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It had been years and years after the reign of Landrian and Ranaya Brightstar over the great kingdom of Zachavi. Their son Riordan married an elf maiden named Emma and reigned over the land. After Riordan his son Halidad and his half elven wife Gwen reigned over the kingdom. They had a daughter who they named Eveline. They were happy but only for very long.

Jarrod Forde, a distant relative of the fallen King Karik wanted Zachavi as his own. He thought it was rightfully his own to claim.

He made an ambush on the night of Eveline Brightstar's birth. He assassinated Halidad and Gwen. It was only a miracle he couldn't find their little daughter. Queen Gwen had sent her maid off with the baby and had them flee the castle when news was heard that the castle was being attacked. The maid was Matilda Kandes.

Jarrod made himself King, hardening his heart against the people of Zachavi. Who were both human and elf. He brought his wife Helga and four year old son Arin. It was then he reigned over Zachavi over 18 years…while the former maid Matilda took the baby princess to safety in the gates of a village called Glander. It wasn't far from Zachavi and the Tarachi Forest but it was far enough that Jarrod's soldiers couldn't find Eveline. No one had seen her since her birth. Some thought she was just a myth but others hoped and prayed that she would one day return and defeat and dethrone the wretched new king.

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