[Year 5/January 5th]

"Hey, do you remember?" the young man asked the girl next to him. "The attack that happened a little over a year ago."

The girl sipped some coffee.

"Of course I do..." she mumbled, "I was thrown into the middle of it, so forgetting is hard."

The young man and the girl were in a coffee shop. He contemplated bringing his laptop, since the man was hardly ever away from the game for more than one hour. But this was a special occasion. This girl was a survivor of something dangerous, and one of the most well known. She was even crowned a mod by the man himself.

The "attack" on Dream-Login a little over a year prior affected more than just the users, but all of society, too. It was something that hurt the world.

"He was insane..." the man mumbled, in reference to the mastermind behind it all.

The girl didn't know this person was the Mod who crowned her, and she hardly left her house.

The two were just strangers sharing coffee in silence. They had been sitting there for nearly two hours already.

"His name was fitting. I can't believe he planned something so large scale within the first month, and even executed it after the necessary time. That took patience, huh?"

"Do you know why he did it?" the girl asked in a melancholy tone. She gazed up at the man who smiled awkwardly.

"No. Maybe he was just crazy... who knows. We can't ask him anymore, can we? Well, in any case, Bloom, it was nice talking to you. I really must go. May I ask what you've been up to lately?"

Bloom hesitated, then parted her lips slowly to start speaking.

"There's someone I'm growing close to on the game. His username is 'Shark' and I'm wondering if I should trust him, because I know I can't spend much more time on the game without repercussions."

The man knew what she was talking about, and was actually a little shocked that the girl knew this information. The man also knew who Shark was.

Shark was a big help in stopping the attack, dubbed the World Nightmare. The man rested his hand on Bloom's shoulder and spoke gently.

"You should. He's a really cool guy." He chuckled and started walking towards the exit.

"Hey! Who are you, anyway?" Bloom shouted.

The man smiled a little and, without turning around, answered, "Just nobody."