My Beef With FictionPress

I have a bone to pick with you guys.
Even the skeletons in my closet shake.
I'm irked and overworked
but you guys just take the cake.

Every time I visit FictionPress
I decide to look at the new works.
I like to read and write poems,
and I don't want to sound like a jerk

but they're sad!

They're depressing, a large portion of
them messing with my outlook on
the wonderful and precious life I live.

My life isn't too great, materialistically.
I haven't bought clothes for myself in over two years.
Every time I'm out and see a cool shirt
I wish I had it. I clench my own with silent tears.

But I look further within and hear my heart beating.
I'm alive! That's a great start, don't you think?
I then look at my legs. I can walk where I want!
I feel privileged to be healthy. My cheeks turn pink.

I look at a nearby tree and when I look at its leaves
I ask myself, "when was the last time I looked at a tree?"
You think it's a silly question, but when you find yourself alone
you'll remember the old oak you used to cry under and feel free.

I'm sorry to be so grumpy, hunt me and tear me a new one.
Shun me if you wish, but I only wanted to make it clear.
You can write about anything that makes you happy, as I just have.
You have friends who'll support your efforts and it all starts here.

Paint FictionPress with your hopes and dreams, not just your sorrows.
For every pain you experience today write about a better tomorrow.