As I got off the plane I felt the heat hit me. The California heat was a change from London but it was nice, I loved the hot weather. As I stepped off the plane and down onto the runway I saw a small bus that we all boarded that took us to the airport. When we got there, gathered our belongings and made our way to the collection point, I began to get nervous. My insides were turning upside down and I was beginning to wonder if this was right. The doors opened to where all the happy families and taxi drivers were standing, waiting for their families and business people to come out. I looked around slightly but couldn't see him or his family anywhere. I then had a small child run up to me and hug my leg.

"Hello Millie." She chimed, I looked down to see Sophie, his little sister. I looked up to the direction of where she came from and saw a whole crowd of Oliver's family standing there waving and walking towards me. I couldn't see Oliver yet.

"Millie!" Oliver's mum, Hollie, came over and hugged me. When we pulled back she exposed the giant grin that was plastered to her face. She led me back over to the rest of his family, his aunts and uncles and his sisters and brothers. It was a big, but close family.

"Millie?" I heard from behind me as his grandmother Julia was hugging me. I turned around to see him standing there, a grin from ear to ear. I smiled lightly, hiding my excitement to see him.

"JUST HUG HIM!" His older sister Katie shouted. I dropped my things and ran up to him, his arms open to catch me in them. I jumped and hugged him, he lifted me up and spun me around a few times before setting me back down onto my feet. We didn't say anything until we pulled apart, looking at each other with teary eyes.

"Silly girl." He told me, as he wiped the tear that was rolling down my cheek. I laughed and hugged him again, then pulling back put to only kiss him on the lips. He kissed me back, making it longer and deeper.

"We need to get going." His dad said, looking at his watch. We looked back around behind us and smiled. Happy together.