions today" quietly questioning the vacant hall around her in hopes that some divine inspiration would step in and tell her it wasn't as bad as it felt. Her gut was twisted tighter then the day she had run from her own home and pack. She had survived on her own since she was a few years shy of being legal and this was easily the worst mess she had landed herself in.

How had she, the stepdaughter of their most hated enemy, ended up even alone with the head of the Rivero Pack was just another joke life wanted her to enjoy she guessed. She had known who he was, after working and hiding in plain sight for the last year, it would be hard to not know who the head boss was. He may sit at the top of a very long food chain but he was a hand on type not just a figure head. It was the annual party celebrating the defeat of her stepfather unsuccessful takeover attempt 15 years ago. Which the thought of celebrating had put her in such a good mood that she had been less than her usually guarded self.

So instead of her usual off to her solitary apartment after work she had stopped in to the party and actually had a few drinks to relax. Her unusually good natured boss Margie, as she had said to call her for the nth time today, had even seemed to be happy to have her around. She had never blamed her boss or any of her co-works for always having an invisible wall between them, she was not pack so was always going to be mistrusted. That was the nature of a pack no matter if they were out in the world or sequestered together anyone not connected was an unknown at best or an outright enemy. Cara was just glad they had given her best case after living and here the last year and a half.

No one had been happy to have her around in so long the dam had broke for a while and she had soaked up the non-aggressive attention like a starving addict she was sure. She had even done what she had never done before and let herself have a few drinks. So by the time her boss and a few of the other girls from the IT department had chimed in it was time to dance she let herself be pulled along. The laughter had been infectious and the music had let her feel free for the first time in longer then she cared to remember so when the musky scent of a fresh forest rain and strong arms had encircled her she had melted into the embrace instead of shunning them as she would usually do. She had not even bristled when that voice had whispered "home" when she had finally relaxed completely to her mystery man.

It wasn't till a slow song had started she had turned around to face her unknown dance partner. He was so much more close up was her first thought. His warm amber eyes seemed to be all that she could focus on and they seem lit from behind just to warm her insides. By the time that she discovered was dancing with a man who would have killed her if he knew who she really was she had felt too safe to care. Unfortunately by then she was too far gone to care that the man she had scrupulously avoided for the last year was now holding her flush against his body. The way their bodies had moved as one on the dance floor had made it all seem dream like and Cara had figured what the heck he would never see her again. Which had caused a little pang in her chest that spurred on her grasp a good memory to take with her.

Somehow during the slow dance they had left the main party room and found themselves in his private elevator. For once she wasn't fighting her need to be held and her conscious wasn't screaming at her so she just decided to let things go and enjoy the fantasy. She had little enough to dream about and being in his arms was better than any dream she had ever had. So she let herself get taken away and enjoyed ever caress and kiss he gave her. The fact that they had never talked beyond yes and her name made it all the more unreal letting her pretend that it was in fact a dream. The cold of the conference table had woken her up a bit but his kisses had been there to make her forget what she needed to remember again.

She felt herself turning even redder as she remembered what they had done on that table. Goddess she hoped his secretary aired it out before it was used again or everyone will know that she had been an easy score for their esteemed leader and her reputation for being a cold bitch would seem like a cheery substitute for the gold digger outsider who dared to touch him. But she guessed if he had wanted her gone then he would make sure his mistake, as she was sure he was seeing it now, was covered up. She had known when he moved away she should have run for cover but she had felt to safe and sated to even think of moving. The fact he had moved away so easily just showed how inexperienced she was she supposed. She had wanted to not seem to out of her league and tried not to rush her movements to get herself back together. Showing fear near a wolf was dangerous, near an alpha deadly, that had point had been made abundantly clear during her childhood. So calling on all her years of hiding her true feelings she had adopted an air she thought Kelsey, her half-sister would have taken, and pretended she knew what she was doing. That she had not just let the mood and fantasy give her virginity to one of the people who would be happy to shed her blood, just not in that way.

Stumbling out of the back exit from the corporate building she was abruptly brought from herself reprimand when her nose picked up a smell she had been running from since she was 16. Amazingly it was still a familiar smell even if she thought she had out run it. Turning to swipe her keycard to get back in the building before she was noticed she thought that when the universe had it out for you it doubled down to make sure you got the point. Well at least the worry that she would not remember the smell of her old pack could be put to rest, yay me always looking for that silver lining. Now if she could just make sure it didn't turn into a noose around her neck all should be fine...not.

