Author Notes: Ok so if it isn't obvious, Italics are memory and normal font is, well normal text. Thanks for reading.

Elena paced back and forth in front of her mirror for no particular reason. It wasn't that she was stressed or worried, she was angry. She was angry because her mother had taken the liberty of arranging a date for her behind her back, a blind date.

"I mean really, a blind date?! I didn't even know that was still a thing" she complained finally stopping her marching to question her pet cat which was staring up at her from his usual spot on the bed.

"Honestly, the least she could have done was ask me first!" She ranted, pushing her dark brown fringe away from her eyes and thinking back on the conversation from yesterday morning.

"I'm fine mother! Really, it hasn't been that long since my last relationship." she lied, more to herself than anyone else.

Leaning forward and sighing, her mother announced "Elena, You're 21 now and it's been nearly nine months."

Although she knew exactly how long it had been since her last relationship, hearing someone else say it out loud did nothing but serve to irritate her.

"Well, yes but..." she whined before being interrupted.

"Yes nothing, it's time to move on, I'm sorry but considering you never speak to me about these things especially concerning your ex, whomever he was!" she scoffed "I've taken matters into my own hands." Leaning back into her chair and reaching into her bag she pulled out a small piece of paper. "Here, I set this up with a friend of mine who happens to have a son who is seemingly as stubborn as you are." she continued, pushing the slip of paper across the small table.

"You have to be joking?" Elena spluttered almost spitting out the tea she just took a sip of.

"Of course not, I trust you can find your own way there" standing up she went on "I'll be there as well, initially at least."

Elena could do nothing more than sit open mouthed in shock and a small degree of amazement as her mother promptly collected her things and said goodbye.

Snapping herself out of her memories, Elena picked up the piece of paper her mother had given her checking it for what seemed like the fiftieth time that day. "7:30, The Regent…" she mumbled to herself.

Spinning around, she studied herself in the mirror, grimacing at the way the ends of her long dark locks curled upwards, a trait that never ceased to annoy her every time she inspected herself, Gazing into her own brown doe-eyes she recalled that 'he' used to say along with her eyes her hair was her best feature, curl and all.

Walking into the restaurant he had booked for them almost a month in advance, she stood back a little as he walked forward to announce himself and his booking to the gaudy looking man in charge, as the man scanned through his ledger for their names, 'He' turned around and winked at her cheekily.

"Are you ok?" he whispered loud enough for only her to hear.

Hiding her blush as it crept along her cheeks she nodded back, almost losing herself in his frightening blue eyes. She couldn't get enough of simply looking at him, His perfectly sculpted face, His messy black hair, His strong yet lithe frame, But most of all, His crystal blue eyes.

She swore she could get lost in those eyes if she spent enough time looking, as a result she would often quickly look away from him, blushing profusely, making her seem like an innocent teenager despite her respectable 20 years of age.

Snapped out of her thoughts by the gaudy looking man politely asking them to follow him to their table, 'he' gently put his hand around her waist pulling her close and ushering her forward. By time they had reached the table another blush had already made its home upon her face and she had to take a moment to school her features back into normalcy as she sat down into the chair he politely pulled out for her.

Glancing around the restaurant she noticed everyone looked exceptionally well-to-do, explaining why it took a month to get a reservation and making her wonder just how much eating at a place like this cost. Looking forwards again she blanched slightly noticing 3 different types of spoon, fork and knife. The chairs were fancy, the tables were fancy, hell, even the coasters were fancy.

She already knew that he intended to pay for it all himself, After they had a small argument about the cost earlier in the evening, which he won, but that didn't mean she had to be happy about it, she wasn't the kind of girl who expected such traditional treatment and was more than willing to pull her weight, so to speak.

However after getting here and seeing the obviously high standards of the place she was beginning to be thankful that she wasn't paying for it. Reaching for the menu that was carefully laid in front of her and carefully opening it up, her eyes widened and she blanched again as she saw some of the prices.

"Are you ok?" he questioned for the second time that evening.

"I'm fine, sorry" Not wanting to bring up a subject they had already argued over once before she lied "It's my hair," turning her head slightly "You see the way it curls at the end here? It irritates me to no end."

Amused he looked on for a little while, thinking she had already scared him off with her pointless information she started "Umm, forget it, I don't know why I…"

"I think it's cute." He interrupted her.

The blush was back, in full force this time, "Thanks" she tersely responded not trusting her ability to try and form a sentence larger than a single word.

Making her decision, Elena turned around and made her way towards the shower.

Stepping out ten minutes later, clad in only a towel, she moved over to her wardrobe to begin the arduous task of deciding on an outfit for the night, Pulling out a red dress she looked it up and down before throwing it back into its place in the wardrobe deciding that it was far too showy for a first date.

Pulling out a black one piece dress with a simple sequenced pattern she considered it for a moment before taking it and placing it down onto her bed, ignoring the dress for a moment, Elena picked up the phone and dialled for a taxi.

"Hi, can I get a taxi booked for seven fifteen please? Just one. Thank you." Putting down the phone she walked back over to her dress, picking it up and staring sadly at it for a while.

Elena woke up in the morning and rolled over, her eyes still closed, When she noticed 'he' wasn't next to her, she slowly sat up rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. Hearing noise come from her kitchen she got up and made her way over.

"Good morning!" He said turning around, handing her a plate with pancakes on and giving her the goofiest smile she had ever seen.

