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I sit all alone in the cold, dark house with only a bucket of lamb blood on the wooden floor and a pair of silver scissors in my shaky hand. I, Shannon Haley, am finally going to do what had long been though impossible. I'm going to force my doppelganger out of my body. My doppelganger, Depra, has been tormenting me since I was six. That was when I first realized her presence in my body. Once she found out that I knew about her, she did everything in her power to make her fear her. That's what a doppelganger typically does. After all they are the evil embodiment of a human being and it's their nature torment their hosts. But I'm going to put an end to my suffering with a few simple words. While rooting around my mother's library, I found a old spell book that had thousands of different spells in its pages. I didn't think it was real, but I thought it would be entertaining to read on a uncomfortably hot June afternoon. As I was flipping through the fragile pages, I came across a spell that would draw a doppelganger out of its human host. All it required was a pentagram painted with lamb's blood and a lock of the human host's hair. At the time, Depra's torment was becoming too much to bear and I was even think about killing myself to relive my suffering. I was desperate so I packed a weeks worth of supplies and traveled to a ghost town not too far from my home town. I found a lamb in a nearby field, killed it and drained it of all its blood until I had a bucket full. I gathered old dried up weeds for a paintbrush and I stole the scissors from a craft store on the way here. Now, I am ready.

I dip the weeds into the lamb blood and draw the bright red pentagram, making sure to not step on the lines I've already drawn. I throw the used weeds aside and reach for the silver scissors. I cut a lock of my sun kissed brown hair. I make sure the hair comes from the bottom layer of my hair so it won't be so noticeable when I go back home. I throw the hair in the center of the pentagram and grab the spell book out of the backpack I brought along with me. I'm supposed to stand in the center on the pentagram along with my hair so I do as the book told says. I flip to the page of my desired spell and recited the words.

"Diaboli cornua,agnus dei sanguinem, capillus titulari. Coeant in malum ducere!" I say.

My hair disintegrates into thin air and the pentagram begins to shine a dark, sinister red. The light grows to form walls of light that touch the ceiling and are so bright that they light up the whole house, covering it with the red light. Suddenly, I feel something large and hot in my throat. The burning sensation in brings me travels to me mouth and my nose. My mouth and nostrils start burn as the red light blows the roof off of the old house. The object starts to travel up my throat and through my nose. It singes my body as it travels to make its way to the open world. I open my mouth and I start to cough up thick black slime. Now I'm not coughing anymore. It's flowing out of my mouth and nose like a boiling black river. It falls on the floor, burning holes through the wood. The slime continues to flow and I double over on the ground from the burning and the ugly feeling of the slime coming out of my body. The slime stops flowing and I'm finally able to catch my breath. As I continue to breathe heavily, the slime starts to form a creature. It's a woman with white skin, gray hair that covers her face and reaches the floor, white pupiless eyes, black marks under her eyes and on her lips, pointed ears, wings made out of bones, and a pair of black devil horns and a devil tail. She was holding a silver weapon in her hand with the blade in the shape of a crescent with a spell engraved on the blade. Is this Depra? It has to be her since that's the only thing the slime could be.

Depra looks at me with her empty eyes and pointed her weapon at my face. She stares and stares, not even attempting to smile or frown or create any emotion at all. This is my doppelganger. A lifeless, expressionlessly, pale devil woman. I never thought that the bad side of her would look so empty.

"Depra? Is that really you?" I ask.

