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I flinched as someone began banging on the door of the abandoned house at the end of Sycamore Street. I gasped realizing that this wasn't my imagination, someone actually wanted to get in. No one ever came here, the rumor around town is that it's haunted and I've been here once before. The front door is completely jammed, impossible to open, but the back opens loudly. Suddenly a large crash rang through the almost empty house as a rock sailed through the window. I screamed and a stick pushed the rest of the shards of glass through. Then a man with blond hair climbed through and I screamed again.

"Shhh, be quiet" he said in what was supposed to be a soothing voice but it only put me on edge. I backed myself into a corner and he reached into his pocket to pull out a police badge. "I'm Detective Derek Barnes" he said the put up his to hand in sign of surrender, slowly he walked towards me. "What's your name" he asked in a patronizing voice and I replied "Lucy Mable" before I could stop myself. "A lot of people have been looking for you Lucy" he said trying to make his voice soothing again. "Please tell me everything that has happened" the detective said he voice was much more serious; I liked that.

I began considering my options, I could run but he would catch me and I would no longer be a victim but a suspect. I could trick him give a sob story but as a trained investigator he would most likely see fight through me. Or I could get rid of him and just run like I had planned. I know that I have to tell someone what happened just to have my story known by someone might make all this guilt go away. I'll tell him first then figure out what to do after. I hung my head my dark, blood matted, hair falling into my face; "I'll tell you" I said without looking up.

"But first, there's a question I need to ask you?" I asked my voice was low, barely above a whisper. He smiled in a charming way, "ask me anything" he said with confidence. "Have you ever heard of an eidetic memory?" I questioned, raising my voice to a normal volume. "Yeah, that's a photographic memory, right" he answered and I let a chuckle escape my lips as I shook my head. "A photographic memory is where you remember everything you see. People with an eidetic memory remember everything, the things they see, hear, and smell or the way things feel. They can even remember the feelings had at that moment". He paused for a moment, taking in the information then he said "next you're going to tell me you have an eidetic memory, right". I smiled slightly and nodded at him; thank god he's not as stupid as he looks.

"Everything I'm about to tell you has its own meaning. Things like this don't just happen, there are always reasons why. Reasons forgotten by most people but remembered by me" I told the detective. He nodded in understanding, but remained silent which I was grateful for. I closed my eyes, memories flooded into my mind like water behind a dam just breaking free.

"It started so long ago that I doubt that anyone else could remember it. I had just started middle school and everything was perfect. I had great friends, good grades and was ready to take on middle school. But just as things looked to be perfect everything came crashing down. A bully targeted my friends, it was unexpected but we could survive. The bully started with simple stealing our homework or books.

That was simple for all of us to handle, we stood together and it wasn't too bad. Then one day I went to school and all of my friends ignored me. The other kids at school avoided our group because they didn't want to be targeted to. No one confronted me; they didn't even look at me while I passed. It was like I didn't even exist and that bothered me worse than the pranks which had escalated. Now instead of stealing my books they ruined them and I found out that my stolen homework was being turned in with all the wrong answers.

Finally my ex-best friend Vanessa creaked; she came to my house one day and burst into tears. She apologized for ignoring me and showed me a not; it said FORGET LUCY AND I'LL FORGET YOU in drippy red paint. Vanessa told me that all of our old friends had gotten the same note. They got scared because they assumed that the note was written in blood, which I seriously doubt. I felt a little better knowing their reasons for leaving and a lot better to have Vanessa by my side again.

The Detective looked at me, pity in his eyes and I turned away. "Why didn't you report it" he asked and I replied "who was I supposes to report, I didn't know who it was". I lead him to the next room and we sat on the old couch. He was staring at me intently and luckily he had yet to notice the stained golf club in the corner of the room.

In eighth the pranks got more dangerous, many of them were violent. The bully found out I was scared of worms, yes worms they've always freaked me out. They started using that against me but I'll give them props they were creative. They started big, shoving hundreds of worms in my locker which they always seemed to know the combination to. I went to all of my classes without anything that day because I was too scared to get my books. Then the bully filled my pencil case with worms causing me to shriek during class.

Then the pranks took a violent turn, it was as if the bully was waiting for me to break and was getting frustrated because I hadn't. After gym class there were thumb tacks in my shoes that would have stabbed me had I not been paying attention. And in my bag I found a picture of me with the eyes scratched out.

"What does this have to do with your kidnapping?" the detective asked interrupting my story. I sighed "I told you at the beginning that all of this is completely relevant to what happened" I said glaring at him. He looked surprised at the sharpness of my voice. I touched his arm then looked up at him "sorry for snapping at you but this stuff is hard to talk about". He nodded relaxing again and I went back to my story.

