Chapter 1 - Start As You Intend To Proceed

(Electra's POV)

'Fuck its cold' I thought to myself as I stumbled out of the tiny house that I called my home, trying not to fall flat on my face as I maneuvered down the ice slicked path. I was thankful that Ruby had left early this morning it meant that I could have a smoke before school. Ruby was a little rat, that's the only reason I couldn't smoke when she was around, dad didn't care but mom did. Mom cared WAY to much.

I took a deep drag, feeling the smoke swirl its way down my throat and in to my lungs. It was poison but I was 'addicted' it was calming and straightened my head when I felt there was no where else to turn, I guess it was better than my previous alternatives which consisted of slicing my wrists until I passed out or taking enough pills in hope that I wouldn't wake up. I'd been hospitalized twice so, to be honest, my mom really should be thankful that I was smoking, especially if she wanted to keep her little girl in this life.

I chucked the butt of my fag away just as I stepped inside the hell hole that the governement liked to call 'Belleville High School'. It sucked that I had to be here today, it must have been at least -200'C and I barely owned any proper winter wear. But what sucked even more was the fact that I had two years left in this place! I barely got by as it was and I have no idea how I was going to cope when the Seniors left next year. Most people would be thankful that they were gone, I wouldn't, due to the fact that my best friend, Kier Kemp, would be leaving me to fend for myself.

"Electra!" Kier yelled from behind me, 'speaking of the devil' I thought sarcastically, "how do you walk so fast girl?!" He moaned leaning on his knees next to me.

"How long have you been smoking again?" I asked him with a grin as he flicked his fingers in to my side, pushing himself up and pushing his thick, dark chocolate hair off his face. He let out a large breath and pushed his hands in to his pockets leaving his pack to sag empty down his back. "Come on cock wad, we're gonna miss first lesson," I said sternly, looking at the wide red building that I knew was already filled to the brim with kids. I glanced at Kier, who was looking at me like I'd just slapped him, a loud laugh escaping my lips causing clouds of breath to plume out in front of me and slam Kier in the face.

"Come on I'm freezing. Feel like setting off the fire alarms and wrecking the heads of the hung over?" I pushed my shoulder in to Kier and set off toward the closet building, which just so happened to be the gym, which meant HOT. NAKED. SENIORS.

I wandered in toward the changing rooms, knowing the trick lock wouldn't have yet been fixed thanks to the shitty janitors that Belleville insisted on hiring. Kier followed me, undeterred by the fact that it was the girls changing rooms. He'd seen it all before considering he was a little man-whore who knew every trick in the book. I pulled yet another fag from my jacket, chucked Kier the packet and lit up. Blowing smoke rings toward the centre of room watching them enlarge as the nicotine made its way through my system. Kier lit up next to me inhaling and blowing the smoke out his nose.

"Hey, look at what the sluts are wearing this term!" Kier yell triumphantly from the shower rooms, walking back in to the main changing room and holding up about five lacy thongs, with matching bras.

"Looks flammable, but check this out" I said pulling out, what looked to be a dead cat, but was actually one of those ridiculously large furry hats that made the wearer look like they were being mauled by a large rart or small raccoon. Both Kier and I nodded at each other, placing our treasures in on the floor beneath the fire alarm. Giving the pile a small dash of vodka from Kier's bag we finished our fags and dropped the burning ends on to the pile before walking out triumphant as the bell rang for first break.

"Miss Zelen, Mr Kemp," one the teachers yelled as we walked through the hoard of sweat ridden boys and petty, 'oh no, I broke a nail' girls, "just what do you think your doing in this-" she didn't get a chance to say much else as the girl's locker rooms suddenly erupted with screams and the fire alarm shrieked in to life.

"ELECTRA LORAN ZELEN!" My mom yelled from the other-side of my locked door as I lay on my bed reading the latest horror book that Gerard had insisted I had to read, "you better open this door right now missus, otherwise your grounded and I am not letting you out this house for the entire year!" she yelled again. I knew what she looked liked right now. She'd have her face centimeters away from the black wood of my door, one hand clenched in to a fist at her side well the other pointed in the direction of my bed. Dad would probably have gone out to his shed to escape the noise and Ruby would have just blocked us out with her headphones on full blast reading one of her nerd comics.

I exhailed loudly, placing the book on my side table and pushing myself on to my elbows,

"If you're going to yell, I'm not going to open the door," I yelled through the wood from my bed.

"Just open this god damn door right now Electra," she muttered frustration oozing through her voice like venom from a snakes fang. I pushed myself over to the door, moving the chair that I had placed under the handle and turned the key; unlocking my door. It swung open, slowly revealing my mum's glowing red face, the vein in her temple looking like it was about to explode and her brow pushed together so much it looked like it would never go straight again. She really was quite comical and had a great face to draw fwhen it came to emotions, although I'd never tell her that.

"Now, we can speak nicely and I will listen." I said calmly, leaning back on my desk with my arms folded, "but as soon as you start to yell, I'm closing this door and not coming out till tomorrow," 'well that was a lie, I'd be going out later with the boys, she just didn't know it,' mom looked at me. The red slowly draining from her face as her breathing went back to normal.

"Right, okay then, so do you mind explaining to me why you thought it would be a good idea to set fire to the girl's locker room?" she said frustration curling its self around her vocal cords.

"Well, technically I didn't set fire to the entire girls locker room, just a patch of clothes in the middle of it," I defended, "and as to why?.." I pondered for a moment tapping my finger to my chin as I thought, I could see mom getting more annoyed with me by the second but she knew I was serious about the yelling, "I guess I wanted to start the year even with the sluts. They burn my shit, I'll burn their's," I said smugly, shrugging my shoulders. My mum shook her head, she knew what I'd endured last term and the term before that and the term before that... the list was endless, just like the pain had been everyday since I'd started at Belleville as a Freshman. The bulling didn't stop I'd just got even.

"Right, well, okay." my mom breathed, she wasn't happy but there wasn't much she could do, "well try not to get yourself expelled okay, I don't want to have to send you and your sister to different schools. Bellevilles' the closest and best school we've got," she looked at me unfolding her arms and gesturing me in for a hug. I walked stiffly over to her as she wrapped her arms around my shoulders. I knew it was meant to be a friendly, 'everything's going to be okay' kind of gesture but I hated contact, and affection, I mean who even hugs their mom anymore?! I pulled out of the hug and with a nod mom left me in my silence closing the door quietly.

I didn't move until I heard her pad down the stairs. Grabbing my phone I quickly texted Mikey,

'Mom and dad should be gone by six, Ruby is out tonight. We going out later?' I sent the text quickly, knowing Mikey he'd probably invite me, Frank, and Kier around to hang out with him and his brother, Gerard. We'd watch some dodgy horror and then end up arguing over who drank the last of the booze before passing out in a massive sweaty heap and missing school the next day.

I lay back on my bed and waited to Mikey to reply, I would have text Gerard but he threw his phone in the pond one night to see if it would float... It didn't.