No response. I reach for her weapon and she quickly pulls in toward herself. I reach out from her hand, but she backs all the way up to the front door of the house. Depra knocks over the whole front wall with just a slam of her fist and she flies into the sky. I look into the empty night sky with only a full moon visible through the thick clouds above. Depra is standing over my head holding her weapon with the crescent facing her chest. She touches the part of the crescent with the spell engraved and many clouds of black smoke appear behind her. The black could form black monsters. They have no eyes or ears, just two holes for a nose and a large mouth filled with rows of sharp teeth. Their legs are very long compared to their arms and they all seem to be drooling a gray substance from their mouth. Depra points in various directions and the monsters conjure up wings and go flying off into the distance. Only a few stay with Depra as she points her weapon at me. The monsters look at me and show off their sharp teeth. Depra looks at me one last time and flies off into the night. The monsters start to fly at me and I grab my backpack and run. They run and fly after me, nipping at my jeans and t-shirt. They gradually tear parts of the clothes off until I'm running in jeans that now reach my thighs, a t-shirt with only one sleeve and exposing my midriff, and black muddy tennis shoes. I run as fast as I can through the empty ghost town. I dash into some woods and hide behind a large oak tree. The monsters stop and start sniffing the air for my scent. I hear them growl and I know I've been spotted. I make a break for it and run through the thick forest. I tear through spider webs, run through thorns, and jump over fallen logs and trees. I reach the end of the patch of woods and see what I've been looking for. Civilization.

It's not much of one. There aren't even street lights on the dirt road in front of the small houses. Only the full moon and the lights of the houses light up this place. The monsters catch up with me and start to bite at my skin. I cringe in pain as I keep running to the first house I see. I pound on the white door as the monsters keep tearing away pieces of skin. The door opens and without even looking, I run inside. The door closes and the monster's scratching at the door stops and I can hear their footsteps grow fainter and fainter. I shake with fear as I collapse on the floor on the house I so rudely entered. I feel a strong hand on my shoulder and a faint voice shouting at me. As it grows louder, I can make out the words the person is saying.

"Miss, are you alright? Can you hear me? Miss?" They shout.

I look up at the person shouting at me and find my savior. A tall, muscular, blue eyed boy with short blonde hair. He looked like he just got out of bed since he was still in gym shorts and a night shirt. I look him straight in the eye and hold out my hand for help up. He lifts me up off the floor, but I fall back down. He grabs me by my bare stomach and sets me down on a blue couch.

"Who are you miss? Why are your clothes all torn up? And why are you all banged up." He said with concern.

"My name is Shannon. I'm 14 and a half years old and I was attacked by black monsters that were trying to eat me and I ran through thorn bushes trying to get away from them." I manage to choke out.

"Well Shannon, I think you're dehydrated and lost a lot of blood cause there are no black man eating monsters out here. The only things out here are snakes and the occasional panther or bobcat. I'm gonna go get you some water and while you get your water levels back up, I'll fix all of your cuts and give you some pain medicine."

He leaves me and goes into the small kitchen for a large glass of water, the first aid kit, and a bottle of ibuprofen. He gives me the water and I greatly shallow every last drop. He applies a cool disinfectant cream to the cuts on my legs, arms, back, stomach, and neck and puts a large band aid over each one.

"What's your name?" I ask, "I might as well known since you asked for mine and I told you."

"I guess it wouldn't be fair if I didn't tell you mine. My name is Ethan Harris and I'm 16 years old. You're lucky to find me or else you would've died from either blood loss or dehydration. I still am a little mad about you making me get up at 1:45 in the morning, but I guess I can forgive you now. After all you were being 'eaten'" He says sarcastically.

"I really was being eaten! You mean, you couldn't see the monsters when you opened the door to let me in? They were at least seven feet tall and they didn't have a face!" I say.

"I didn't see a single monster out there What are you doing in this place anyway? You're miles away from the nearest town and I doubt you just got lost. I just don't understand how a 14 year old girl would get out here in the middle of nowhere in the middle of Kentucky."

"Well I was in the ghost town right by here. I was using one of the old houses as a place to draw out my doppelganger. Did you see a red light coming from the west about a half hour ago? That was me preforming my spell."