Finally the bully went too far, they targeted Vanessa. The pranks on Vanessa stopped at the beginning of eighth grade. I had guessed it was because Vanessa was so popular. One day I found a large brown envelope in my locker. I left it unopened until I got home because I feared what was inside. When I opened it I discovered lots of pictures, of Vanessa in her room. My fear grew into pure terror and I went to my window and pulled the blinds shut. I looked back at the pictures; I will not describe them in detail but let's just say they were of her undressing".

"That's when you should have called the police" Detective Barns interrupted. I rolled my eyes at him but didn't comment. "What, that's harassment" he said defensively. I smirked at him; "if you had waited five more seconds, I'd have told you exactly why I couldn't do that" I replied superiority dripping from my voice. He looked kind of shocked at my comment then gestured for me to go on.

"As I was saying, in the envelope there was also a note. It said that the bully had lots of extras and if I didn't do exactly what they said or if I called the police then the pictures would be sent to the whole school. The note said that if I agreed to the terms to email them at nevergonnatellya . I emailed the bully without a second thought. Throughout my whole life Vanessa had protected me, now it was my turn to protect her.

The bully replied and said to meet them at the abandoned house at the end of Sycamore Street on Friday at midnight so we could make a deal. On Friday I snuck out of the house at 11:49 and rode my bike to the abandoned house. When I got there I hid my bike in some bushes and ran to the front door, there was a note taped to the door that said 'front doors jammed I left the back open for you'. I ran around back and sure enough it was left wide open, I entered but there was no sign of life.

I walked into the next room and there was a cardboard box on the floor. On the lid of the box was taped another note. This one said 'these are all the extra photos' and I opened the box which was actually filled with the photos. The aloud slam ran through the empty house, I gasped and ran to the back door. I saw the outside handle lying on the ground on the other side of the glass. There were a two screws and one screwdriver lying next to them.

I went into full panic mode, checking all of the windows in the house hoping for an open one. The only open one was on the second floor and right above electrical wires. I ran back down to the back door and desperately tried to pry it open. I fell down on my knees tears escaping my eyes. I couldn't believe how stupid I'd been, I should have known that something like this would have happened. I leaned on the door and silently cried myself to sleep.

I paused looking on the floor where the cardboard box once was. I bit down on my bottom lip and pulled my knees to my chest. "I can't believe you came back here" the detective said with pity. I sighed "this is the only place no one would think to look" I explained. Then my head snapped up "how did you even no to come here" I demanded carefully keeping all panic out of my voice. "You made enough noise to get a domestic disturbance call" he said with a smile. "We'd already found your friend and I got a feeling so I checked it out myself" he said. I nodded feeling better, then I went back to my story.

I woke up to a small rock hitting the glass, the door handle was reattached. I grabbed to box and ran out of there. On the way back to my house I stopped by the creak and dumped the picture in there. By the time I got home it was a little after five in the morning and luckily my parents were still asleep. I went back to bed and slept for a few more hours.

When I woke up the first thing I did was email the bully, I told them that no matter what they did they'd never break me. I while later I got an anonymous text which said 'I'll break you, trust me things are just getting started. I spent the next few hours getting texts about plans for pranks on Vanessa. This made me angrier then scared but I couldn't think of anything I could do.

Finally I was tired of feeling powerless to this person on I decided to do something about it. I got on my bike and road to the creek just four blocks away from my house. I stood on the edge of the water and threw my cell phone in as hard as I could. The feeling after it was gone was amazing; I felt as free as a bird. Then I got back on my bike and road to Vanessa's house to tell her what I did.

When I got to Vanessa's house I knocked on the door and when she answered she hugged me tight. "What's wrong" I asked and she replied "I've been trying to call you for a while but it kept saying your phone was disconnected". I chuckled and told her that I had thrown it in the river. She pushed me into her room and ran out to go to the bathroom. I was happy for the first time since the bullying began. But what I didn't know was that it was about to get a lot worse.

I walked towards Vanessa's bed but stubbed my toe on the end, jumping up and down on one foot I fell. "Ouch" I said aloud, staying on the ground then I noticed that the vent on the floor of Vanessa's room wasn't screwed in. I know that it's wrong and an invasion of privacy but I was curious so I knelt down and lifted the vent. Inside was a shoe box filled, it wasn't dusty at all as if it had just been used. I slowly opened the lid to reveal a handmade doll; the doll's skin was pale and her hair was dark and curly but the thing that stood out most was the bright blue eyes. I slammed the lid back on the box and hastily put the box back in the vent. Once everything looked normal I ran out of the house without telling Vanessa goodbye. You might be wondering the reason I was so scared was that the doll looked exactly like me.