"Morning, Thanks." she grumbled back. "Why are you so chipper?" she asked taking a seat and digging into her breakfast.

"No reason in particular." he laughed, shooting her another one of those grins which any other time of the day would send her weak in the knees.

Instead mainly due to her morning grogginess she only managed a roll of the eyes in return "Right."

"Okay, well I've got to get to work, so I'll pick up you up at about seven for dinner, Alright?" he asked leaning down to kiss her.

"Alright." She mimicked "I'll see you then" she beamed at him before turning her attention back to her breakfast.

Leaving her with one more whimsical grin he whispered into her ear shouted from the doorway "Oh and I left you a gift in the closet."

A few minutes later, pondering what the gift might be she stood up and made her way towards the bedroom, as he left the flat. They hadn't been together for long but they were already at the stage of staying at the others house on occasion.

Opening her closet door she noticed an extravagant looking black box, pulling it out and placing it down she slowly undid the surrounding ribbon and opened it up. Staring open mouthed she laughed in amazement as she pulled out the most beautiful black one piece dress, complete with a simple sequenced pattern, she had ever seen.

Elena applied the finishing touches to her makeup before turning around and checking herself in the mirror, having decided to go with the dress despite the memories she still holds to it.

Hearing the horn of the taxi signal its arrival, she quickly paced over to the other side of the room, grabbing her purse and checking to make sure she left some food out for her cat.

Making it out of her flat and building without much trouble she clambered in the back of the taxi, noting the driver spending a little too long looking at her in the rear-view mirror.

Determined not to make it a bigger deal than it needed to be she redirected his attention "The Regent please."

As the driver turned his attention to the road, she began to think about the last time she wore the dress 'he' bought her.

They were back in the restaurant that they had first visited around a month ago on one of their first dates.

"You know, that dress does look delectable on you, seems I have good taste for womens clothing" he chuckled, taking a sip of his drink.

They had been together for long enough now that his remarks, that always managed to have some form of underlying sexual innuendo, didn't affect her as much as they had, still, she couldn't stop a small blush creeping up her cheeks as she replied "Thanks, it really is beautiful."

Putting down his drink he began seriously "So listen I've got something important to ask you."

Noting his serious tone she sat up a little straighter "Ok, ask away." she quickly replied

Hesitating for a moment before he shook his head and started "Alright, so I've been promoted at work,"

Her eyebrows rose, not understanding why he was suddenly acting all serious like this when normally he was carefree about practically everything. He continued in the same serious tone. "But the problem is, if I take the job it involves moving."

"To where?" she inquired, beginning to worry.

"New York, But here's the thing, I want you to come with me" he announced

Elena wasn't usually left speechless, but in this particular situation she had no idea how to even react, never mind what to say in response.

"I know it's sudden and crazy and selfish and I have no right to spring something like this on you but I think we can do it." He almost pled, tripping over his words slightly.

"I can't, I can't just leave there are things here I can't leave behind so easily, friends, family. I mean, what about my job!" She groaned out almost begging him to understand

"You can get a new job, new friends..." he began

"It isn't that easy." She interrupted

Silence fell over the table, their heated discussion attracting a few onlookers. After what seemed like an eternity he almost snapped at her "So that's it then?"

"I can't ask you to give up the job for me" she reasoned "But I can't go with you, I'm sorry" she apologised, giving him a sad smile.

He looked at her, the hurt shining strong in his bright eyes, before he got up and said, in a tone that sounded like it was from a different person. "I should of expected this from you, I was warned that you were just here for the money I had, I should of listened, what is it got in too deep for you now?!" He almost shouted still in an unbearably cold voice.

Upon hearing the harsh remarks, she immediately stood up angry tears in her eyes, horrified that a night that started so well had gone so badly so quickly and she slapped him.

"Goodbye." She said almost emotionless, despite the tears running freely down her face.

She knew he was incredibly hurt from her denying his request, but lashing out in that way, accusing her of things they both knew were not anywhere close to the truth, she had lost it herself and stormed out leaving him with a stunned expression. As she left she swore she saw tears in his eyes almost as if he had said what he said deliberately, pushing her away from the decision she couldn't make.

Back in the taxi Elena recalled how he had immediately followed her home, begging for her to forgive him and that he didn't want to go to New York if it meant he had to go alone. For nearly four weeks straight he tried every way he could to contact her, going to her home, phoning her, texting her, catching her going to or leaving work and even using her friends to pass on messages. She knew he didn't mean what he said; she knew it almost immediately after he had said it. It didn't stop it from hurting though.

It was nothing but her stubbornness and pride that was stopping her from talking things through with him, even though all she wanted to do was let him in and jump into his arms. After four weeks she had gotten used to him trying though, but it wasn't until he stopped trying, leaving her with a note that simply said 'I'm sorry.' that she realised what she, thanks to her stubborn pride, had lost.

Arriving at its destination the taxi stopped, Elena climbed out and paid the driver, ignoring the way he looked at her again, before heading into the restaurant and asking for the reservation her mother had booked under her name.

The Waiter beckoned her to follow and she did, turning around a corner she saw her mother sat down chatting excitedly with someone familiar. Standing on the spot in amazement for second she knew that she was certainly not going to waste this second chance as she stepped forward staring straight into a pair of frighteningly crystal blue eyes and breathed "Hello."