The world had fallen to ruins. My world had been destroyed. It was cold and there was nothing left alive here anymore. The fog seemed to fill this entire world and the sun never showed itself anymore. This world was covered with grey skies. Nothing was born here anymore and nothing could ever die here. This world was created from pain and hatred...and it was all because of her. She stole my life and she destroyed my world.

She hid in the darkness waiting to attack. In this world she and I were the only ones who existed. Brought here to destroy one another. We were the complete opposite of one another. We were like yin and yang. She was black...and I was white. Reality worked differently here. Insanity is what drove this world and kept it going. I was born into darkness but I had the light to guide me out of it. Then she came in and stole the light from me.

In this world our purpose was to rid our existence. She almost succeeded...but I wasn't going down. She appeared in the form of a demon to me in this world. Wearing nothing but black and her horns that showed her true self. This is the world everyone goes to when they don't want to accept reality. My soul purpose in life here was to kill her. To make her pay for destroying my life. Of course, I didn't hate her though. I mean she wasn't exactly the bad guy. She was just the demon that helped the devil destroy me. I'm actually thankful that even though I may seem as if I'm gone...that she'll be there to take care of my light. She'll take care of the ones I loved.

When I came to this world I was so scared. Everything was broken and in pieces. Then I realized that this was just the way my mind was. She took down every part of my world and destroyed it one by one. Now, she wants me. I know this world isn't real...but I won't leave it behind. I won't return to reality until she is dead. I wanted to take my anger out on someone and she was there. I don't want to return to the life where she controls everything. She's my friend...and my enemy. I wouldn't ever return back. I refused to wake up. I don't care what happens to me...I wasn't meant to live in the real world anyways.