When the Time Comes

They said when my time comes that I will make difference to the world. I was realising, closer to that time, that I really could make a difference. With all of the choices I had and all the decisions I have to make, I was finding it hard to not get stressed. The only thing that was helping me calm even the slightest bit was Matt, his warm embrace and his voice in my ears always seemed to bring a sense of calmness to me. I had made a choice, a very hard one but I knew it would be okay in the end, it was the right choice. All of these people around me were fighting for the same reason, fighting the exact same battle but only I could finish it.

As the time came, I took my space in the speaker's podium that overlooked all the other speakers of the other regions of the world. I silently looked next to me, to see familiar faces.

"Jessica." Brother Tom smiled. He was the leader of our neighbouring region that was mostly Christians. I had gone there to do a peace treaty a months back and we had gotten on really well, our views the same.

As the time got closer everyone became more and more nervous, agitated were some. Then the high counsel stepped out and sat in their chairs that were located in the middle of the room. We all became silent and bowed our heads with respect.

"Welcome everyone." Number 3 spoke, his voice ringing through the stadium. "May the regions that were called for a speaking today please stand." I looked around me as others stood, holding a piece of paper each in their hand. I had no script, no paper to tell me what to say, mine was coming from my heart for my people.

"Region Cannon, state your choice." Number 4 spoke. Everyone's attention turned to him as he began to speak.

"We have chosen to take the offer and go with the craft to quadrant 7 to live there for the rest of our existence."

The counsel nodded to each other then looked to number 1, who never spoke but only nodded too, giving the all go.

"You leave at midnight, get ready and go now." Number 2 told him and he left the stadium.

The next few regions all took the same choice and then it came to the final region, me. All attention turned on me, my nerves kicking in. Then I remembered what I was here for, what I was fighting for.

"Counsel, we have chosen to stay here, to fight for our land and our oceans, to lead our army into battle with no fear, only pride." I began, looking around the stadium at all the shocked and horrified faces.

"Is there some reason you want to stay?" Number 3 asked me.

"Yes to protect our earth." I simply stated and then that is when something strange happened. Number 1 turned around and looked at me, straight in my eyes.

"Is there a bigger reason?" He asked me, I knew what he meant.

"I'm pregnant and I would like my child to be an earthling." He smiled at me, simply nodding in reply. I was happy that my grandfather accepted this, that he understood my reasoning. We want to be earthings.