Ok... This is the English version of a poem that I wrote today. That poem is called "Lobo" in my mother tongue, the Spanish. Maybe would sound creepy, ridiculous or maybe stupid... But in this poem I tried to capture my fascination for the wolves, those animals that are so dignified, at last for me. I hope you like it :-).




beautiful creature.

Majestic being wandering in forests,

warrior protector of your clan.

Flourishing fascination

born in a crescent moon,

you're a fascinating beauty

as the soul tha the Creator given to you.

You're already a symbol of freedom for some,

and a symbol of evil for others.

Along with the eagle you are the Levante's wind,

and along with the lion you are the power.


woodland creature of unparalleled beauty,

you're crafty and patient

as only bold men can be.