I looked at Detective Barnes to see him gaping at me, and then I looked back at the floor. "Your life is like a horror movie" he said trying to make a joke but he voice was shaky. I looked into his eyes and said "you have no idea". The seriousness of my voice was eerie and neither of us knew how to respond to that so silenced fell. Then I ducked my head down letting my hair fall into my face and began the end to my little tale.

"Monday arrived faster than normal and the whole day had me on edge mostly because there was not one prank. This should help me to relax but all it did was put me on edge. Finally it was the end of the day and I walked to my locker, anxious to get home. I quickly unlocked it but when I opened it there was a doll hanging from the top in a noose. I dropped all my books when I realized that it was the doll I had found at Vanessa's house just days before. Memories rushed through my mind and it always had confident, in control Vanessa protecting me, all shy and innocent. Never in my frightening nightmares had I imagined that my protector and tormentor were one in the same.

That very night I called Vanessa and invited her over. When she got there I took her to my backyard, she could tell something was wrong so she was quiet. I didn't say a word until I saw both my parents cars disappear from my driveway. Then I stood up and Vanessa mimicked me, it was dark the moon looked full but I knew it wasn't. I faced her wind blew her dirty blond hair to the side. "I can't believe it was you the whole time" I said keeping eye contact the whole time. "What was me?" Vanessa asked and I glared at her "that you were the bully" I said angrily.

"What, how could you even think that" she said, her voice actually sounded hurt but I didn't break. "Cut the crap" I said forcefully and she looked shocked at me for standing up for myself. Then she started laughing "I guess perfect little Lucy would figure it out" she said with a smirk. "What are you talking about" I demanded trying really hard not to start crying. "Don't pretend you don't know, all I've heard my whole life is Lucy is so smart, Lucy is so sweet, why can't you be more like Lucy" she said her voice was angry. That shocked me I've always wanted to be like Vanessa.

I looked at the ground "why" I whispered and looked up at her. Vanessa was grinning "I started out trying to help you, I just wanted you to stand up for yourself" she said the shrugged like it was no big deal. "Then no one could figure out it was me, there was something I had against you. I know I should have stopped but if I did then you'd be better than me again." She said softly. I was starting to feel bad for her; maybe unintentionally I had hurt her as much as she had hurt me.

"Besides it was way too much fun to stop" she said and every feeling of sympathy I had for her disappeared. She stared laughing and laughing, it sounded psychotic. Every feeling I had during the bullying rushed back at me all at once along with a new one, betrayal. I sprinted to my dad's golf bag just a few feet away and grabbed a club. I came back to Vanessa a brought the club down on her. All I saw was red and all I heard was screaming; finally the screaming died down but I didn't. I kept slamming the club down until my arms ached.

Then when I was finished I took one look at Vanessa's mangled body and knew I had to do something. I wasn't going to jail because I was determined to never be trapped again. I took the golf club to the fence and smashed to lock off. I left the club at the fence and went into my house. I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote a note. 'Mom and Dad there is a man watching me so everything I write is from him. This man is kidnapping me and killed Vanessa, he says that if you guys ever want to see me again then get a million dollars in cash and don't call the cops. He'll contact you later for further instructions'.

I was happy with the note and so I grabbed the bloody golf club and ran to the abandoned house on Sycamore Street. When I got there ran straight for the back door. I couldn't open it as skillfully as Vanessa so it made a whole lot of noise as I pried it open. Then I walked into the next room and put the club in the corner. I sat on the old couch and closed my eyes.

I looked at the detective, tears streaming down my face and he looked just as depressed as I felt. "I'm sorry but I have to arrest you" he sounded like he was about to cry but that didn't matter. "No" I said standing up "I'm not going to jail" I screamed running to the corner of the room. The detective ran after me but I had enough time to grip the golf club and take a swing at his head. The club met its target andthe detective went down; I slammed the club on his head two more times. Then I kneeled down next to him his pulse was still going but he was bleeding a lot so he wouldn't live much longer. "I'm sorry you don't deserve this but I have to do this if I want to stay free and I'm never going to be trapped again".

I ran out of the house praying that no one heard us and called the cops. I stole a bike from someone's driveway and rode on to the highway. It took quite a few hours for me to arrive at the next town. And when I got there I went off rode and into the woods there was a small river in there. I kneeled in front of it, the moon shining down on my back and I could see my reflection. My dark curls were matted with blood some of it fresh, the same blood was all over my clothes; my pale skin was also stained with crimson and my blue eyes reflected in the moonlight like a cats eyes. None of my features had changed but I looked completely different; I was no longer unsure of myself or innocent. Now I was confident, dangerous and most importantly, I was free.