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When I finally woke up from my nap, the sun was starting to rise over the horizon and more and farmers were driving on the road to come tend to their crops for duration of a typical June summer day. We were still on the road, but Ethan promised me that we would be there as soon as possible. We would've been there by now if we hadn't got stuck behind at least 4 tractor trailers. I haven't seen any sign of Depra or the black monsters since I woke up. Maybe they can only come out when it's dark since the sun burns them. Whenever I went outside in the sun, Depra would cry out in agony then cause me so much pain that I had to go back inside to make it stop. I guess her black monsters are the same way. Ethan makes a turn down a road surrounded by green leafy oak trees. There are no other houses or fields on the narrow dirt road. There is only a large warehouse at the end of the road. I guess that's our final destination.

The warehouse is at least 3 stories tall and could fit about 40 large SUVs inside side by side. It isn't painted any special colors like I expected it would considering that two teenage boys live here. The metal walls are a light gray that has been worn down by the weather and the roof is a tan color that matched the dirt road. Ethan knocks on the large door and it rises the same way a garage door would. The inside is filled with crates filled with who knows what, tons of building material, many work desks, two large black SUVs, lamps, and on the walkway above the ground floor I see two twin beds, a little refrigerator and a tiny stove. Whoever lives here must really be into engineering or just a really bad hoarder.

"Jaison! Thomas!" Thomas calls out, "Are you guys here?"

"Yeah man, I'm over here and Thomas is underneath the second car." A voice calls back.

I peer under one of the SUVs and to my surprise, there is a teenage boy underneath the car. His blonde hair swept over his forehead and was stained with dirt and soot from the car. He sees me, rolls out from underneath the SUV, and gives me the cheekiest grin I've ever seen in my entire life. His grin stretched from ear to ear like the Cheshire Cat. His blue eyes match with his cheeky grin and stand out on his dirty face.

"Hi girl!I'm Thomas! What's a girl like you doing in a place like this? You sure do look funny covered in band-aids." He says quickly.

"My name is Shannon, not girl. I'm here because Ethan brought me here since this place is safe. And I ran through thorn bushes and it hurt like hell! So don't make fun of my band-aids" I reply.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. So Ethan brought you here huh? That's a new one. He's never brought a girl over to meet us so this must be a special occasion."

"It's not really special at all. I met him when he fixed up all the cuts I have and I didn't feel safe so he brought me here." I lied. I think if I told these people about Depra they really will think I'm crazy, and I don't think they'll listen to me like Ethan did.

Thomas gives me a funny look and then got really close to my face and stares into my eyes for what seems like forever. He narrows his eyes and runs over to one of the desks and pull out a large book out of one of the drawers titled Spirits and Their Characteristics. He looks at the book then back at me several times before just turning around to read the book. He is defiantly the strangest boy I've ever met. Does he have ADD or something along those lines and if there's two brother, where's the other one? Ethan must be talking to him while I'm forced to deal with the blonde Cheshire Cat. Thomas comes back over to me and stares at me some more until he finally says something.

"Do you have a doppelganger?" He asks.

I stare wide eyed at him after he asks the question I really don't want to answer."Uh, well, I used to have one, but I was able to get her out of my body with a spell." I manage to choke out.

"How were you able to do that?I always thought it was impossible to get a doppelganger out of a person, but apparently you can! Wow! What was it like?" He says with his blue eyes wide with curiosity.

"Hold on, how do you know about doppelgangers and how did you know that I had one? Do you have one too?"

"I've never had one, but our father did. We both got some of his doppelganger's energy when we were born. We've been able to see supernatural beings our whole lives, but finally we decided to start researching them about three years ago. Not only were we able to find incredible data on the supernatural beings, but we also came up with effective solutions to exterminate the threatening ones." Thomas explains.

"I didn't know that happened with the children who's parent had a doppelganger. In fact, I don't know a lot about doppelgangers, and I had one. Could you tell me more?"

"I would if I could. But sadly, my brother, Jaison, confiscated all of our research materials and banned me from touching them after I nearly turned them to ashes after I left them on my desk with a blow torch still left on. Now he keeps them locked away in a safe that I have yet to find. I swear I've search every inch of the warehouse and haven't found that damn safe anywhere." He says with a frustrated look spread across his dirty face.

