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Here I thought living was hell, but being dead is much worse. From that last sharp stinging pain in his chest when the vervenum burned its way directly into my chest. I knew I was dying. My body was on fire, and the last thing I saw was Neal, his eyes burning with fury. I still heard Neal whispering words of gentle comfort, but I couldn't respond. The world faded into an empty black.

When my eyes finally opened, I was burning. Those flames were encasing and burning layers of human skin and muscle away. Nothing but a small bloody pile of old humanity. Hell hurts, unlike what the demons thought. They saw it as a sort of Heaven, a wonderful safe haven for you to look forward to. What the hell were they thinking? A large monstrous form appeared, taking shape as a tall man. He was larger than Morgan but had a head of long blonde hair and eerily cold red eyes.

"The first Halfling born to the Demons of Anger in almost thirteen centuries," the man smiled, but it never met his eyes. He cocked his head and said, "You shouldn't be dead, little one, therefore, I suppose I must send you back." I chuckled nervously, "I thought I was dead." The man nodded, "Oh, I know. You are, but only the human half of you must die. Your body will be transformed into a full-fledged demon of Rage and Wrath." The air beside him shimmered and I was suddenly staring at a familiar face. A cocky red-eyed demon version of myself. The other me laughed, "You gotta say 'yes', Alex. Then we can play. You can go back to Neal. I can get out of this hell hole, no offense, Lucy." The man_ Lucy_ nodded, "What will your answer be, Alexander, son of Garrison?" I swallowed nervously, deep down wanting to see Neal again, but at the same time, how many times can a guy be expected to face death and not get tired?

"What if I say 'no'?" I asked. Lucy_ who I can only assume is actually Lucifer_ responded, "You would remain here, never seeing the inner realm of peace. The place that they dream of. Their heaven." I nodded nervously, "I guess it's a no-brainer, huh? What do we do now?" Lucifer glanced at the other me and said, "Go, and do not return early. Keep an eye on the new King. He is young and foolish." The demon nodded giddily before blowing a kiss at me, "Ta-ta, little Lex. It's been wild." Suddenly, I was incased in another horrible fire, but this one showed no signs of ending. The demon me stepped through the fire with me, pulling me close enough to kiss, "I'm going to run this little meat suit now, not you. Just remember that." I screamed again, the sound echoing off of hollow walls.

The demon just laughed as the world spun around us, leaving me breathless. I woke up suddenly, surrounded by familiar velvet sheets, freezing my ass off. Neal jumped to his feet, pulling me into a sweet, yet harsh, kiss. His cheeks were covered in tears as they streamed down his face. It didn't make sense. Why is he crying over me when I'm right here?

"You're crying." I said, feeling confused. "Why?" He just responded with another kiss and, "Ut ego te amo dici posset." I love you more than I could ever say, the Latin was easy to understand now, had always been simple when I studied. I couldn't return the emotion though, because I didn't feel it. Love was as foreign, maybe more, than the tears from a little while ago. I told him, "I know." And he seemed content with that for now, for all I know he thought this was from coming back to life.

He started with those damn kisses again, covering the length of my neck with them. They felt good, like a live wire underneath my skin, coming alive with every single movement. He sighed softly, "Are you alright?" I felt confused again. Was I alright? What was alright? I smiled softly, faking the optimism he was expecting, "Of course, I am. I'm alive and well, plus I'm with you. Why wouldn't I be okay?" Neal smiled, "I'm glad. I missed you." I grinned deviously, this was something I could play, "Prove it then."

Alex took a deep breath and sighed, taking a deep breath. After saying it all out loud, it still didn't make any sense. He hadn't told Neal any of it, knowing that he would find him crazy. The snow swirling around him caused Alex to face down, getting his face out of the harsh downpour. He looked to the bottom of the cliff he was standing on and smiled. He knew that he should be scared, before when he was human, he would have been. Now, it was like a chunk was missing, something important to him. Neal made it a little better, not even just the sex, but the gentle way he would intertwine their fingers or kiss Alex's temple whenever he walked by. It was safe. He is safe. The voice of the demon was loud and obnoxious in his head, claiming that he had to live up to his family name, to feel all that rage.

"Alex?" a voice asked softly behind him. Alex felt arms wrapping around his waist from behind and soft kisses behind his ear. This was when it was safe, while he was close to Neal. Alex knew they had bodyguards in the woods around them, Neal couldn't travel without them. That didn't stop Alex from spinning around and pressing his lips to Neal's. When they pulled apart, Alex whispered, "If I fell, what would happen?" Neal smiled softly, "I wouldn't let you fall."

"What if I jumped?" Alex asked. The fear flashed in Neal's eyes and Alex wished he could feel it. He hated seeing all the emotions register on his lover's face, but he couldn't feel them. Neal pulled Alex into another kiss, "I would follow you then." Alex stepped back and let himself fall backwards, not feeling fear, just falling.

Neal watched as Alex fell backwards. He knew that Alex wasn't the same as before he changed. He was more daring, quicker to snap. He wasn't as happy, if anything he was skittish like a wild animal. It's because this is new to him, Neal constantly reminded himself. He hated himself for feeling that way, feeling jealous of the thoughts that distracted Alex from them.

After a few seconds, Neal blinked slowly and opened his eyes to see Alex. The brunette's eyes were latched on something in the distance. Neal stepped closer before resting a gentle hand on the younger's shoulder. Alex frowned and said, "You're here already?" Neal nodded, "Did you not want me to be?" Alex shrugged, "I don't care. I was just thinking."

"Are you feeling alright?" Neal asked. He'd never heard of someone returning to life from vervenum, maybe this was a side effect of that. Alex snorted, "Yeah, fucking fabulous." Neal smiled, "Tired?" Alex nodded, "Yeah, that's probably all it is. Let's go home." Neal draped an arm over Alex's shoulders and pulling him close, "Let's get you to bed so you can sleep off this angry streak." Alex only whispered, "If only."

What the hell is wrong with Alex? What happened to him while he was in hell?

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