It must have been sometime past midnight. I awoke to a low goan coming from above my head.

I groggily began to wake up. A rancid smell came from right above me. It was the smell of death and decay. I could make out a tall man standing over me. I gagged and, keeping myself from screaming, grasped around my bedside cabinet for my phone. I turned on its screen and its bright light illuminated the man's face.

I wished almost instantly that I hadn't done that. I wouldn't even call that thing a man Where his eyes should have been, empty sockets gaped back at me.

His flesh was scratched, torn, and rotting, dried blood smeared all over. His clothes were tattered and turning to dust.

He was stretching his hands out front, twisted and at odd angles.

It took me 2 seconds to unfreeze from the shock. I was about to scream out, when one if its arms dislocated and, with the flesh too weak to hold it in place, came falling straight down on my face, clammy and rough.

That must have been the moment I fainted.