[Year 5/March 1st]

"Dear members of Dream-Login. It has been a wonderful five years, observing your actions up until now. It all may have seemed simple and boring to you, but you all have created something special. We feel like we have built relationships, and at the same time, destroyed them. I'm sure you met... Interesting people, to say the least. Or perhaps you met no one at all. You have explored our world and yours, and you may have learned something about yourself. Thank you all for playing Dream-Login, and until next time... Keep dreaming."

This message was displayed in the center of my screen today. I stare at it blankly, thinking about everything that had happened in the three years I've played the game personally. The message truly made me wonder what Nemo or Kaze were going to do now. Everyone who devoted their lives to Dream-Login.

But, in the end, it was simply a dream, wasn't it? Something we were all looking for. An escape from reality. The millions of players all had their reasons for logging in and dreaming. I've learned personally that Dream-Login may have been a nightmare in hindsight.

To suddenly shut down like this, with no prior warning. It was like jolting millions of dreamers awake. They were going to be forced to face the real world, and there would be consequences for a lot of people. There were a lot of different kinds of people I had run across.

There were dungeons and quests, but the best part of Dream-Login was simply dreaming.

I closed the laptop and stood up, stretching. I walked over to the window of my apartment and pulled the curtains open, letting in the bright rays of the sun. Chip bags and soda cans were scattered across my room. I picked up a piece of paper lying next to the spot I was sitting at.

"Please find me when we're awake." it read.

This was given to me by a player who's real name was Lily. I had met her one year ago in the game, and we slowly grew closer. Sometimes I wondered what she was thinking. She played the game differently than even crazy people did. But then two days ago she sent me this in the chat, along with an address, which I scribbled onto a piece of paper. Now that I think about it, she may have known about this closing of Dream-Login. Maybe she was a Mod in disguise.

Either way, now that we're awake...

I'm going to find her.