Ledenia is a large planet of eternal night. It is only lit by the two moons in the sky above and the stars. Aside from this only the artificial lighting of Ledenian's settlements lights areas of the planet. The planet is mostly composed of soft gravel not unlike sand but it is a deep silvery grey in colour not unlike the colour of moon rock. Ledenians are mostly peaceful people with very similar appearance to Humans though very pale skinned due to lack of sunlight. Since the dawn of their species they have adapted to suit their surroundings, including on their own world. Beneath their planet in subterranean caverns grow crystals that come in endless shapes, colours and sizes. The colour of the crystal in the local area decides the colour of a Ledenian's eyes, hair, nails and lips. Their ears are a little more pointed than that of regular Humans, making them look a little more like the elves of Human mythology. The crystals have also given each type of Ledenian different gifts including manipulation of an element.

Name: Violante

Colour: Pink, Purple, Indigo

Element: Wind

Unique Ability: Read Minds

Leadership: Queen Viola, Princess Lilia

Deity: Zephyrus

Other: Illyria, Advisor Ghala, Healer Selenia

The wise "Wind Wielders" of Ledenia, the Violante (VIO-LAN-TEE) are peaceful, calm and patient people. They are among the most gifted and intelligent of Ledenians with their common gift to read minds with a single touch of skin to skin contact. They are good with the politics of their people. They have a close bond and blood relation with the Saphini as they were once a single clan but separated into two over the decades. In their clan the leader is always a Queen. Their current ruler is Queen Viola and her daughter Princess Lilia will take her place upon her death or retirement.

Unlike most other clans hardly any of their settlement is below ground, only the mining sector. The rest is located high in the hills on the surface. They live in the southern lands of Ledenia. The deity they worship is Zephyrus, known as the Sky Serpent.

Name: Saphini

Colour: Cyan, Aquamarine, Indigo, Blue, Dark Blue

Element: Water/ Snow

Unique Ability: Miracle Healing

Leadership: Queen Iris, Prince Cobalt, Princess Azura

Deity: Latis

The Saphini (SAF-IN-EYE) much like the Violante; are patient, calm and peaceful for the most part. They are miracle workers as far as healing goes, there is no sickness they cannot cure or wound they cannot heal. They control the power of water's many forms even though water itself is hard to come by on the planet of Ledenia. There is however a region with several lakes in the Far East that interconnects via underground underwater tunnels. They can breathe underwater using gills but can seal them to walk on land. They travel around both land and water with ease, they have small settlements on the surface in the lake area but their home is in the subterranean caverns. When working with the other clans they act mostly as all forms of medical and healing staff but also help mine crystals in areas the others cannot access such as underwater. They have had both Kings and Queens during their existence; their current ruler is Queen Iris with her eldest son Cobalt as her heir and younger daughter Azura.

The deity the Saphini worship is Latis, a Hydra like creature known as the Sea Dragon that supposedly resides deep in the lakes of the planet according to legend.

Name: Pyrotans

Colour: Yellow, Orange, Red, Copper, Rust

Element: Fire

Unique Ability: Resistance To Extreme Temperatures

Leadership: King Vulcan, Queen Scarlett, Prince Aidan, Princess Adra

Deity: Drakun

The Pyrotans (PY-ROW-TONS) are passionate, hot headed and warrior like. They make up a large per cent of the warriors in the Ledenians. They can withstand almost any temperature be it extremely hot or cold and control the furious element of fire. Most of the northern territories are run by the Pyrotans; they mine the crystal in these lands which are all centred around a large volcano which is where the clan resides, deep within the mountain. They have had the most disagreements with the other clans but on the whole get on with them and work together as a whole. They look the most inhuman of the five clans; they are known to have scales across small areas of their body like those of dragons and much more fang like teeth. King Vulcan and Queen Scarlett currently rule but it is no secret their two children are impatient for their turn to rule.

The Pyrotans deity is Drakun, a fiery skeletal like dragon that is very similar to stereotype dragons of Human legend. It is known as the Inferno Dragon.

Name: Gaiaden

Colour: Brown, Green, Moss, Aquamarine

Element: Earth

Unique Ability: Poison Immunity

Leadership: King Moloch, Princess Olivia

Deity: Terrakon

The Gaiaden (GUY-A-DEN) are noble, brave and proud people, easily offended but with a strong sense of right and wrong. They are the most similar to Humans of all the clans, save for the elf like ears which are very pointed they are almost identical physically. They make both good warriors and strategists, being equally balanced in both politics and battle. Being one with the Earth they are immune to poisons and can withstand even the harshest toxins. Their unity with Earth enables them to summon both rock and plants and control them, there is little plant life on Ledenia though. What plants there are grow in low areas and underground or underwater. They live in the western lands beneath the Earth and have many cavern entrances to their subterranean maze network. The few settlements they have on the surface are…like the others, merely a façade and outposts. King Moloch is their current ruler with his daughter Princess Olivia standing patiently by his side.

Terrakon is the deity of the Gaiaden, he is a giant stone like beast more similar to some sort of dinosaur than a dragon. He is referred to as the Gaia Dragon.

Name: Umbralons

Colour: White, Silver, Slate Grey/Blue, Black

Element: Dark Matter

Unique Ability: Induce Emotions

Leadership: Lord Oran, Lady Rajani, Princess Layla, Princess Kiara, Prince Blake

Other: Advisor Shyam, Advisor Pogisa, Bodyguard Donovan, Zania, Judge Kirian, Raven

Deity: Merikh

The Umbralons (OOM-BRA-LONS) are the firm ruling body of the entire planet and have been for many eons. They are strict and proud but allow enough lenience to give the other clans their own territories and work independently. However there are always members of their clan patrolling the other clan's settlements, ever watching and maintaining order. They get on best with the Gaiaden and Saphini, their views with the Violante are indifferent and vary depending on the subject. The Pyrotans have more than once challenged their authority but in other times have followed them obediently; most noticeably this seems to change depending on the Pyrotans current leader. Nearly all major events occur at the capital city of Zoltan where the Umbralons reside. They have an equal amount of buildings above and below ground. People are judged and executed here; ceremonies are held here, as are meetings of the clans royalties. Also much entertainment is held here such as concerts and theatrical performances. Umbralons are notably the only members of their race who do not have eyes the same colour as their hair; instead their eyes are an electric blue. It has long been a theory that Umbralons descended from another clan and then changed once finding a new type of crystal in the central plains where their clan resides. However this is mere rumour and speculation and not one the Lord and Lady of Umbralon like very much. The Umbralon do however have very dangerous powers, making them feared warriors and not ones to cross. They have the power to manipulate Dark Matter, essentially energy itself and use it, creating orbs, beams, lightning rods and more of energy. Their unique trait is even more horrifying, the ability to induce any emotion in the minds of others, almost mind control though they cannot literally make someone move about, but they can make them feel pain or feel nothing. Merikh is the Umbralon's deity and the darkest of the god creatures.

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