Hi guys! *Waves* It's Red. Back with another story! But, this is a one chapter thing. Sorry to disappoint you. Because I know how much you all love me.


Sam the sock monkey sat on the little child's twin sized, pokemon sheeted bed with a red smile. He watched the little kid leave for school almost every day. He stared at him from the window as he got on the yellow bus. And the boy would always wave good bye to his parents, and when no one was looking, Sam waved as well. On weekends, he went everywhere with the little kid, riding on his small shoulders. They would play games, fight monsters, fly above the yellow sunflowers, etc. They would do anything fun. They would always smile, and the boy would laugh out of happiness. And every night before bedtime, the little boy would give Sam a big, loving hug goodnight, then go to sleep, monkey in his arms. The two were best friends forever, inseparable. Together forever. The boy and Sam had always thought that way about each other. Every summer, the boy and Sam would go on vacation together, along with the child's parents of course. Every year, they took pictures of each vacation.

But one day, the boy had gotten a new Pikachu plushie for his seventh birthday. He had loved Pokemon since he was five, and Pikachu was his favorite Pokemon in the whole wide world. With those long ears and red cheeks, wouldn't love him? Sam wouldn't. He took Sam's spot in the family. He would do everything with the Pikachu. The Pikachu had become his new best friend. Sam did not like this one bit. He got jealous, and felt neglected, left out, like he was just another toy that would end up being donated or lost in the closet, where no toy ever returned. Sam did not want to go to the closet. He did not want to end up there, living among the other forgotten toys and the dust buttons. He was going to prevent it. No matter what. No matter what risks he had to take.

But the boy still loved Sam very much, and always gave him a hug each night. But that was all Sam ever got. A hug. A meaningless hug. He would cry on the inside, because underneath all of that fabric, cloth, and stuffing, Sam had a heart. A broken heart. What was so good about a Pikachu, anyways? They're were just little yellow rats that could shoot lightning... And all Sam was was a monkey, would couldn't do anything special like that. He was plain. Old. Torn. Dirty. That Pikachu was young. New. Extraordinary. He was bright yellow, with bold red cheeks and a thunder bolt tail. Sam was just a brown color, with white hands and feet, with a red smile and button eyes. He was an age old toy. Pikachu had just came out. He was everything that the sock monkey wasn't. And this only made him even more jealous.

So one day, while the small child and the Pikachu were out on an adventure in the grassy backyard, Sam sat on the bed, alone with nothing but his thoughts. He was getting real tired of being treated like a nothing. He felt hurt and betrayed. And he ached for one little thing. Revenge. Sweet, delicious revenge against the boy. He would regret giving all of his attention to the Pikachu, and wish he had never gotten it. And the best thing about the plan that Sam was conjuring up was, he would never get caught. No one would ever know he did it. Because he was a toy! No one suspected a toy, let alone a sweet sock monkey that all the boys and girls loved.

That night, after the boy had brushed his small teeth and put his pajamas on, his mom tucked him into bed, gave him a kiss on the forehead, and walked out, turning off the light and closing the door. The only light was a small night light in the wall, and the moon shining from the window. The Pikachu lied on the boy's left, while Sam was on the right. The child reached for same first, and gave him a big hug. Sam wrapped his long, stuffed arms around the boy's neck, and his grip got tighter. After a few minutes, the boy suffocated. Sam then stuffed the pillow on his face, smothering him. Air could not get to his lungs. Minutes soon after, his heart stopped pumping. Blood stopped flowing through his veins. He was dead. And the only witness was the Pikachu, who just lied there with the cute smile and red cheeks on his face. Sam lied back down on the bed happily.

And thus, started the myth of Sam The Homicidal Monkey. Who went and strangled any boy or girl who neglected him for whatever reason. Never neglect a stuffed animal for another one, or say you're too grown up. You never know what goes on inside those cotton brains. You never know how they feel.

Now I'm scared that my stuffed bear with hurt me at night. Anyways. This was Sam the Homicidal Monkey. Thanks for reading!