I honestly feel bad for him. I'm guessing his parents aren't around anymore and now his older brother looks after him in his parents' place. It must be hard for him to adjust to his brother being both his new father and his new mother. Then again I had to do it with my mom too, but I don't think I would be able to do it if it was one of my siblings. It would just be too awkward since I'm used to deifying whatever silly rules they come up with. Suddenly, I hear a crash come from the back of the warehouse. Thomas grabs me by my wrist and pulls me over to the source of the crash even though I was going to run over there anyway to investigate. Even though Thomas is only a little bit taller than me (I'm 5 4"), he is very strong. I feel like he was trying to disconnect my wrist from the rest of my arm. I want to tell him to let go but it's probably not worth me wasting my breath since he'll probably beg to keep dragging me along with him.

We find tools and other hardware supplies such as nails, screws, and bolts scattered all over the floor. The thing that shocks me most is the amount of bullets that were all over the cold floor. They are as large and as wide as my index finger and they are all gold except for a silver point at the front of the bullet. Why would there be bullets with two teenage boys? Is this what Thomas meant by effective ways of extermination? I hear a loud laugh and identify if as Ethan's as well as another laugh that I don't recognize. Behind a cart full of tools, I see Ethan holding a larger boy in a choking hold.

"Ethan," I yell, "What in the blue hell are you doing? I don't want to have to call the coroner because you killed someone!"

"Aw relax Shannon. I'm just playing around with Jaison here. I'm not doing any real harm and you should be sitting down with all those cuts since the pain medication will be wearing off soon. Then you'll be in a world of hurt." He picks me up and throws me over his shoulder like a sack and sets me down on one of the semi clear work desks.

I turn to the boy he called Jaison, Thomas's brother. He is at least 6 4" maybe even taller and his muscles are huge! His arms alone could be bigger than my head if he flexed hard enough. Unlike his blonde haired blue eyed brother, Jaison has short dark brown hair that covers only the top of his forehead. Him and Thomas do share the same blue eyes, but his are much more icy and colder than Thomas's. Instead of making me feel warm and comfortable, they make me feel cold and afraid. They make me want to run to the hills and never look back. He looks so cold and mean that it would hurt him to crack even the smallest of smiles. But to my surprise, his lips curl into the same cheeky grin that Thomas has and he lets out a long laugh. I guess that damn Cheshire Cat grin runs in the family.

"You must be Shannon! It's nice to meet you and I hope you find our home comfortable. If you need somewhere to sleep, you can take my bed. I'll be working on some special projects all this week and I'll just sleep in the back seat of one of the cars when I do go to sleep." He laughs.

"Thank you so much, but you don't have to be so nice to me. If anyone should get your bed it should Ethan. After all, he hasn't gotten to sleep since I woke him up last night."

"Ethan can deal with a car for a while. He's a tough guy and it's about time he'd stopped being pampered." Ethan's face turns into a fake frown and he sticks his bottom lip out.

"I'm not pampered! I'm not much better off than you Jaison and I can last a few days in your crappy car. It'll be like a walk in the park." Ethan says confidently.

"Sure," Jaison says sarcastically, "So I heard about what you did with your doppelganger. I have to say I'm very interested in how you were able to preform the spell successfully the first time and how you were able to give some of your doppelganger energy to Ethan. If you tell me that, I'll tell you how to get rid of those monsters that tried to eat you last night. And don't try to fool us by saying those scratches are just from the thorn bushes. I can sense their energy in those cuts!"

So the coldness behind those blue eyes comes out. "To be honest, I don't know how I preformed the spell right the first time. I studied to spell over and over again be fore I actually tried it and I made sure to do everything step by step as the book said. All I can think of is that the energy I had from my doppelganger enhanced my ability to preform difficult spells such as those. As for the energy transfer, I just concentrated on giving my energy to Ethan and once I gave him enough, I cut the flow off. It was all done through mental effort and concentration."

"Interesting. Thomas I hope your taking notes on this." He shouts at his little brother.

"I am, I am. You should know by now that I always take notes when these kinds of things come around." Thomas mutters.

"About those monsters that were chasing you last night. They're actually called margos. They are made by doppelgangers that don't have a host so they can track down people with doppelganger energy and eat them so the doppelganger can absorb the margos and the energy to stay alive. You see, doppelgangers need a host to survive since they feed off of their energy. If they don't have a host, they either die or they have their margos find people with doppelganger energy so they can consume their energy to substitute for a real host. But in your doppelganger's case, she's using them to find you so she can reenter your body. However, your doppelganger didn't count on the margos reverting back to their true nature and them trying to eat you." Jaison explains.

"How do I make they stop tracking me?" I ask.

