Rachel Humphrey
143 Circle Drive
Someplace ND, 28684

October 5, 2011

Joe Black
143 Circle Drive
Someplace ND, 28684

Dear Mr. Black,

I propose an end to our current open relationship status. I propose we become man and wife legally, with all the benefits included. I propose a marriage. Simply, I am proposing.

These past nine months have been a wonderful glimpse of what life with you could be like. You always leave my car filled with gas and put the toilet seat down when you're done. Not once has there been a conflict in time with you, we were never once late for an event and I never felt I saw too much of you or too little. Your free time matches my scheduled free time which allows planned activities to happen without fail.

Marriage is a big step in a relationship, one I am positive we are prepared for. I have already spoken to my lawyer about prenuptials and he has assured me we have nothing to worry about. I don't ask for a big ceremony, perhaps in a court room with your mother and my father as the witnesses.

I am positive you are going to find my request incredibly appropriate and I hope to hear your response soon. Thank you for reading over my proposal and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me, have a good day sir.


Rachel L. Humphrey

A/N Stay tuned for Joe's Response!