Thinking of silver linings as she rushed back down the hall towards the security suite, she was so glad she had taken that transfer to the backwoods now. Her team had thought her crazy to take the downgrade in position but she knew that staying in one place to long was too dangerous. So she had been ecstatic when she figured she could move in her usual 1-2 year time frame and not have to start over from scratch for once. The fact that unless she had somehow insulted Collin he shouldn't actually fire her for being a bad decision was a small balm. So her being in a different city then his main base should mean she would still have a job come morning. Heck that was if she made it to the morning her morbid side whispered as she rounded into the security office.


Collin stepped onto his private elevator frowning at his odd behavior tonight. First he sidles up to an employee, an outsider at that, to enjoy some very public dancing. Then he maneuvers them up into the first non-recorded rooms he could find. Only to not be able to keep his paws off her as soon as his wolf had sighed they were alone. He was just glad that he had enough sense to ask her name before things got to heavy, not that he had planned to get anywhere near where they had went. He knew he could be a jerk but he did not pick up strange women, even if he had heard of her he amended.

"Darn it" he cursed to himself as he thought about where he had heard of her before. Collin had heard his Aunt talk about Cara Smith her new project, a much more mundane term then what he privately labeled them. He always felt sorry for the poor sods who caught his Aunt's eye for needing help because they were going to get it whether they wanted it or not. Not that his Aunt or Uncle ever thought of them as anything other than lost souls who needed a little help finding themselves. Though from how his Aunt had talked last time they had come over for dinner she was hoping for something a little more permanent for this one. Most of her protégé's went on their way, far away, after Aunt Sarah's meddling to continue their much happier lives, but this one was different she was angling for pack status. He had already known he would cave, after giving his Uncle a hard time and a thorough background check of Cara that is. That was why he had approved her transfer so they could start the ball rolling while she was buried in one of their out of the way research stations. Collin had figured if nothing else he was going to get another loyal employee who could help shield the fact that Rivero Holdings was the front for his wolves.

"Goddess" he was in deep water. Not only was Cara one of his Aunts pet projects but he wasn't sure he cared about making the usual preliminary checks before making her pack. That was just another strange turn in his thoughts for tonight. He knew that he was breaking one of his own personal commandments thinking of not only repeating what they had enjoyed earlier but wanting to know more about the woman who had spiked his curiosity before they had officially met. Though they still hadn't officially met his conscious was sure to point out making him feel even more unbalanced. This was not him he was the logical leader who always weighed the facts before making a decision. And now on top of that quirk he was not so sure he would be letting the little human far from him anytime soon.

"Are you sure she's human?" his wolf whispered "She was not broken and we both were there at the end." Shaking his head and pushing that question to the back of his mind as he started to tense even more, though in a much more pleasurable way. Shoving his wolf back as he noticed his floor approaching he decided he would think on that thought later after he dealt with whatever had him go into protective mode.

But first Collin had to at least see her one more time and make her more comfortable. He would move her to his office..."yes in our personal domain"...and then he would do a thorough sweep of the building. He had only made it to the party floor when he had felt the need to return to check on his little anomaly. With his wolf already on edge about some threat he felt it was prudent to just agree with his demand to make Cara comfortable and secure. Arguing with the beast inside when it was agitated would just lead to showing the upheaval in his thoughts, which every predator knew was just asking for trouble.

An errant thought skirted through his head as he waited for the elevator doors to open. If he had known who she was before they had touched would he have been able to not given into the temptation dance with her. He had been watching the dance floor with his usual ennui for the throngs of people gyrating to top 40 remixes when he had caught just a flash of her. Everyone seemed to had anticipated the celebration and were decked out in either black tie or club clothes, in the case of the young or desperate ones. The fact that she was still dressed for the office had been the reason that Collin noticed her he was sure.

"Liar liar pants on fire" his wolf reputed before finishing with "She finally called."

Then his wolf retreated back to his sentry duty. Leaving him alone with even more questions that needed to be shelved for later. Collin schooled his features as the doors opened to reflect none of the ramped-up thoughts going on in his usually analytical brain.