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True to her word, Lacie Jaymes showed up on my doorstep at precisely 7:30 sharp, looking meticulous as always. I noted vaguely that she was wearing another pair of whore-heels, but strangely I wasn't annoyed.

"Look what the cat dragged in," I smirked as I opened the door. I smiled to let her know that I wasn't serious.

"Good morning to you, too," she sighed dramatically as she walked into my apartment. Then I noticed what she was carrying(two cups of coffee).

"Oh this?" she said, raising an eyebrow at the steaming cups of liquid life. "This isn't for you. You know how I always bring coffee to Maria and Cailey," she smirked drily. I practically glared.

"Oh, well, I need to finish getting ready, y'know," I said awkwardly, turning towards my bedroom.

"...which is why I brought this," she grinned as she pulled out a metal cannister from her backpack, "for us to share."

I felt my face relax into an easy grin as she sat herself down on the kitchen table.

"Is it okay if sometime I do your makeup?" she asked as if contemplating the possibilities. "And maybe pick out your outfit," she grumbled as she looked me up and down.


"Just saying..."

I walked into my room and hurriedly applied my makeup. It wasn't much, just some mascara and lipgloss, but I was satisfied with how I looked. I slipped on my comfortable ballet flats and walked into the kitchen where I saw Lacie rummaging through my pantry.

"Glad to see you're making yourself at home."

She turned around with an apple in her mouth and I couldn't help but laughing. It was kind of adorable, too.

"Sorry, I forgot to grab anything other than coffee this morning," she smiled sheepishly as she took the apple out of her mouth.

That was when I started feeling weird about the whole thing. Lacie Jaymes was here in my apartment, and because she actually wanted to.

"What is this?" I finally blurted out as she took another bite of the apple. "Just yesterday we hated each other and now what?"

"I- I don't know. This is new to me, too. I've never been with anyone other than Bryce, much less a girl."

That's another thing I forgot to mention. Lacie's ex-boyfriend is the star quarterback for Polk High School's football team. They broke up because Bryce claimed that she was too clingy. I think I'm drowning in cliches right about now.

"So, are we gonna-"

"We can't tell people right now. I'm not confident enough with myself or with this and I don't want people to hate me," she snapped as she picked up her bag. "I'm sorry, but to everyone else we can't even be friends."

Ouch. I should have expected it though. This is a girl who's cooler than even the cheerleaders.

I was about ready to grab my own bag and just leave it on a bad note, but before I know it my lips were covered with Lacie's heavily glossed ones. We came apart with a soft smack.

"I'm not playing you, okay?"


She handed me the container of coffee with a small grin and I took a sip of it. French vanilla. Yum.

She grabbed my hand and it felt comforting. It was strange though. There was a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach like I shouldn't be doing this, but I ignored it.

"So Ally, I thought that since you're my, uhh, g-girlfriend," she paused as if letting the word sink in, "we should go on an actual date sometime. How about Sunday afternoon?"


"Don't you want us to be official? Secretly?" she asked in a panicked tone.

"Of course." I kissed her on the cheek timidly as if when I did something she would get annoyed or angry at me. She blushed and I smiled to myself as we shared the coffee on the way to school.

"Ally, let's make this a daily thing."