"Until your doppelganger gives up on reentering your body, they won't stop coming after you. You probably put Ethan in danger as well since he has your energy inside of him and the margos will mistake him for you. Over time Ethan will make this energy his own , but since it's so new it still feels like you."

"Will they come after you and Thomas? Thomas told me about your father's doppelganger and how you got some of its energy when you were born. Do you think they'll come after you too so they can eat you and give your energy to my doppelganger so she can survive?"

Jaison gives Thomas a menacing glare. I guess Thomas wasn't supposed to tell newcomers about their dad or his doppelganger. "Maybe, but the again margos have been coming after us since we were born. After being attacked so many times, we decided to build a weapon to kill the margos. Since the only way to kill a supernatural being is with supernatural energy, we created a weapon that contained some of our energy inside of it. It's those bullets all over the floor. All you have to do is load them into a regular gun and you got yourself a supernatural weapon."

They can infuse their energy with a bullet? That's so much more incredible that me just giving my energy to another human being. They can give it to an inanimate object! I'm going to have to learn how to do that if I want to stay safe when I face those margos again. Ethan looks overwhelmed with all this supernatural crap. I keep forgetting that he just got introduced to all this last night by a girl with torn clothes who was also covered in cuts and blood. Was it really only last night that I drew Depra out of my body? It feels like it was at least a life time ago. It's like the old me died last night in that run down home in the ghost town in the middle of nowhere and a new me was born out of the blood red light that was born as a result of my spell. What am I going to do now? With Depra chasing me with the margos, I can't go back home and put my family at risk. I also can't shoot every margo I see since people could be around if I shoot one and I'll look like a crazy woman if I just fire a gun into an empty sky.

Jaison picks up nine bullets of of the floor and puts them in my torn hand. He reaches in a drawer on the desk I'm sitting on and pulls out a black pistol. He takes the bullets out of my hand and puts them inside the pistol. He does the same with Ethan, but instead of giving Ethan just a pistol, he gives him a black assault rifle too. What seventeen to eighteen year old boy has multiple pistols and assault rifles lying around like they were just something as harmless as paper? The bigger question is where the hell he got all those guns. It's against the law to sell guns to minors and I doubt he stole all of these guns. Did him and Thomas make them? That would explain all the crates in the warehouse. They could be the parts they need to make the guns and the bullets that they put their energy inside of.

"Those things are now loaded so don't go pointing them at things that you don't want to shoot." Jaison warns.

"We're not idiots, Jaison. We won't shoot you or Thomas unless you two really deserve it." Ethan jokes.

Jaison smirks and turns to me. "We're going to need to get you out of those rags girl! You'll also need to shower to get the dirt and germs out of all those cuts so they don't get infected."

"Thanks for offering me new clothes, but this place looks like it doesn't have a shower." I say.

"The warehouse doesn't, but we built one outside. And we don't have any girl clothes so you'll have to wear Thomas's clothes since you two are both puny."

"What?!" Thomas and I shout in unison.

"I am not taking a shower outside! What if someone sees me? I will not be spied on by a pervert!" I yell.

"And she is not wearing my clothes! I need all of my clothes!" Thomas yells.

"Both of you shut up. Shannon, it's completely enclosed so no one will see you and Thomas, you do not need all of your clothes. You got plenty of clothes that you don't even wear. Just give her a t-shirt and some gym shorts." Jaison says.

We both glare at him but his icy eyes make us freeze in our place. I guess Thomas is just as scared of him as I am. Then again they seem like they're fairly close for brothers and I seriously doubt that Jaison would beat up on his little brother. Thomas runs up to his bed above the ground floor and drops a soft blue towel on my head and takes me to the shower. It seems like a nice shower from the outside. It's completely enclosed like Jaison said and camouflaged to blend into the surrounding forest I step inside the shower, take off Ethan's jacket, and peel my torn clothes off my torn up skin. They can't even be considered clothes anymore. Only small strips of fabric remain on my body that can't be used for anything else. The next thing I do is take all the damn band aids of my skin. God, there must be a hundred of these things! Each time I pull one off a surge of pain runs through my body, making stop and pause for a moment until I take off the next one. The water stung at first when it entered my cuts that have barely scabbed over, but the pain was soon replaced with a comforting warmth as the water flushed out all the dirt and plant residue inside my cuts. I'm able to get the dirt that wasn't washed out by the water out by scrubbing my skin with a rough stone that is on the ground inside the shower. It's a pretty primitive thing to do, but if it helps keep my skin from getting an infection then I'm perfectly fine with it.

