Author's Note: Here's a short story for your reading enjoyment.

The first time Lacie Jaymes actually noticed me, it was in a "I-need-your-help-or-I'll-ruin-your-life" kind of way. She was failing science class-my favorite and best class-and desperately wanted to stay on the cheerleading squad.

The science teacher had told us that we could choose a partner for the project, but I wasn't thrilled like my class mates because I would rather do it alone so I could concentrate.

I noticed Lacie Jaymes sneering disgustedly at the giggling of the other cheerleaders. I could tell that Lacie Jaymes was making a decision of a) choosing one of her dumb-as-a-brick friends as a partner and ultimately failing the assignment, or b) choosing a smart-but-boring kid as a partner and passing the class.

After a few seconds of internal debate, her eyes met mine. They were narrowed and her mouth was set in a snarl. After whispering a few things to the fellow girls at the top of the high school food chain, she grabbed her binder and strutted over to where I was sitting.

"You're gonna help me make an A, right?" It sounded more like a demand when it came from her.

"Sure, why not."

"Can I come over after school today?" Read: Clear your schedule, I AM coming over.

"I guess," I said non-commitedly.

Lacie Jaymes gave me a sickly sweet smile from from under all that lip gloss and told me to meet her after this hour, which also just happened to be last hour, to get directions and stuff. After that, she left to go and gossip with the dumb-as-brick girls.

When the bell rang, I made no hurry to get out of class. Maybe to show that not everyone caters to all the whims and needs of a popular slut- I mean, girl. I eventually did make it outside to where Lacie Jaymes was waiting under a tree. Heaven forbid that light ever touch her perfect skin.

"Ugh, took you long enough," she sneered. I shrugged. "So, where's the shitty apartment you probably live in?" she asked in her typical good-natured tone.

"Only a few blocks away, so I usually walk," I say with the most genuine grin I can muster, glancing down at her whore-heels. She rolls her eyes.

"Fine, but if I sprain my ankle you're paying for my hospital bill."

"Okay, cool." I start walking in the direction of my "shitty apartment" and grin when I hear her little shriek of frustration.

The walk was going fine, with Lacie only whimpering about her feet hurting a couple times. I thought we could get this project figured out and then she could go home. I thought that until I heard a voice calling my name.

"Ally! Oh, Ally thank the Lord it's you!" a familiar old voice cries out.

"Mr. DeMaige, what's wrong now?" I stop and turn to see the tiny old man hobbling down the stairs outside his apartment complex, waving his cane madly in the air.

"It's Priceless! Priceless is missing," he croaks. "She escaped a few minutes ago."

Before I could reply, a certain bitch cuts in. "Excuse me, who's this?" She gives a fake smile.

"This is Mr. DeMaige. He's getting older so I always do chores around the house for him and get the groceries for him."

"Who's Priceless?"

I clench my teeth. "Priceless is his pet pigeon."

"Please find her," he cries out once again, shakily walking towards us.

"Yes, Mr. DeMaige. Now please go back to your apartment before you fall like last time," I request softly. He pats my cheek and says, "Thank you, Ally!"

As soon as he gets out of earshot Lacie turns to me. "He wants us to find his pet pigeon. A bird. That can fly. In New York City."

"I'll do the science project myself if you help me find the bird," I try.

"At least the science project is possible," she shrieks.

"Do you want to fail science?"

She glares.

"So I was right," Lacie Jaymes says after I finish describing Priceless to her.

"Eh, what?"

"You live in a shitty apartment," she smirks.

"Whatever makes your day better, darling." If it wasn't Lacie Jaymes, Queen Bitch of Polk High School, I would have sworn she blushed when I called her that.

An hour later, we still hadn't found Priceless, Lacie was complaining about everything, and I was fed up.

"My feet hurt," she whined for the ten-billionth time. I growled.

"I thought I was on edge before, but you have pushed me past that. I am now freefalling off that edge, and I hope I fall on you." What pisses me off even more is that she doesn't even look phased.

"That was lame."

"Okay, fine. Lets stop to get a snack. Oh wait, aren't you on your cheerleader diet of not eating?"

"You're still lame."

When we walked by a hot dog stand I told Lacie to wait by the fountain and try not to get kidnapped, mugged, or shot. I went up to the hot dog vendor and asked for two. When he handed them to me he said. "Here you go. One for you and one for your girlfriend."

"Thank you- excuse me, what? She's not my girlfriend." I could feel my face heating up.

"Listen, it's 2013 and you're in the Big Apple, I think you can come outta the closet now. I mean, she was starin' at your ass the whole time you've been up here."

I blinked, not knowing what to say. I settled for, "I don't even know you." Then I turned and walked away.

He called after me, "Nice talkin' to ya!"

I sat down next to Lacie and ignored him.

"Finally, I'm starving!" She eagerly grabbed the hot dog and I could have sworn I heard her mutter a thanks. Maybe the hot dog vendor's right. But that can't be right, Lacie is a cheerleader. The Queen Bitch of Polk High School. The slut with whore-heels. Then again, I've never seen her with a boyfriend. Probably because she just has one night stands, though.

After we finish the hot dogs, she digs around in her purse and offers me a piece of gum. That's probaby the most charitable thing she's ever done. I take it and offer a small smile to test out my theory. She sneers and I think it's been disproven.

Soon we're up and walking home. No Priceless. No work done on the science project. It's been a wasteful day.

Before I know it she's pushing me into an alleyway and kissing me hard. Lacie is kissing me. And I'm kissing back. It makes no sense. It's random and weird and amazing. The most popular girl at Polk High School is kissing the nerdiest girl.

Then we need air and we pull apart and Lacie looks scared, so I know she's not pulling a joke on me. She's still pressing me into the wall and suddenly the cardigan I'm wearimg feels way too hot.

"Why?" I ask. I'm not popular. I'm not gorgeous like her.

"Shut up, you're beautiful and smart," she whispers. Oops, I must have said that out loud.

Then I realize no one's ever called me beautiful except for family members and stupid guys that just want to get into my pants. It briefly crosses my mind that that's just what she wants to use me for, but she looks more real than I've ever seen her. For once I don't want to slap her for doing something stupid.

For now, she lets me go and grabs my hand, but I don't question it. We head back to Mr. DeMaige's to tell him we couldn't find Priceless.

I knock on the door.

"Mr. DeMai-" I start but then I see him standing there with Priceless sitting on his shoulder.

"Priceless came back after the both of you left!" he says gleefully, and not even Lacie minds.

We bid him goodbye and Lacie walks me up to the shitty apartment I share with my parents. She pecks me on the lips and tells me she'll walk to school with me tomorrow and I feel special.

One year later...

"Here it is!" she grins, clutching at my hand.

"Y'know, most seniors don't get apartments before graduating," I smirk.

"We're special, then," she decides.

"It's shitty."

"It's ours."

And that's that.

Author's Note 2: Well. This was an adventure and even I think it's quite odd how they just leap from hating to kissing to living together the year later. Um. So, review please? THANKS FOR READING!