The Letter L

Can be used for so many things





But a very common use

Not like,

But love.

People are lost

Without love

With love some are lonely

Even lifeless

And yet with love

In their lives

They are lively.

Love can hurt

Some mistake lust

For love

Some lean on it

Some live for it

Some prefer

To leave it.

A lily

Given to a beautiful girl

Could represent ones love

For her.

Some may explain

Their love

As a heating passion

Hot as lava

Some may be left

Because one was afraid

To love

Another may stay forever

Because the both of you

Are loyal.

Some lie

And let them think of love

When it is in fact

Causing the one who does believe

A great loss

And a heartbreak

Leaving their soul

Yet stuck forever

Within their lives.

Some would prefer to be lynched

Before they love

But only because they fear

They can never be loved in turn.

So love, not lust

Do not simply like

Show you love

Do not lie

Don't bring harm to another

Give another life

Give them your love

They may return it

And be yours


And the world will be


For the rest of eternity

With the love

Being shared.