Open your eyes to see my face, my love, awaken from your dream.
It's the dead of night, love, now no one can hear you scream.
Now you are conscious, so I'll break in, and creep into your heart.
Once I'm there, my love, you know that I won't ever depart.
Hush, be quiet, swallow your tears back down your throat.
Hush, I hear someone coming, love, they'll see you if you choke.
Bury your face under the covers, my love, no one can see you there.
They're gone now, love, so you can bring out your blade, but you better beware.
Once you paint your ledger, there is no way to erase the swirl or the twist.
Because if you paint your ledger, there will be blood dripping from your wrist.
Do not worry, my love, for you are someone I will never forget.
I am the only one, my love, who wants you because you're imperfect.
You need not fret, love. I accept any broken, terrified soul.
For even if I am unwanted, in your life I play a major role.
But fear me not, my love, for I am something you should never fear.
Hide from me not, my love, I'll wrap you in my arms, my dear.
When morning comes, you will be tired as hell, but it's a brand new day.
A new day to try and shake me, because with me around, you're never okay.