I'd like to bring to your attention
a fetish of mine.
Timeless and classic,
a patterned design.

Polka dots are dated
and shapes are pretty lame,
so let's talk about stripes.
Imagery's the game!

Stripes are secure
because when you fall off
one follows under
and catches you aloft.

A little person's friend,
for when they stand high
they stretch on, an infinity
of solidity and pride.

They're heroic and willing,
catching and jailing felons.
They're perverted! On clothing
you find them circling melons.

Heck, if you checked
you'd realize this too.
Did you know they can be found
on Miku's pantsu?

Still, I'll admit that
stripes make me flustered,
but I think she'll understand.
I love her and I trust her.