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Connie and Yuki were sleeping in their beds next to each other, after having a sleepover at Connie's, when Connie's mum came in to their room and woke them up with a birthday song.

After she finished, the girls were fully awake and beaming at her.

"Hey, birthday girls." she said, kneeling between the beds. "For both of your 8th birthday, me and Yuki's mum have decided to give you girls a surprise!"

The girls looked at each other and grinned. "What kind of surprise, mummy?" Connie asked sweetly.

Connie's mum tapped her nose secretively. "Ah, that you'll just have to wait and see! Hurry and get changed, girls, we've got a whole day planned for you." She ruffled their messy hair and wandered out of the room.

The girls jumped out of their beds and started searching for clothes.

Once they were dressed, they hopped down the stairs and in to the kitchen. Yuki's and Connie's mum were sitting at the table, all ready to go, with car keys in their hands.

They went outside and got into the people carrier and buckled themselves in.

Before Yuki's mum got in to the passenger seat at the front, she put blindfolds on the girls so that they couldn't see where they were going.

Occasionally, during the trip, the girls would pull down their blindfolds and giggle at each other.

Finally, they arrive at their destination, and their mums get out of the car to let them out.

Jumping about excitedly, they took off their blindfolds and gasped. They were at the museum!

Highfiving each other, they began to run towards the entrance, their mums following.

"Those girls and unnatural things.." Yuki's mum muttered with a smile.

The trip around the museum put the girls in awe and wonder. At one point, they made up their own little game where they were cave women, hunting for their next meal.

As they neared the end of the trip, Connie's mum beckoned the girls over and pointed out a souvenir shop to their left.

"If you girls want to buy anythi- aand... they're off.." Connie's mum sighed as the girls ignored her, already running towards the shop.

The girls look around the shop, and Yuki's mum spots two large eggs- about the same hight as half of someone's arm. Glancing back at the two girls, she said, "Hey, girls, come here. There's only two left. You want them?"

Yuki and Connie froze, gazing at the eggs. "Wow.." Yuki whispered. They turned simultaneously to their parents and nodded eagerly.

Later that day on the way home, Yuki and Connie held the eggs close to them on their laps.

"They're just like real eggs!" Connie exclaimed.

"Yeah! We should look after them. They might hatch in to a big duck!" Yuki said, her eyes gleaming.

Connie gasped and nodded in agreement, gazing at her egg.

Six Years Later..

New Year's Eve.

Connie and Yuki sat opposite each other at the table, surrounded by random relatives from each family- some of which they'd never even met before.

Under the table on their laps were their eggs, still dear to them after six years. Even though the eggs were identical, they always knew which one was theirs.

They knew they weren't real eggs, but it was much more fun pretending they were.

Never did they think that they, at the age of fourteen now, were getting too old to still be playing that game.

Yuki's mum was watching the girls closely, suspicious of them as always. They always had those eggs with them, and they were pretty big, so it was hard for the girls to hide them.

Connie sighed and leant back on her chair, her food barely touched. She wasn't a fan of these family gatherings, and nor was Yuki. They weren't sisters, but their families were so close, that they might as well be. They glanced at each other, something had to happen or they'd die of boredom.

And, as if their prayers had been answered, something did happen.

On her lap, Yuki's egg seemed to shake. Frowning, she looked under the table. "Connie- did you just kick my egg?"

Connie's head appeared under the table as well. "Nope. I wouldn't kick your eg- Whoa." She faltered, staring at her own egg.

Suddenly, both their eggs began to shake very slightly. Yuki and Connie looked at each other- both highly confused.

"Yuki, Connie. Do you mind getting up from under the table?" Connie's mum said, staring at them.

"U-uhh, yes, sorry mum." Connie said, banging her head on the table as she came up.

The eggs continued to shake under neath the table, and the girls tried their best to look as if nothing was happening.

Suddenly, one of the eggs lurched and hit the table, knocking over a few glasses.

Connie's mum scowled at them, "Wha- Yuki! Connie! Stop kicking each other under the table!"

The girls blushed deeply and mumbled apologies.

"Uhm, please excuse me I uhh.. have to use the restroom." Connie said, standing up with her egg behind her back. Yuki blinked and followed her. "Me too, wait up!"

They ran up the stairs and in to the bathroom.

As soon as the door was shut, the girls dropped the eggs on to a towel and stood back, staring at them. "What the heck's going on?" Yuki muttered.

The shaking increased, and the girls began to panic. Were they going to explode? What was going on?

A light began to come from the eggs, causing the girls to turn away and shield their eyes.

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