"A doppelganger? Aren't those urban legends? I did see a red light, a bright one too. It woke me up and I just laid in my bed and watched it until it went away. It must've been as tall as a skyscraper. So you made that red light doing a spell do make your doppelganger come out of your body?" How do I know it just wasn't the northern lights in Kentucky. That little town is known for strange, unnatural thing happening there." Ethan stated.

"I have the book that I got the spell from! It's in my backpack. Turn to page 563! It's right there! I cut my hair just like it said and I painted the pentagram with the lamb blood. And it even mentions the red light you saw!" I show Ethan the hair left over from the lock I cut as he studies the spell.

"I shouldn't have any reason to doubt you. Is there a way you can show me your doppelganger? In the book, it says that the host will have massive amounts of energy that belonged to the doppelganger. This energy allows them to see supernatural beings and some hosts could gain powers like their doppelgangers like super strength or psychic powers. If you have this energy inside you, it could be possible for you to give me a little bit of that energy. Just enough so that I can see the super natural beings as well."

"I guess I could try. I don't even know how the energy works and if I don't know that, how can I transfer some to you?" I counter.

"Just concentrate on me and the energy and just try to give me a little bit. Here, hold my hands so you can give me the energy." Ethan says.

I take his large hands and take a deep breath. I close my eyes and concentrate on the the link in our hands and I search through my body for the energy I supposedly have. I feel a mighty pulse in my mind and it grows and grows as it travels down to my hands. This must the energy that book was talking about. It seems so strong and almost god like. I must be careful not to give Ethan too much or I could easily kill him with the sudden rush of energy. The energy reaches my finger tips and I let some of it out little by little so I can have more control over the foreign energy. Ethan twitches as the energy enters his body and I let go of him after I gave him just enough so that her can see super natural beings.

Ethan sits on the couch and runs his fingers through his blonde hair. He glances out a near by window, gets up of the couch, and presses his face onto the glass.

"Are those the thing you were talking about? The black monsters?" He exclaims. The black monsters are circling the forest I was just in, probably looking for me.

"So you see them now? Yeah those are them. They're hunting me since they were created by my doppelganger. I don't know how long it will take them to find us now that you also have a part of my doppelganger in you." I declare.

"Shouldn't we leave then? I don't go to school anymore ever since I dropped out a few months ago and I've living here all by myself ever since my parents died in a car accident a year ago. The bills are being paid by one of my aunts on my mom's side of the family and they'll keep being paid as long as she thinks I still live here." He says with a sad expression.

"I'm so sorry about your parents, Ethan. My parents are divorced so I know what it's like to lose a family member. In my case, it's my dad, my little sister, and my little brother. They all went to live with my dad after the divorce while my other little sister and I went to live with my mom. I haven't seen him since the day he left with my siblings which was back when I was only 8."

"It's OK. You didn't have anything to do with it and I'm sorry about your family. If I had any siblings, I don't think I would be able to live if they got taken away from me. Anyway, we should get going. My best friend and his little brother live about 2 hours east. They live in a big ware house that they fixed up themselves so we'll be plenty safe. I should probably pack clothes for both of us since you'll get awfully cold wearing those rags. I guess I'll pack food and water too since you never know what could happen."

Ethan went into his bedroom and pack two suitcase full of clothes while I shove all the food in the cupboards and all of the water bottles I can find into old plastic grocery bags. Ethan leaves the house and put the suitcases in his old red pickup truck. He helps me carry the food and water out to the car and we go back inside to get anything we missed. Ethan puts a warm jacket on me and puts his cell phone in his pocket. I grab my backpack and the spell book since there has to be just one spell that will get rid of those black monsters and Depra once and for all. We get into the car and Ethan starts it up. The engine roars and Ethan pulls onto the dirt road and speeds away from his house. As we drive along the dirt road , leaving a large dust cloud behind us, I start to drift off into sleep. What is my mother thinking right now? Is she worried that I'm gone? Are there people looking for me all ready? I wonder if there in danger as well. All these questions haunt my mind until I finally go to sleep as Ethan drives off into the dark.

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