I don't trust you

I can't believe you

I can't let myself

Be fooled by your


Your lies

Difficult because

You appear

So sincere.

But no,

Stop saying

What you don't mean

Because your actions

Don't support

The claims.


No, I can't do this

Every time I let

Myself believe you

You turn

And run

The opposite way

You push me away

I always come back

But that's it,


Push, return.

Push, return.

Why can't you try,

To stay.

I give everything,

To make you happy

But one thought,

And you leave again.

I admit,

To possibly

A large


These are my own thoughts

My own worries

Things I'm scared of

No matter how you repeat

You won't do it


I fear trust most of all.

I let you inside,

The more you walk

Into the house

Called my heart.

The more power you gain,

Can I trust you?

Can you look at me

In the eyes

And mean it when you ask me

To trust you?

Do you mean it,

When you say you won't go?

Do you mean,

The promises

You make?

I swear to you

I mean everything

I say.

But I mean it when I say

I don't know how

To trust you,

But I want you to prove

That I can.

Cause I am tired of this fear

And ache in my heart

I want to believe you

Please convince me I am wrong

And that you truly won't go

Cause I want to be happy

But happy, I want to be

With you.