The moon shone on them, making her blood red hair, curled and twisted up in a beautiful bun with two strands falling gracefully on either side of her face, outlining her naturally flushed cheeks and hazel-green eyes, glow radiantly. He, in a black tux and short dark brown hair, looked handsomely mysterious and lovely in the every so darkening night. The two seemingly perfect couple came to a standstill from slow dancing to the still dooming music coming from inside the dance hall. His hands rested sweetly on her waist, her arms were snaked around his neck and her hands partially entwined in his hair. Looking into each other's eyes, he pulls her in, closer; closer; till they are so close they can feel the others hot breath brush their lips. Ever so slowly, they both leaned in. Needing; desiring the same thing. And then their lips brushed; their worlds turned to fire; each living for the other in that single moment.