I wrap the towel around my body and poke my head outside the door to make sure no one is watching me as I make my mad dash back to the warehouse in nothing but a towel. Luckily, I don't have to run through the woods partially naked. Thomas must have put the clothes I'll be wearing for the next few days outside the shower while I was scrubbing the dirt of off my cuts. I quickly put on my undergarments, a gray t-shirt that is a size too big, and blue gym shorts that reach my knees. I throw Ethan's jacket around my body to protect myself from the scary woods and I walk back to the warehouse barefoot.

For some reason, I feel same with his jacket on which doesn't make sense because I only met him a little less than a day ago. I shouldn't be trusting Ethan, Jaison, and Thomas so easily. I've had trust issues ever since my mom and dad divorced and my siblings were taken away by him. My supposed friends at my school didn't help much either because they all abandoned me as time went on. I learned from all the pain they caused inside my heart. I learned not to put all your faith in people you just met or people that won't be around for awhile. So why am I trusting a boy who's house so rudely barged into and a pair of genius brothers who's parent's whereabouts are unknown to me? Is it because they are just like me? They see the things I've been able to see all my life and the genius brothers know the pain of having a doppelganger inside of you. They were forced to watch their father suffer through it. Ethan will soon know my terror when he sees the margos up close for the first time and He'll know how it feels to truly run for your life when they try to eat him because he has my energy inside of him. Soon, the newcomer into our twisted world will know the struggles we face everyday.

I opened the warehouse door and set my used towel in the corner where the boys threw all their dirty clothes. I'm guessing that when the pile starts to fall over then they wash their mountains of clothes. The only sounds I hear in the warehouse are the rolling of wheels against the hard floor and the squeaking of a wrench tightening a bolt. Thomas must have gone back to work on the SUV after I started to take my shower. I walk over to the SUV and sure enough I see to legs sticking out from under the car.

"You must really love that car Thomas. I bet if you had a choice to marry a beautiful woman or that car, you'd choose the car." I joke.

" Nah, I'd definitely choose the girl instead of a huge car." A different voice says. Ethan rolls out from under the car and pushes himself up.

" I didn't know that you worked on cars." I say.

"I don't. I was just taking a look at the car and I saw that a bolt was loose so I tightened it for Thomas since he won't have time. Him and Jaison went out to get more supplies and they won't be back till late afternoon. How are you feeling? Are your cuts any better?" He asks.

"I'm fine and I was able to get all the gunk out of the cuts so they won't be getting infected. They still hurt, but I'm able to walk around normally."

"I'm glad because I won't have to carry you around." He looks down at the ground like he wants to say something but he can't put it in words. "You know, ever since you gave me your energy, I've felt stronger and faster. I feel like I can do anything. It feels kind of like a drug." Ethan admits.

"Maybe your body is just taking time to get used to the new energy. Hell even I'm having trouble adjusting to not having my doppelganger, or Depra as I call her, inside my body." I say, trying to sound sympathetic which is something I'm not good at.

"No. I'm not having trouble getting used to it. Remember what the book said about how the energy from the doppelganger could give the person abilities? What if I'm getting an ability from your energy?"

"It's not impossible, but wouldn't it take more time? I doubt that the energy can give you a fully developed ability in the time span of a few hours. It could if you had some amount of spiritual energy inside of you that wasn't for me. It could have given your energy the push it needed to give you a doppelganger like ability." I suggest.

His eyes widen at my suggestion. "I have to tell you something important. I've been able to see those things that were coming after you, the margos, since I was 14. I've been ale to see them ever since I started hanging around Jaison and Thomas a lot back in my freshman year of high school. I was only able to see their shadows and not the whole margo. Once you gave me your energy, I was able to see the margos clearly."

"Oh my god. You must have acquired some of Jaison and Thomas's doppelganger energy that they got from their father. Being around them all the time for two years must have let some of their energy rub off on you and allowed you to see the margos' shadows!" I exclaim.

"Maybe I do have an ability after all! Let me try and figure it out now!" Ethan says.

Ethan runs over to a large red tool box and holds out his hand and closes his eyes. He starts making horrible grunting noises and his hands start to shake. I guess he's thinking of all the abilities he could possibly have and testing them to see if he has any of them. Apparently he thought of telekinesis first. The tool box doesn't move an inch nor do the tools inside, leaving Ethan to try the next ability he can think of. He looks at me and starts to squint.

