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"Will you ever forget us?" Tish's picturesque face only looked its best when she was cheery which seemed to always brighten her features. I could tell something bothered her seeing as her tropical sunset orange eyes didn't sparkle the right way, the unfortunate part was that I had to guess her feelings. Tish could never openly tell me her feelings; She feared what would happen if I was upset with her. No one but her really understood how I worked. Hell my parents don't fully understand me. They only believed that they did and as parents they knew everything. Because of how well she knew me, we barley ever fought. I guess that's what ticked me off, that and the fact that I really didn't know how SHE worked. Tish was barley four foot five inches tall and everything about her made me believe she was some sort of fairy. Her hair color resembled the embers in a fire, an orange color that darkened as it cured lightly and tickled against her neck. She always loved to dress in different colors. It never mattered if what she wore matched. To her fashion depend on the amount of colors in her appearance. Today it was a thigh high dress that hypnotized as you looked at all the different bright shades which swirled in different directions. Her shoes resembled a pink version of the wizard of oz's ruby slippers, they lay next to her hips, Tish liked the feeling of grass on her feet and the slippers were only for the hard streets. The only thing missing was the wings made of 'happy feelings and sparkles'. She raised an eyebrow at me as she awaited my response. I had forgotten why she wanted to talk to me this late towards the breaking time. She was concerned about my age, I didn't blame her though. It wasn't as though I was getting old and my skin was shriveling. No I was far from that I was fourteen. Well fourteen two days from now. However here I was getting to old for this world. "If I've lasted this long than I'm sure that I will never forget, not even for a moment" Her head tilted to left looking away from me her lips curled into a small frown and her eyebrows scrunched closer to her eyes. She was obviously absorbed in thought. A small yawn escaped my lips causing her to bob her head slightly. But she continued to think in silence. As I waited for her to come to a conclusion I laid my body out next to hers on the small hill of short aqua colored grass. A peach tree that bared not just peaches but oranges in the color of apples and apples in the color of plums let small leaves fall upon our heads that gazed upon the sky full of neon colored stars. The grass crumpled a few feet from my head, Tish looked towards me now and her face was smooth now. "Kate, all 'real' children grow up. Someday you'll have children who will seek comfort in our world and this world is no place for children and their mothers. It is only a sanctuary for those who need it." "You people all act like adults and teenagers have it much easier than children, Kids actually have it the easiest. They don't pay taxes and don't work or that's at least what my parents say." "It's not that, you never understood the concept that people stop wanting to live in fairy tales when they got older. The only dream they want to live is the ones they can really live in. Not a fantasy." My hands clenched down on the grass, I couldn't feel it giving me any relief I only did it to show my frustration to her. "People act as though getting older is wonderful, if only they knew what life's really about" "I don't think that someone as young as you can say that their wise enough to say that they know what life's really about" "Any person could tell that there really is no purpose in life, everyone just wants to believe that there is" "I think there is" I rolled my eyes "Life is like a wheel, a lot of people say that and its true but what they don't say is that the wheel spins the same exact way over and over again. Very few can say that there wheel was a little different from everybody's. Ninety nine percent of the world goes through the same things. They grow up, get a job, get married, have kids, get old, and die" "Some people don't get married, have kids or death hits them earlier than others" "Still life is the same no matter how you look at it, yes everyone is different but their fates are not. Here I can be anything I want to be and I don't have to be part of the endless cycle of gears that turn the way there were mean to be turned" "You still speak like a child, no wonder your still here" "Still true though" Her head looked away from me and back up at the stars, it wasn't long before the moon shined down on us, illuminating our features. The moon was always full, never half, never crescent. It was also still the color of sharp cheddar cheese seeing as I never felt the need to change the moon even when I found out that the real one wasn't made of cheese. But here every astronaut knew what their diet would mostly consist of in space. Soon the bells would ring throughout the land signaling the breaking time. In one swift motion I flipped over so I was lying on my stomach. I stared at the pocket mirror that had fallen out of Tish's brown leather handbag and lay beside my head. My sapphire blue eyes sparkled with lights; my eyes always reminded me of blue raspberry lolly pops. Then again my appearance usually had some resemblance to food. For instance my hair was a dark red color with white frosting streaks that represented a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing. It also slightly curled a bit as it barley came past my shoulders kind of like how frosting curls in a spiral like way. My curls however weren't to the point where they bounced up and down like springs. It was more like you took straight hair curled it with a regular sized curling iron and then brushed it so it was more casual than elegant. Elegant man I hate that word, to me it means to look fancy and fake. No person is born fancy there made fancy and usually it's because society. Not just that but everyone uses that word way too much. Sorry dude but unless that shirt literally says 'Elegant' on it, it's not elegant. Anyways other than that, no freckle or mark crossed my sun kissed skin. I was at least four foot nine and proud that I was quite taller than Tish. In this land I have on many occasions been complimented by others who said I looked like a 'little angel' and of course they said that Tish was a fairy. I wore tie dye pants and a rainbow shirt that got to a dark blue when it came to my hips. A neon green ribbon was placed in my hair like a headband. Here I could wear these things and no one thought it was ugly or weird. Here it was proper fashion. "You'll be going soon, Kate. Anything you want to do tomorrow" "Amity and Brimery wanted to see the purple diamond mines, Amity wants to fashion a new set of jewelry and Brimery wants to see if the legend of the dragon that gives off a purple fume that colors the diamonds is true. Maybe afterwards we could go and terrorize Spicket." "Sounds like a slow day for us, not really adventurous" "Sometimes we need the boring days to make the fun ones even better." "Ya I guess yo-" Bzzzzzzzz, the sound of the bells marking the breaking time. It was time to go home. "See you around, Kate" her voice echoed through my brain as the scene changed drastically. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, my hand slapped down on the snooze button of my hello kitty alarm clock. My eyes cracked open to this . . . reality. The door of my room opened swiftly, the sound of the old hinges giving off an annoying squeak that had my attention. "You need to get up now" my mother's morning voice agitated the headache I got from waking up. She wasn't yelling and she wasn't saying it in a nasty way, it's just the sound itself. "I'm up, I'm up don't you see my eyes that are open" "Don't yell at me" "I wasn't yelling" she left the room in the huff, for those who expected me to say. Thank you dear mother for the warming wake up call, than you should know that ninety eight percent of American teenagers don't wake up like snow white or Cinderella. None of us are princess in the real world and we don't love each and every creature with are upmost care. I love my mother and my father but in the morning I'm cranky, tired, and upset. When the dreams end you're faced with the bitter knowledge that the world is nothing of what you want. If you think about it all animals do is survive. Eat, sleep, and reproduce. Just survive, humans do it too but the difference is that we think and speak. That's really our only difference, are dreams really are the only exciting part of life. Sometimes reality is fun but mostly just us surviving. Sometimes I wish I could sleep forever but I think about my family and friends, there real people who need me. As much as I want to be with my friends in what my parents call 'imagination land' there are still some ties that keep me here and not asleep.