"You're thinking that I'm a huge idiot right now, aren't you?" He asks.

"I'm guessing you're trying telepathy now. I wasn't thinking that earlier when you asked. I'm definitely thinking that now. Ethan, you're not the kind of person that would strike me as a thinker. Maybe you should try something that has to do with your physical side rather than your mental side." I propose.

He gives me a nod and starts to run around the warehouse, testing himself to see if he has super speed. With no luck, he moves on to flying. He jumps off the hood of the SUV Thomas spent hours fixing, holds out his arms, and falls flat on his face. After trying super durability, super senses, super agility, and the ability to jump super high, he sits on the ground to catch his breath and tend to the multiple bruises he's acquired through his testing. He's going to break a bone or get a concussion if he keeps this up. There is one ability he hasn't tried yet and maybe I can help him out with it.

"Ethan, throw me up to the walkway." I say.

"Are you crazy? You still hurt and I can't throw you all the way up there! You'll fall before you even reach the bars!" He shouts.

"Trust me! I know what I am doing! We're going to test if you have super strength or not. You could just throw so tires or something but I feel if you are put in a life or death situation that your body will react better. The situation being if you don't throw me hard enough, I'll fall to the floor and possibly break my back, break my neck, or crack my skull." I explain.

"I am not doing that!"

"Ethan, just trust me and trust yourself."

Ethan slowly picks me put by my hips and hold me up in the air with my head facing the walkway. He throws me as hard as he can and I go fly through the air. It's a short ride, but in the time I felt all the strength he had inside his body. I not only clear the rails, but I fly past Thomas's and Jaison's beds and hit the wall behind them. The pain of the landing feels like an atomic bomb going off in every single cut on my body. I double over in pain. It shouldn't hurt this much but then I see the reason why it hurts at much as it does. A imprint of my body is now in the spot that I landed in. Ethan definitely has the strength of a mighty god. I'm able to push myself off of the hard tile floor and limp over to the rails where Ethan is anxiously waiting for an answer below. I hold up my thumb to show I'm somewhat OK.

"You have super strength Ethan and there's no doubt about it. I left an imprint in the wall because you threw me so hard!" I declare.

Ethan starts to jump around like a young schoolgirl that just found out her crush likes her back. He then proceeds to lift everything in the warehouse that is heavy, like one of the many desks, or extremely heavy like the SUV he jumped off of. I'm glad he found his ability so quickly, but what about mine? Shouldn't I have developed one before he did because Depra was inside of me and I have more energy as a result of that? What if my ability, if I even develop one, is even more extraordinary than Ethan's? What if it's dangerous and threatens the lives of all the people I care for? All these questions I have will be answered soon enough if time works in my favor. Ethan suddenly stops celebrating his new-found ability and a worried expression forms on his face. His blue eyes fill with worry as he looks up at the warehouse roof. I suddenly feel a massive amount of energy and it's neither Jaison nor Thomas. It feels like Depra, but it's not her or her margos. It does feel like a doppelganger though - a very powerful doppelganger. But it seems to shift from feeling like a doppelganger to feeling like a human with a doppelganger inside their body. The shifts seems so unnatural and so forced. Whatever the thing is, it is getting closer and closer to the warehouse at an extremely fast speed. Ethan runs outside to the front of the warehouse were he parked his truck, taking any heavy thing he can find with him.

"What are you doing? We need to stay inside! That thing that's coming here is probably going to hurt us so just stay inside so we can think of a plan! Ethan, please stay inside so you won't get hurt!" I beg.

"Get the guns Jaison gave us. Now that we have ways to protect ourselves, we're not going to run away from any dangerous spiritual beings again! I'll be able to fight if off with my strength and you'll be able to fight it with the pistols and shot guns Jaison and Thomas invented that will work on these types of things." He says.

"You're crazy! We're going to eaten alive!" I yell.

"Hey, trust me and trust yourself." He says.

I don't know if whether he's mocking me for being a little bit of a hypocrite or just trying to encourage me with my own words. I follow him outside not to fight the monster that coming for us, but to make sure Ethan doesn't get himself killed. His strength is still very new and underdeveloped. It will not preform in the way Ethan wants it to preform. I need to make sure he doesn't seriously hurt himself doing this since he has no combat experience and the lowest level of super strength. Then again, I also have no combat experience and I don't even have an ability yet! It's like sending two elementary students up against a MMA fighter. The odds are extremely uneven, but we will try to defeat whatever threat comes our way.

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